Naagin season 3 (love forever of rivanya) episode 1

Its the season 3 of naagin rivanya forever and love forever. This is a revenge story but not of shivanya but of ritik….

A lady is running in the thick forest with her 9 year boy and the man is following her.The man is following her when stops as she dissapears in thin air.He sees dupatta and understands that she is hiding behind the tree.He goes behind tree and lady shouts.

13 years later

A boy is combing his hair.After he is done he is in hall and shouts


A lady comes there on wheelchair.


He turns and hugs her.

Ritik:Good morning ma.

The lady is Yamini.

Yamini:Good morning beta.

Ritik:How i am looking?

Yamini:Good looking as always.

Ritik:I am very excited as its first day of my new college.

Ritik leaves for college.

Mount college is shown.A girl comes out of a car and all boys see the girl with open mouth.The girl closes the mouth of one of the boy and leaves smiling.

Two girls come to her.

Girl 1:Shivanya you are looking awesome.

Shivanya:I know as i always look Neha.


All the three head towards the class.

Ritik enters the class room and sits on a bench.Shivanya sees him and gets inpress by his personality and sits beside him.

Shivanya:Hi i am Shivanya.

Extends her hand for shakehand.Ritik catches her hand.

Ritik:I am Ritik.Nice to meet you.

Both smile at eachother.The class starts.Ritik is listening to the lecturer but Shivanya is continously staring at Ritik.Ritik sees it and waves his hand in fron of her face and she comes in sense.

After the class is over Shivanya goes to Neha and Priya.

Shivanya:I got my love of life

Neha:Who is he?

Priya:Yeah who is he?

Shivanya points towards Ritik who was standing and talking with his friends.

Priya:Wow!he is too hot.

Precap:Freshers party.

  1. I really miss them a lot u know siddhi I don’t like naagin 2 as no rivanya? by still concept is good of it by d way ur ff is very nice ?

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and also read naagin rivanya forever season 2 ☺

  2. Rivanyaforever1

    Oh so ritik’s revenge ????quite intresting now lets see what are the twist and turns in this one
    Please do update soon siddhi ???
    And please add rivanya scenes please?♥️

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks dear

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