Naamkaran 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Neil gets injured

Naamkaran 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amol saying handi is fixed and bomb too, Avni’s fate will break with this handi, good bye Neil, Avni will become widow. He dumps the locality model in bin. Neela asks whom are you looking for. Avni says I was seeing decorations. Neela holds her shawl. Avni says yes. She thinks of kids tying Neil and her in shawl. The kids ask Avni which handi she likes. Amol says removing fixed handi is abshagun. Avni says its nothing like that. Neil says I will tell you, Avni’s decisions are mostly wrong. Neela asks Avni to convince him. Avni says do as Neil says, he is smart. Neil says stop making fun of me. He goes. Neela says you will get zero marks if you have to convince anything. Avni asks what did I say him. Neela says we will keep a tuition teacher for you. Avni says yes, this will be right, but where will we find teacher. Neela says mad girl, I wish to break my head.

Everyone dances on Galyaan Sankali Sonya Chi Hi Pori Kona Chi  …..Neela and DD make Neil and Avni dance. Neil comes to her. He dances and pours water on her. Avni looks at him and pours water over his head. She dries her hair. Neil holds the shawl and gets inside it. He asks her to agree now, ego is not good, I m drying my hair here, people will think what’s happening inside. Neela and DD smile. Amol looks on. The man says Neil Sir, dahi handi is ready. Neil ties her shawl/dupatta to his head and smiles. He signs Neela and goes.

Amol comes to Avni and smiles. Neil climbs the human pyramid. Avni says Neil, I m annoyed with you, I did not forgive you. Neil says fine, stay annoyed, I m also annoyed forever. Neela says go and convince him, he can get annoyed forever, then you will regret a lot. Avni goes to see Neil. Neil falls down and climbs again. Neela puts some banana peels in bin and gets the locality model. Neela turns and sees the locality board. Neela sees the human pyramid model and Neil’s pic. She sees the wire and light in the dahi handi. She thinks and gets shocked saying bomb. Avni shouts I m sorry. Amol looks on. Neela comes and shouts Avni. Avni asks what happened. Neela says bomb….. Avni goes to her. Neela says stop Neil, that handi has a bomb. Avni gets shocked and runs to Neil. Neela and Avni shout. Neil reaches the top of the pyramid. Avni asks him to come down. He waves to her. Avni pushes the people. Amol presses the button and says 10 seconds and game over. Neil gets the coconut to break hand. Amol starts down counting. The bomb explodes. Neil falls down along with others. Everyone run around. Avni, DD and Neela look for Neil. DD says I m finding him. Avni shouts to Neela and Amol. Aman says once I get Neil’s body, I will call Dadi. He sees Neil lying with others. He drags Neil. Avni looks for Neil. A garland falls on her. She turns and sees her dupatta getting dragged. She thinks of Neil tying it to his head. She shouts Neil. Amol takes Neil, while Avni fails to see him because of smoke.

Amol takes a metal rod and smiles seeing Neil. Amol thinks your story will end forever today.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Koi mere neil ko bachao…I can’t see him like that.aman,no you can’t be aman but can you be so cruel..didn’t you feel little sympathy seeing the cute and innocent face of my only saw the harshness of avni,didn’t you you see the sisterly love of,many bad things is happening with Avneil.neil,get well soon baby.that daya is coming again to kill you at hospital like she did with ayesha maa.don’t you guys think they should end this daya -the devil track.

  2. And I felt happy in beginning,as neil was a flirty hubby and avni was tubelight.Avni’s green lehenga is the best wear of her till date.rightt??what to say about Zainu,he looks good in every attire.don’t he???

  3. Fatima,yes,I am Bangladeshi and from dhaka.where are you from?hmmmm,there are many Bangladeshi ,seems like naamkaran have more fans from Bangladesh than india.naz mam,nishat apu,alia,sam,fatima where are you guys. and what to say about salsa apu.I think we have to lodge complain to army as she lives near chittagong cantonment.good night .

  4. If Amol is not exposed tomorrow. I wont watch this serial. I will read only updates. Frustrating serial. My viewership has no effect on trp so no harm. I dont need stress after a long day.

  5. I’m here Ananya, reading update and comments.. Don’t feel like commenting. So depressing to see Amol turning back to his evil ways. Did he not learn a single thing from doing evil deeds? His grandma is in jail… Does he not have a shred of conscience that he and Avni share same parents? Too depressed to day more. You all, carry on!!!

  6. I think Neil will play trick to catch amol n dayaben together

  7. Pranav

    interesting i just started watching this show

  8. Hi guys
    i think avni is a big tubelight…
    Y this amol supporting for devayanthi
    doesnt he know the truth,does he?

  9. Anybody pls tell me whether siddhant gupta make the entry in the show. The eoisode was good at first but later turned very sad,No doubt that Avni is really a tubelight and i hate Amol to an extend. How dare he try to kill Neil? Neil once you get alright pls put Aman behind the bars like his dadi he deserves only that

  10. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I stopped watching this serial awhile aback when I realised that certain parts of the track was also shown in other StarPlus Serials haha … I also took a dislike to Aditi as her immaturity started showing, together with her BF’s Insta-abuse of my Mr. Handsome Zain Imam ?

    I now follow only 2 serials, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka and darling Rishi Abhishek and Tanuja in Kasam ??

    Naamkaran’s initial track was lost somewhere along the way (ha, just like my interest) ?

    1. Pls deedi aesa mat kaho naamkaran is bestest show,aditi is cute

  11. Zaina

    Hiiiii everyone….
    What happened to this writers. . They done wrong by dragging dayawanti’s track this much. They should have end it with her jailing. Aur yeh amol,, he will never change.
    Feeling sooooo sad for neil. Naamkarann is full of villains. Dayawandi, rhea, swetha,amol, diksha. Ab yeh gurumaa aur raghu pandit.. Bad always win here.Avneil kab ek hoga re???????? luv u Avneil……

  12. Zaina

    yeh amol ko dimag naam ki cheees hai ki nahi. Apne pyaari dadi ka saara sach jaantha hai. phir bi acting like a duffer…..

  13. rubbish and violent serial

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