Naagin Season 5 6th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bani and Jai recall their past life

Naagin Season 5 6th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer telling that Meera will become Singhania’s bahu and you will become jije ki Sali. He says he has to go and make many arrangements, offers to drop Jai home. Jai tells that it doesn’t suit him. Veer leaves. Jai also leaves. Chachi tells that she is happy as Meera will become Singhania’s bahu and will accompany her to her honeymoon. Meera goes to room. Bani comes to room and asks Meera why did she agree for marriage? She asks didn’t you know what Veer has done with Noor. Meera tells that when Maa had caught us reading fairytale stories, she asked me not to trust on those stories and shall be happy with what I get. She tells that Maa will never refuse for this marriage, I have to marry. Bani becomes angry and goes to Veer’s house. Veer opens the room and says you have come here as half bahu. Bani tells that she will not let this marriage happen. He asks her to come inside. Bani comes inside and gets some flashes of an eagle, Akesh and their past. She touches her shoulder injury. Veer asks what is your problem with your sister’s marriage? Are you jealous? She says how dare you? He says you didn’t reciprocate my feelings and that’s why I have decided to marry Meera. He says our chemistry is sizzling, if you want me to marry you then give me one sign. He asks her to relax until he brings water. She gets angry and scaly skin. She becomes snake and makes the table fall down. Balwant hears the sound and comes there asking who is here? Veer brings water and says sweetheart. He asks balwant where did she go? Shukla informs Balwant that Naina and all the girls died in the tempo blast. Balwant says good job and asks him to search that naagin.

Bani comes out and sees Jai standing outside. Jai tells that he thought that she will come here being angry and that’s why came here to pick her. Bani smiles. He gives her water. She touches her injury and gets past flashes. She is about to faint. He holds her hand and gets some flashes. Bani opens her eyes and asks him to take budbuda village. Snake charmer tells that that time came. Bani tells Jai that she is feeling something which he saw that day. He asks about the location of budbuda village. She says she can’t know about it on the map also. Just then they see an old person on the road.

Everyone gets shocked hearing Veer’s decision to get married. Ponky asks who is the bride? Bani…Veer says Bani’s sister. He says Bani will be jealous and will not let him marry her. Balwant tells that he can marry a girl, but not a naagin. Veer says Bani is a pure magic. Balwant says you will not go out in evening and closes all the doors and windows. Shukla comes and takes Balwant with him.

The old man tells Bani and Veer that the temple is calling them. He says if you are lucky then the temple will be seen by you before sunset. Bani and Jai look at him. The old man falls on her feet and says you are welcome again. Bani asks him to get up. Jai says lets go. Bani nods her head.

Shukla brings the sand timer and tells Balwant that it has become fast, very soon Veer will remember everything about Akesh and that naag and naagin. The old man is a snake too and crawls to see them. Jai and Bani get down from the car and starts walking. They sense something. Bani turns and tells that it was the temple. Snake Charmer tells Pandit ji that they have come here, but we can’t tell him about their past. Pandit ji thanks Bholenaath and says you have returned Naagin and her Naag. Snake Charmer says we don’t have much time now. The temple door gets closed. Pandit ji says lets go. Bani and Jai come there. Jai says I think I knew this place. Bani touches the door and gets some vision of the past. Jai also gets the vision. They hold each other’s hands and gets inside. She says I have come here before. He says even me, with you. Bani looks at him and smiles. Tere sang…plays….Veer comes to Jai’s car as an eagle. He becomes human. The old man/snake sees him and tries to go. Veer calls him and asks if he has seen a girl and guy. The old man says they went that side. Veer starts walking. The old man becomes snake and crawls. Veer holds him and says I got your smell. The snake becomes old man. Veer asks him to say where did they go? Old man says to the secret temple. Bani tells Jai that they shall go from there. They are about to go, but a heavy wind comes and the door gets closed.

Shukla asks Balwant if Veer is at home. Balwant says yes, he didn’t let him go today. Veer flies in air and falls outside the temple. He thinks where did I come? Bholenaath gives darshan to Bani and Jai, and says so you both have come. Bani tells Jai that he is Bholenaath and asks if she remembers her promise. She asks if they are ready to lose something. Bani asks him to tell what is happening with them. Bholenaath asks them to please Natraj to know everything. Bani tells Jai that Bholenaath will reveal everything to us and tells that she has to please him in her real avatar and asks him not to get scared of her looks, as she will not harm him. Jai asks what you are going to do Bani. Bani becomes snake shocking Jai. She takes her naagin icchahari costume and dances to please the Bholenaath. Jai gets shaken up and falls down. Bani asks Jai, if you are fine. He pushes her and gets scaly skin. Bani gets shocked. He becomes snake fully and appears in icchadhari naagin costume. Bani says even you. He nods his head. They both dance infront of Bholenaath. She recalls all the past of Hriday, Nageshwari and Akesh. Bani calls him Hriday and he calls her Nageshwari.

Bani and Jai looks at each other and holds their hands. Naagin song plays..Jai says that’s why we were getting connected. Bani says we were Naag and Naagin in last birth too. She says he had killed you and then Bholenaath gave us a chance to take rebirth. He says you had given your life for me. She says I remember everything. They hug each other.

Shukla tells Balwant that Veer will not recall anything until he touches the wall of the temple. Balwant says I will not let Veer go near the temple until the right time comes. Veer touches the temple and gets some flashes. He thinks if Bani came here. Bani tells Jai that they will not let that eagle come between them. She asks if he knows who is Akesh in this birth? Jai says Viranshu Singhania and that’s why I get protective for you and tells that they will write a new story this time. Bani says we will write a new story with his end.

Jai and Bani come out of the temple and see Veer fallen on the ground. Bani says our enemy is right infront of us, we shall kill him right itself. She recalls Bholenaath’s words that she can attack an eagle only when he attacks her else her attack will backfire. Veer tells that he is Viranshu Singhania and no broken temple can snatch his powers, so who has snatched his powers. He couldn’t bear sunlight and thinks Dad said right, where did my sweetheart, Bani Sharma has gone with the Dhaba guy. He becomes an eagle and flies away. Jai says so this is the eagle.

Precap: Balwant’s brother tells that Veer has returned home through the window and locked him in the room. Balwant says eagles do this when they try to regain their powers. Bani gets determined to kill Veer and take revenge from him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ishqbaaz and shivika fan

    what the hell episode jai said he will change the thing happaned in past it will change when veer and bani marriage in first naagin season man and naagin love story then two naagin and naag ki love stoy then 5 season will be a love story of cheel ,naagin

  2. i did not wantt them to learn their past this soon.

    1. I agree with you bringing back their memory soo soon. Maybe now Bani and Beer’s screen presence will not be that entertaining 🙄

  3. I am having a feeling that Hriday has become an eagle in this birth and Akesh a naag. Because in just 4 episodes they have shown everything. Also shivji said that Bani have to recognize who is who in this birth.

  4. Why is jay eka mohit looking / make up / get up that funny?
    Definitely naagin team is giving to veer eka sharad’s get up and looking…

    And obviously sharad’s acting and dialogue, flirting are mind blowing…
    I like surbi but here why surbir dialogue delivery is not up to level and obviously jay and surbi hv zero chemistry it’s like they are pretending to love.. Surbir hate towards veer is more intense than surbir love towards jay….
    And why chill clan hv no female? 😁😁..then how come they born?
    They are showing chill family too much like this season is not about naagin rathir chiing… But look’s of chill family boys are cool.. So, as a girl i am enjoying.. 😁

    1. I was thinking of the same thing .. not a single woman in the cheel family.. il the past life also there were none ,right… so how are they all born…

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Who know?

    3. All were born from eggs😂😂😂

    4. Here also same feeling dear

  5. Bani and Jai are the most boring couple, Veer is a feast of a character without needing a heroine… this Naag and Naagin are like flour no spice at all… wasn’t Adaa signed on for season 5… wonder when she will come in… this Nageshwari is irritating and doesn’t deserve to be the most powerful Naagin; that should be Shravani she was stronger than both Shivangi and Shivanya in the way her character was written hell even Sesha as Takshika seems more powerful than this flop Nageshwari, the writers really need to up their game this is real injustice to Surbhi who is an amazing actress. Wonder what Veer’s reaction will be when he remembers his past life… Akesh was a murdering marauder and Veer isn’t like his past self… would remembering his past make him more of a killer or would it make him repent the sins of his past birth… the dark bad boy edge Veer has is what makes his character interesting. I don’t know what they could possibly do to make this Nageshwari interesting; my poor Surbhi she was brilliant as Anika with Shivaaye and now they do this to her…

  6. Naag is so boring that too asthamatic naag😂

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣So true😁😁😁😁

  7. To be honest these stories are quite predictable. It is sure that bani and veer will marry. At the beginning bani will hate veer then she will kill his family. Then will eventually start to love him. Just like every other seasons. Same story.

    1. I don’t believe that to happen till the time Naag Hriday is reborn as Cheel Veer instead of Naag Jai 😂😂

    2. Hopefully no… I too want VeerBani as the happy ending and happy journey on the way too. But Veer as Naag’s reincarnation will kill the whatever available story…

  8. Bani and Jai are like a normal their chemistry is like real life couple who does not have much of couple goals but do have love. On other hand Veer and Bani’s chemistry is what we say couple goals everytime I see Veer in front Bani I feel this what TV love is. They look sizzling specially Veer’s one sided feeling. About reversing boys birth can be possible and cannot be possible too. Cuz Ekta Kapoor’s serial can have anything illogical. If she can bring Ichadari More, Ichadhari Nevla, Ichadari Cheel then she can do anything. I wish makers to show more love and romance between Jai and Bani as they are Protagonist.

    1. Jai and Bani were never protagonist and Jai was never the lead..
      Think of it this way…
      In previous birth,focus was depicting Aakesh-Naageshwari than Hriday. Also Nageshwari was decently warmed up to Aakesh before the massacre..
      Aakesh’s punishmental death gives him a clean slate. Aakesh and Veeranshu’s entries confirm that Cheel is lead character.
      Jai’s role at max is to create confusion for audience and yes twist the story too.. Certainly not the main lead…

      I feel we will have some secret coming out from last incarnation, eventually making Aakesh as hero and Hriday as the bad guy… It will be misjusdement on Nageshwari’s side..

  9. Surbhi’s tandav is soo amazing..loved it👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍 so in love with bani’s outfits🥰…waiting for more veer and bani’s scenes..❤

  10. makers have focused much on the love-hate btwn veer n bani rather the love btwn jay n bani, this couple has no spark at all.

    i have question if someone can kindly answer, veer could sense by smelling that the old man is a serpent then why not bani and jay he didn’t sense that or its a perfect loop hole by writers

    1. May be because they r more powerful than othes

  11. First of all where is Shraddha Sharma
    Why she didn’t commented till now???
    I feel the plot is gripped and we’ll written till now with unnecessary mess
    It’s been 9 episodes till now and I feel it’s the right time for the protagonists to know the truth
    Surbhi’s performance & expressions were so perfect with Jay and even when she was Naagin
    But she seems a bit helpless when Veer comes close to her
    As if she is waiting for her Naag to save her
    Coming to Veer he was damn fab as usual
    I wished him to know the truth with Snakes only but maybe he will know later
    Jay was quite funny as Naag
    Looking like a patient of malnutrition
    Hriday was way better than him
    The Naag Naagin Tandav was the crux of the episode
    I was wishing for more of Precap
    Has anyone noticed that Team has worked much on the villian
    Like from tip to toe everything is planned well
    Veer wears only black Shades as Maya in Beyadh 2
    Every Stuff in the Season till now is answerable & reasonable
    The Story doesn’t seems forced but the Chemistry between the lead protagonists is much of a forced Love Story as if they are meant to be together even if one of them followes Infidelity LoL

  12. I really dint like Bani and jai as couple. And jai make up is very funny. Veer’s acting when he walks towards temple and his looks was really awesome. Similarity between beyhad2 and this is there r more male characters than female. As we see in other serials there r only female characters. Male characters rarely few and that too appear for few episodes and they don’t get dialogue also😂 like guddan and yjhjk serial.
    I agree that may b veer is hriday and jai is akesh. Surbhi is a gud actress but I think nagin role doesn’t suit her. The expression of eyes, smile with smirk while taking revenge with dialogue can’t see in Surbhi. Only shivanya, Ada, Surbhi j and vishaka r successful in that.

  13. ShraddhaSharma392

    Hi garv sharma…
    I didn’t feel to comment on the episode so, I didn’t commented anything…
    This season is almost predictable, we can predict things before hand only…

  14. Shesha485

    I feel that should change Jai’s hairstyle and gave Hriday’s naag outfit. This outfit is not good afterall and the jewel selection for Jai too not good. Atleast they preferred Rudra or Anshuman’s outfit for Jai.
    Revelation part was not that interesting. I don’t even get what is going with these Singhanias. Why do they kidnap those five Naagins? Surbhi’s outfit is actually adaptation from Nia’s white one. Bright jewels and colour made SurbhiC look pretty. I feel that still now she is convincing as Naagin.

    Also I feel that the Tandav is actually good as compared to Hina, Surbhi, Nia, Adaa’s tandav in first episode. (Of course, Adaa, Nia and SJ’s had better tandavs in their seasons, but N5’s first tandav was horrible)

  15. I feel production has not done justice to actress like Surbhi in terms of her naagin costume, story line. Previous naagin including Hina Khan’s costume looked much more premium and class. Surbhi’s costume looks so old fashioned and boring. I hope they rework on her costume.
    Neither did I like pairing between her and Jai. No chemistry at all. Jai looks so weak, lost and boring. Hoping to see good love story between her and veer.

    1. Shesha485

      Same. Hina got 3 costumes for just 65 mins of her episode. But Surbhi’s human attire itself too simple and old but I think her naagin attire is better. Only because of Surbhi, the show is going well in terms of TRP.

  16. This Jai looks like a dehydrated raisin…. Veer you are too good for this boring Bani. The way they have written Bani is pathetic, no charm at all, all the naagins have had some charm except for Brinda and now Bani… I really hope there is a paralel female lead to add some spiciness for trhe ladies in cause Veer is just winning it all for the men. I wonder if there is any plan at all with this boring Naag and Naagin… This season needs a Sesha or a Vishaka. Not this angry overreacting Bani and the that dehydrated prune Jai (Poor Surbhi she’s got so much talent and it’s wasted on this character)

    1. Shesha485

      Kalika, But Naagin 4 had a better story in beginning. Vishaka’s entry totally exploited the show by showing her more and more powerful, weird powers , costumes etc. If they continued with Manyata; Nayan and Brinda, maybe N4 got some better TRPs and even better story.
      Naagin 5 is very much good with one Naagin and two boys. Infact, the cast is also limited with only required supporting characters. And no one born perfect and it takes time to get into Naagin character. Even in overhyped satyug, only Akesh manage to impress. Ignoring the repeated bgms and Tere sang song, the show is better.

    2. Finally a place where I can see lots of sensible comments on Naagin5.. 🙂
      I am usually not a fan of Naagin franchise, mostly due to over the board fillers,weird characters and same repetitive story (Naagin hates husband- Kills half of in-laws who are evil- falls in love with husband – stupid naagmani chase, second Naagin almost always become the vamp). Still after Naagin4 never ever thought I will be in a position to watch Naagin ever again..
      Yet here I am, religiously following Naagin5.. all thanks to Sharad Malhotra’s superb portrayal of Veeranshu Singhania and the no fuss,logical story and far (I have started to notice major slips for upcoming events and episodes though..)
      Surbhi as Bani is awesome, playing the character of a simple down-to-earth girl. Infact it’s first time in Naagin series that human form of a Naagin is noted and applauded so much… Surbhi as Naagin on other hand I personally feel could be better. She was fire in the episode of her intro as naagin but during this Tandav and from few episodes I feel she is being meek and squeaky, unlike a Naagin or her natural acting too… Hopefully someone helps with this.. Personally I didn’t like Surbhi-Jay Tandav compared to what we have seen in previous seasons… But I know Surbhi can anytime make a kick-ass comeback!..
      I have rooted for VeerBani from day 01 and I seriously don’t understand why people refer Jay as lead character. It’s officially declared months back that Sharad was hired as lead for Naagin5,not Mohit.. From day 01 Veer’s character has been shown as ‘anti-hero’ and Not villain and given due focus. Though I won’t be wrong in saying that the way this guy played his character too, he kind of locked all praises and attention for himself!. Initially yes all characters got equal exposure but eventually show will start to focus on leads… VeerBani here. And they have superbly proven themselves as right choices for leads and their characters. Though if Sharad is onboard as Veer, anyone can pull Nag-Naagin character well cuz Sharad’s acting is the show stealer lead of Naagin5,offcourse with support from creative team. Didn’t used to like Sharad much earlier but seems he has been made to play this character…Also someone mentioned, it’s good that this show doesn’t have lots of faltoo characters, totally correct and on point, agree with you.
      Am now worried that they don’t stuff extra characters into the story to drag it further.. considering it’s popularity..

      And not ruin the chemistry of VeerBani that’s came out so good and has been the USP of this show. Their fights need to be checked now..

      Also, they have made the story of this show run in 6th gear (Jay & Bani knowing their past so soon, so less time for VeerBani nok jhok,Veer saving Bani’s life..) this time story had a lot of good content and could have been timed more strategically. Hopefully writers don’t ruin the story this time, something that happens to all Naagin seasons midway..

      As a humble audience I am enjoying the show and keeping fingers crossed for future..

  17. I think veer is hriday and jai is cheel in their previous birth

  18. am actually enjoying the comments here, i feel surbhi is doing justice to her scripts the way she express her hatred towards veer and all other emotions she doing it greatly its just the prnduction team which i envy here

    the tandav dance was much better than hina’s hope she will add some spark in her dance and adaa k’s dance because of all the naaghns i feel shesha did much justice to the dance

  19. mmm ok if you say so

  20. At strt mujhe laga tha ki hriday is veer n aakesh is jay… bt jaise story progress kar rahi hai its a vry predictable plot of balaji telefims… ab bani will mary veer to save her sister n evently fall in luv with veer n coz of dat jai will turn negative to get back his love…🤣🤪

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