Naagin Season 3 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikrant and Vyom get together to expose Bela’s truth before Mahir

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Naagin Season 3 24th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vyom hearing Vikrant talking to Rinki and gets angry. He thinks to kill him first and pushes him from the balcony. Vikrant comes in Yuvi’s avatar. Vyom beats him and asks how dare you to misbehave with my sister. Everyone come there and try to stop the fight. Sumitra asks if he is mad to fight. Vyom tells that Yuvi was in Rinki’s room in the night and asks them to ask him. Mahir asks did you go to Rinki’s room in the night. Yuvi says I…Sumitra says just now you got married. Mahir says that is not the matter. He apologizes to Vyom and Rinki and says we don’t disrespect woman in our house. Vyom asks them to think how he must be feeling as he saw Yuvi and Rinki together with his eyes. Bela asks did you see with your eyes. Vyom says yes and then says I said that mistakenly.

He says I heard Yuvi flirting with Rinki. Amita tells that Vyom regarded Rinki as her father. Mahir asks Yuvi to apologize to Rinki. Yuvi apologizes. Sumitra asks him to say sorry to Vish also. Yuvi says I will. Mahir asks him to pack his bags and leave. He says whatever Vyom did was right and says if I was on his place then would have done the same thing. Andy says it is not right to throw him out. Mahir says you had to make this rule long before and says he will not understand until he comes on road. He says if Vish wants to stay here, then she can, but not Yuvi. Vyom asks Mahir to let Yuvi stay in the house and says I will blame myself if he goes, as you have taken this decision because of me. Mahir warns Yuvi not to do this again and leaves. Yuvi smiles looking at Bela and goes to his room. Bela thinks if he did this intentionally.

Vish asks Vikrant why did he spend all night with a woman. Vikrant says it was a small matter. Vish says I can’t show my face to anyone, you have spend night with Rinki although you have a wife. Vikrant says I talked to bela last night. Vish asks if Bela asked you. Vikrant says no. He says I did all this intentionally. Vish gets upset and goes. Amita asks Vyom, why did he lie? She says they will catch your lie. His brother says they tried to make us go yesterday. Amita asks them not to do any childish act else they will be caught. Vyom says if I get caught then will die with all the naag and will expose Bela first. Amita says Mahir don’t listen anything against bela and will not listen to you. Vyom says Mahir will throw Bela out of the house when he comes to know about her truth. Then I will torture the naagin and make her fall on my feet, then I will take my revenge and kill her. Bela comes to Vikrant and asks what did you do? Vikrant says I didn’t do anything and says I just went to her room and spoke to her all night, so that Vyom doubts on us. Bela doesn’t believe him. Vikrant swears that he did it intentionally to make Vyom angry. Bela says we have to divide them and rule. Vikrant says it was my trick. Bela asks him to inform her and his wife first else his marriage will be in trouble.

Andy tells guest list of Sumitra and says alcohol shall flow. Sumitra says everyone know that alcohol just flow in your party. Andy speaks to Mahir and leaves. Vikrant sees Mahir and Andy and goes to his room. He gets ready and thinks today he has to kill the vultures. His mum comes and bites him. Vikrant says you are here? Vyom peeps inside Bela’s room and stares her. Bela asks what are you doing? Vyom says I am staring you and asks if she will call her husband. He says atleast someone will help you. Bela says I am enough to handle you. Vyom says I am not that bad and says today is the last night of yours, do whatever you want. Bela says when someone’s death comes, then their senses goes. Vyom says same thing had happened with your sister and asks if she remembers the date, and says today was the date when Juhi had eloped with Kesha. He says even you can elope with me and says Juhi was innocent, my brother trapped her and had planned to get your empire, but you killed him before that. Bela gets angry and takes out her venom tongue. Vyom asks her not to try and asks her to see the vultures outside the window. He says they will kill you. He says lets meet in the party. Bela thinks this is the same night which I can’t forget.

A fb is shown, Bela thinks of Juhi. Juhi tells that Bela has the qualities of becoming a naagrani. Bela says you are also beautiful. Juhi says beauty is not the only quality to become naagrani. Bela says if I go far from you. Juhi says you are everyone’s rakshak and nothing will happen to you. She says I feel that I will do a mistake and will not get the chance to repent. Bela asks her not to talk bad. She sees her gone and calls her. Juhi comes and says I came, but what if I don’t come. Bela says I will search you always and will not let you go anywhere. They hug each other. Fb ends. Bela cries and apologizes to Juhi, says I couldn’t save you. She says I will not leave this vultures, and says your revenge will be taken. Vikrant asks his mum what happened? He says I will not leave that Vyom for hating Ruhi. His mum beats him with her tail. Vikrant asks if she wants him to befriend Vyom and get Naagmani. He says you are right and tells that I will use Vyom and will get any innocent guy or Mahir killed by Ruhi. He says now Ruhi will not know what I am going to do. Bela thinks Vyom will see snakes unity and thinks they all will kill the vultures forgetting their own enmity. She sees Vyom. Vikrant sees Bela and thinks this is the night when your friend and enemy will get together and you will lose.

Vikrant and Vyom sign at each other. Mahir comes and holds Bela’s waist. He asks what happened, why are you in tension and says we shall decide the code. Bela says if I tell sab theek hai then it will mean no. He says movie dialogue. He asks kitne aadmi hai….Bela says no and says you shall ask me mogambo and I will say Khush hua as I am in trouble. She asks are you khush hua…Mahir says no. Bela says no. She asks if he saw kuch kuch hota hai…and says you are Rahul and I am Anjali. Mahir says kuch kuch hota hai bela….you will not understand. Andy welcomes the guests and calls Mahir on stage. Mahir addresses to the guests and gives the presentation. RJ says everyone is looking at Vish. Adi says from top to toe. Vish thinks where is Vikrant? Vyom still acts as blind is accompanied by Amita. Vikrant and Vyom meet. Vyom says we will befriend for the first time. Vikrant says but we will be enemy. He says I am not Ruhi’s enemy and asks him not to show cleverness. Vyom says I can write a story on your betrayal. Vikrant says I always loved Bela and haven’t betrayed her, but wants to rule on Naagvansh. He says I don’t care if you expose her, or burn this house, but will not bear if she gets any scratch. Vyom says I will not kill her and forget the revenge if you give half of the share of Naagmani to me. Vikrant agrees. Vyom thinks Vikrant will not get anything. Vikrant plans to kill Vyom once he gets naagmani.

Vyom thinks I will expose Bela, kill her and get the naagmani also. I shook hands with him so as to make my hands reach Bela’s neck. Andy tells that the presentation is over and asks the guests to enjoy the party. Vish and Yuvi dance in the party. Song plays…..khoya khoya chand plays…Mahir comes to Bela and says I like this song. I will dance with you, but not here. Bela coughs and asks for water. Mahir goes to get water. Vish collides with Mahir and says sorry. Mahir sees Bela going out and thinks where is she going? Vikrant also follows her. Vish thinks of asking Bela to stop Mahir. Adi says what a dance Vish. Vish says bhabhi. RJ says God shall give hot bhabhi to everyone. Vish sees Yuvi drinking wine and takes him to side. She asks where is Mahir? Vikrant says he was here, I offered him drink, but he refused. He says I thought to drink alone. Vish says you was about to go behind him so that he don’t see Bela. Yuvi says Mahir was after bela. He says my wife came to scold me. Vish says you are not in your senses and goes. Vikrant thinks nobody can stop the happenings now.

Bela comes out of the house. Vyom follows her and asks if she will drive. Vyom says it seems you forgot that you couldn’t see. They sit in car and leave. Mahir sees Bela and Vyom leaving in car and is worried. He sits in his car and leaves. Vish sees Mahir leaving and thinks this shall not happen. Vikrant comes and keeps his hand around her waist. He says you was dancing well and looking beautiful. He compliments her beauty. Vish says we shall do Bela’s work. Vikrant says hell with her order. Vish says we have danger with Vultures. Vikrant holds her neck and says I don’t become anyone’s Servant and pushes her on the wall. Vish gets hurt and faints. Vikrant goes. Bela comes to the cave with Vyom. She says this place will be good. Vyom says deserted haveli without windows and says you have chosen a good place, if I get stuck here then my supporters can’t come here. Bela says you wanted you and me to be together here, where nobody can trouble us. She becomes half snake and asks him to fight. She says there is nobody here.

Vish gains consciousness and thinks Vikrant wanted Mahir to go behind bela and see her real form, that’s why he didn’t stop Mahir. She thinks Vikrant is selfish and don’t care about others. Mahir says I love you Bela and I will stand with you. Vyom comes on Bela. Mahir sees them together. He asks Bela if she is happy. Bela asks are you happy? Mahir says I am very happy and gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Anonymousaa

    Unfortunately I am losing interest from this show. Seems like the show is going nowhere.

    P.S. I am commenting when there is an ‘Update in Progress’ tag, I will still wait to read complete update to see if there is something worth watching and waiting for.

  2. vikrant is really very bad and selfish person as he joined his hands with vyom. And in every episode we wish to see Behir scenes but today there are no Behir scenes and the precap is very horrible. Can’t see Behir getting separated. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee don’t separate Behir.

    1. Behir is not getting seperate there must be some back calculation which will show today. Wait for today.And today may be the last day for Vyom

  3. I just hate vikrant

  4. Yaar… Where is the story?… Possibly only vish’s character has some sensibility……

  5. Finish off that Vyom.He is so crazy

  6. Behir are communicating with the decided code words whee ‘being happy’ means ‘I am in trouble’. Mahir isn’t doubting Bella but indirectly asking her if she is in trouble. Mahir toh sab me Mahir hai..

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