Naamkaran 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil gets Mowgli’s custody

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Naamkaran 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prakash saying sorry, I don’t want to express my point of view in this case. Neil’s lawyer says truth is Avni can’t get that financial stability that’s imp for Mowgli’s custody, if you see Neil and Avni’s economic status, you will know Neil can give good life to Mowgli, Neil is going to marry Mitali, she is a police officer, she can give a good direction to Mowgli’s life. Judge says court will give the verdict after lunch break. Samrat says if Avni loses case, we will lose Mowgli. The kids talk. Mowgli says I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to stay here with you all. They all hug.

Prakash comes to Avni. Prakash says you need courage to say truth to the world, the best decision would be that Mowgli stays with you. She says you are supporting me, thanks, I know how difficult it is for you. He says I love Neil a lot, I know he is much wrong this time, he will realize his mistake, I m worried that it will be too late. The judge says court agrees that Mowgli’s parents can take care of him well, court appreciates Avni, but the decision will be for Mowgli’s betterment, court decides that Mowgli’s custody will be given to Neil, Avni is allowed to meet her son once a week, the court is adjourned. Avni cries. Her lawyer apologizes. Neil cries seeing Avni. Shweta stops him and says no, if you speak to Avni, she won’t be able to manage herself.

Avni’s lawyer says I will find details and tell you. Avni is at Aisha’s grave. She thinks of Mowgli and cries. She says whatever happens, I can’t lose him, he is a part of me, my sorrows vanish on seeing him. She cries on her fate. She says I got defeated. Avni comes home. Sunehri comes to her. Avni cries seeing Mowgli’s toys. She says we have to pack Mowgli’s bag. Mitali and Neil decorate room. Neil says I didn’t realize, I didn’t ask you, whether you are ready to manage a nine year old kid. Mitali says I m happy, I will try my best that he doesn’t miss his mum, we will spread toys on bed, Mowgli will like it. Prakash comes. He says Mowgli doesn’t need toys or decorations, I hope you understand this. Mowgli asks Avni why is she sad, dad and she are fighting for him right. He says I will be with you, I love you much. She says just understand what I say, you will stay with your dad, he loves you a lot. He says I will stay with you, tell Neil not to come here. He hugs her and says I want to stay here.

She says Neil will love you, he will play with you, the court has ended the fight. He says I can’t stay with my friends. She says I will get them to meet you. She hugs him and cries. She asks would you like to have icecream with me. She goes out and cries. She says we will have entire cup today. He says I will catch cold then, I will have to stay with you, I can’t be with you. She hugs him and asks him to have some. He feeds her. Its morning, Neil comes there with his lawyer. Mowgli hides behind Avni. Avni says I have packed his belongings, only one bag is remaining. Everyone hugs Mowgli. He says I will come to meet you all. Avni hugs Mowgli. She asks him to behave well, else everyone will say his mumma didn’t teach him manners. He nods. They hug. Neil looks on.

Avni says you understood me, you gave me the deepest pain, you settled scores by snatching my son Neil. Mitali says you need to stay away from Neil’s life. Avni scolds Mitali. She says you are Neil’s would be wife, I will always be Mowgli’s mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pavithra1616

    Poor avni.. And poor Mowgli.. Irritating mitali-neil.. Avni lost every ing in her life.. I cried thinking of her so much.. Neil doesn’t deserve avni.. Just get away from her… Even I don’t support the idea of reuniting avneil.. But all in all,it is our avneil.. Neil,I just hate u.. He smiled when he won.. And wanted to comfort avni? U jut keep distance from her. OK.. And the precap,so bad and how dare that mitali talk like that to avni.. But liked avni responding boldly to mitali.. And now 6 epi left.. Mitali, u think u can love Mowgli more than avni and Neil to u too?just disgusting.. I don’t know what to say because its really bad and I am damn sure that I am gonna hate the climax.. Waiting for twm’s epi.. Luv u avneil??

    1. Avani is poor from the beginning of the story, they will all good characters worts to add more into avanis suffering and they kill those who likes avani . Ashish and Aisha’s love story was one of the best love story in the beginning,I really loved the way Aisha was waiting for Ashish and their secret love.however within no time they killed their love story and Ashish become worst who hates avani ,.

      HISTORY REPEATS @THE people who hates Neil not supporting Neil but the same they did with Ashish time hats off to CVS who is creating a wonderful love story for a few weeks and then just negativity or suffering suffering suffering suffering. There are only a few people who loves avani and the people who loves avani will either hating her or wants to take revenge, only the name are changing not the story avani will deliver lots of dialogues bold emotional but in the end she is crying from beginning till end.

      All the actors are very good like avani ,Ali (childhood and grown up )Neil Aisha Ashish their acting also just perfect but story is disgusting as usual . I always wish for some happiness in avanis life but it never happened,till now she is suffering. Most beautiful pair in the television is Neil and avani

      1. They will make all the good characters in to worst just to add more into avanis Ashish and Neil . they were good in the beginning.

      2. Mellu

        liked you story analysis even I agree with what you said

  2. Ayesha_malhotra

    After a long time i’m commenting here. After watching today’s episode i wish avni tells the neela’s murder truth to Neil and hearing that Neil commits suicide after coming to know about the truth. And what did mithali say When Neil asked her whether she’ll have any problem to accept Mowgli ?? She said “me mowgli ko janam nahi diya par usko maa ki khami kabhi mehsoos nahi hone doongi” ??? seriously ?? they’re talking as if Avni is dead and they feel pity on mowgli . i was almost in tears after watching the episode. The CVS literally spoiled all the characters. GOOD JOB CVS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RUINING THIS SHOW AS MUCH AS YOU CAN .

    1. What is neela murder truth

    2. #Ayesha, what’s truth about Neela’s murder?

      1. Sana.

        Prakash only shot Neela under the influence of drugs injected by vidyut.vidyut threatened Avni that if she refused to marry him he would get Prakash arrested and also threatened to kill the khannas so Avni left neil.she hide it as Neil couldn’t bear the truth but this Neil is giving Avni deep pain for that.

  3. Sana.

    According to Indian penal code mom should get the custody of child below 14years but here sab ulta.really mitali will prove good mom.if Neil gives her child would she love mogli?why judge didn’t think about it as Neil is a womaniser he would give mitali a child within ten months such a womaniser he is. Swetha wanted chuhi to take mishti with her as she wants her son to move on with mitali and now she wants mogli even though she wants her son to move on with mitali what is this yaar…Neil should pay for his actions but he will get avni without any suffering and I hate nk for this.they again proved it a male dominated society where women only will suffer just as avni suffering and not neil.really swetha understood avni’s pain what a joke then why she supported to separate avni’s son from her?prakash is a nice person from the beginning till end but Neil is worst than all.and this CVS ending Neil’s character with audience’s hatred.i can’t support the idea of uniting avneil but it will happen.its the worst thing which I have seen ever in nk.avni was right Neil is the one who gave her deep pain than anyone.mitali how dare she ask avni to stay away with Neil she should tell that to neil.avni gave her good reply she deserve it.neil should suffer to hell for his actions but it won’t happen at all and I’m depressed because of it.i hate you ass you don’t deserve avni at all.

    1. Sana.

      Not Mitali its Avni

    2. No even the father can get custody but,only very few times one out of lakh cases.

  4. Yakeen itni mehnat Karne keliye BAAD BHI yeh log show ki off air Karna chahte hai.i will never watch star plus in my life. So long suckers. All star plus people whoever took this revamping decision should dig a hole Nd die in that hole.
    Naamkaran is in top 8 still they don’t care about our feelings. We always been loyal to them but they don’t care. Great Star Plus keep it up. U proved you don’t care about any of your viewers expect your money Nd your popularity. How low you people are u proved me today. Thank u for opening my eyes Nd I wish you become beggers after this naamkaran goes off air Nd beg on road for that so called money you were after. Go bye.
    Horrible people star plus people are.

    1. It’s yakeen Nahi hota itna Karne keliye BAAD BHI

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Emotional episode….I knew they are going to drag episode till 17 may or even may be till 18 may and in last 10 min or 5 min they will show happy ending…
    Only 6 episodes too go… Plzz show proper ending…

    1. Shraddha please stop doing that, I beg u Yaar please. They never gonna do what we want, so why taking stress about happy till it ends Nd please don’t count the days Nd episodes.shradda please.i am requesting Nd begging you.

      1. It’s paining me to the think it’ is going off air. No your counting always reminding me that so please will you heart Nd I am crying like hell because of this show. There I also told you the reason why I don’t want you to count the episode s Nd days.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its just way to expression….
      Every person express his/her pain in different way.. This is my way…

  6. I don’t have any words for today’s episode…… except tears rolling down my eyes.
    ……but I loved precap like anything….. eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode

  7. Why is it only me who still thinks that Neil is definitely playing to trap Mitali to get evidence against Kamini and Mitali’s conspiracy??
    Mitali got house for Avni very easily so that she can oust Avni soon from Khanna house. So that she can become close to Neil
    Neil is ex cop r8 . He might grew suspicious

    1. I wish it’s true so that Neil will become positive again

      1. Sana.

        No it can’t happen at all

    2. Even i have same thought..i wish for the same

    3. Hi..I’m new here..And I’m looking forward for that twist….I don’t want cvs to portray Neil as a negative character…….Or else even after this show Neil would come in my nightmares instead of vampires…( just kidding, but actually I don’t like this track)….

      1. Sana.

        Same feeling as you fact it is happening to me now a days and I lost my sleep for that.

  8. Hai Iam new at here, but daily viewer of naamkaran. I can’t understand how a judge can take decision without choice of child in custody case. Here also Nk gives a different view .ls this our neil who always do justice to women.police job ke saath woh apni morals be choda.

  9. Iam new at here, but daily viewer of naamkaran. I can’t understand how a judge can take decision without choice of child in custody case. Here also Nk gives a different view. Is this our neil who always do justice to the woman…??

    1. Sana.

      You’re welcome to this page we are seeing a womaniser and not Neil.womanisers won’t support women they only spoil girls’ life.

  10. why r they making me hate neil which i don’t want. emotional episode.
    i am gonna kill all those are involved in closing naamkaran.

  11. Sneha Sugumar

    Very emotional episode. I was not able to pull my tears back. Such a stupid person Neil khanna, can’t u see that Ur son’s mental State. But then u just want to satisfy Ur ego. I’ve Neva hated a lead role in my lyf like this. U r irritating now a days . I’m not able to tolerate u and Ur co idiot mithali. Don’t wish to see Ur face anymore. Just go away from the show. Hate ur character. On a serious note,do u have anything so called as common sense. Array even u have a mom and know how important she is for u in Ur lyf then y don’t u understand Ur son’s emotions. By the way how will u understand? u r just a womaniser. Such a stupid crap u are. Hate u to the core. I wish u to read all these post daily atleast then, u will regret for Ur deeds.And CVS go to hell. U just do what u wish and u want us to support for this stupidity. Wow well done CVS thanks for making all the NK fans to hate the lead characters. And coming to the precap that was like wow……..
    Loved the way Avni snapped mithali. That was just great. Really want to see this mithali to cry like hell. Waiting for tomorrow’s epi. Want to see Neil and mithali snapped. Hurray !!!! atleast I’ll get to see this in this stupid track. The very big mistake I’ve committed is to get emotionally connected with NK. And Neva gonna repeat this mistake again in my lyf for such idiotic serials. Don’t know y I miss KRPKAB Madly today. Hats off to the makers of KRPKAB. U ppl had nailed the show. Even though it went off air it will always be near to my heart forever. Luv it a looooooot. And makers of NK learn something from those kind of serials. And pls stop showing these craps hereafter. Stupid channel and stupid show. Go to hell for god’s sake.

  12. Naamkaran last shoot hapnd yestrdy…..nk will end with avneil’s bed romnce…i will miss u forever avneil…i cried a lot day starts with u…its over now…no more avneil adiza????????????

  13. I hate mitali if at any time Neil marries her then it’s the last I’m watching naamkaran , Neil shud understand a child need a father but he needs his mother more dis episode leavea me in tears

  14. This is one of the most stupid thing I have seen Avni has been looking after her child for so many years and mind you WITHOUT A FATHER suddenly he came out of nowhere and gets custody of Avini’s only hope NOW how de ass can the father gets custody of the child? What proof he got than he can be better than Avini in raising that child so downright stupid. No one but no one can take my kid away there are so many things Avini could have done had she wanted to example how can he be sure that the child is his secondly if Avini did not tell him how de ass he woulda know? Then again she probably do not want to be branded as characterless but I woulda fight fire with fire I want his son to put him Tru hell let him see what being a father really is jeez man I feel so sorry for Avini.

    1. Exactly.. why does the society still think that for upbringing of a child mother needs a father’s support too??
      Avni is a strong women . She has raised her son with good care and good manners
      Neil doesn’t deserve Avni and Mowgli

  15. Till date I just hoped that Neil was planning something.. Now I realized that Stupid Idiot Neil is a confused heartless man.
    Mitali is more sensible and she let go Neil .
    The makers have degraded Neil’s character.
    As per me in the court the lawyer should have called Neil characterless not Avni.
    Neil gets everyone’s love so easily and Avni without doing any mistake have to suffer every single time

  16. And Mitali why did u wait till date of marriage to decide to let Neil go before that itself I shud have done that

  17. I am new to this but a great fan of NK shedding tears for avni my superstar

    1. Sana.

      Welcome to this page thamanna

  18. Deepi

    Really feel very bad for avni?…….why this Neil khanna is crying he should be happy that he won?and the mitali is looking like punching bag…..I just want to punch her
    ?how dare she will to avni in precap

  19. I hate you Mithali.If you were near to me I’m the one who teach a good lesson to you.??

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