Naagin Season 3 19th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rithvik betrays Shivangi again and gets Naagmani with his evil clan

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Naagin Season 3 19th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vish telling Rocky that she is thinking of land expansion for her business. Rocky says wow and asks for the music. Rithvik asks Bela to dance with him. They dance. Rocky dances with Vish, while Rithvik dances with Bela. Main toh tere naal nachna…disco deewane…plays…..Bela tells Vish that they are very greedy. Rocky tells Rithvik that they are very rich. After the dance, Rithvik and Rocky offer wine to Vish and Bela. Rocky asks about the land. Vish asks Bela about the price of the land. Bela says 200-250 crores in Madh island. Vish says I don’t know much about the property, but it is the beautiful temple property and it is father’s property and she is thinking to redevelop. Rocky offers to partner with her. She says she has money and don’t want to share the profit. She excuses herself asking them to take dance lessons as well. Rocky and Rithvik think she is having an attitude. Rocky says we will become partners and will adjust profit somewhere. Bela tells Vish that they are coming behind us. Rithvik and Rocky offer to become a partner with less profit. Vish asks them to attend party outside the temple. They agree. Vish and Bela leave.

Rocky and Rithvik reach the haveli and thinks it is an awesome property. Bela and Vish call them and show their snaky eyes and skin. Bela says they are not business associates and asks them to tell why did they kill Maha Naagrani. They tell that they didn’t kill anyone and shout for help. Then Rithvik asks if they think that they are scared of them and laughs….

Rocky says we don’t want to kill you due to your beauty. Rithvik says focus, their beauty is deadly. Rocky says we have to bring them here else…Rithvik says what do you think that we don’t know about this mysterious haveli. Rocky says if you think that we will tell you about the secret of your naagrani death then we will not tell you. They ask Bela and Vish to turn and looks back. Alek and Rohini come and asks them to do their work. Sumitra comes and calls them bahuranis, and says you can’t go now. Bela asks her not to show attitude. Sumitra says I am not alone and calls Tamsee..Tamsee comes there with Mahir, and he is tied with her evil powers. Mahir says Sumitra and Tamsee shall be ashamed of themselves to cheat him. Tamsee says she will not be affected. Bela says you all are here under the same shelter and says now scores will be settled at one go. Rohini asks if she is changing her skin. Tamsee says your game is over. She asks them to Bela and Vish ask Rithvik and Rocky why did they kill the naagrani. Rithvik and Rocky laugh and says we won’t tell. Sumitra asks Rohini and Alek to drag Mahir and tie them. They tie him.

Bela asks again why did you kill Maha naagrani. Sumitra says Shravani is boring like Bela and asks Rithvik and Rocky to try their hands at Bela. Vish warns them to stay away from her Naagrani, and fights with them. Sumitra and others join the fight. Rohini and Sumitra slap Bela repeatedly. Bela and Vish fall down. Vish asks Bela why you are letting them overpower you. bela says for a secretive mission and asks her not to worry. Tamsee holds Bela and hits her head on the pillar and tries to strangulate her. Sumitra ties Vish to the chain above the ground alongside Mahir. Sumitra tells injured Bela that they don’t need her now and have plan B which will make naagmani ‘s powers awakened. A snake charmer comes there. Sumitra says he is Shahnawaz Sapera’s guru. Tamsee asks Bela to see naagmani for the last time. Sumitra asks her to think it as a return gift. Tamsee throws the naagmani towards Rocky. Rocky laughs and throws Naagmani near Rithvik. He catches it and throws to Sumitra and others.

Bela looks at Mahir and thinks if we don’t meet in this birth then we will meet in next birth or so on. Sumitra hits Bela on her eyes and makes her falls down. A heavy storm comes. All the evils keep trying to hold themselves. The big curtain from Shivangi’s portrait falls on Bela. Bela opens her eyes and sees Shivangi’s portrait. Rithvik and Rocky who is hiding behind the pillars holding it see the portrait. Others also see it. The door of the temple opens, bum bum bole plays…..

Two snakes come near Bela and stand there. Another snake comes there. Sumitra smiles. A big snake comes from behind Shiv ji, and is bigger than the other three snakes. The snake becomes Shivangi. Shivangi’s face is shown shocking the evil Tamsee, Sumitra and others….kaun hain woh plays…..Shivangi walks near Bela. Vish and Mahir become hopeful. Bela is unconscious. Shivangi heals her injury and makes her fine. Bela opens her eyes and gets up. She looks at Shivangi surprisingly. She says Maha Naagrani. Shivangi says I can’t see this happening with Naagrani. Rithvik says Shivangi…you have returned, I thought you died with our hands. Rocky asks did you come to take revenge? Shivangi says I came to protect her. Sumitra says you came to protect her and got trapped herself. Tamsee says I am very scared of her and laughs. They all laugh. Sumitra asks who gave you naagrani and maha naagrani name. She says we did this to trap you. Rithvik says my daughter returned. Rocky says I miss you so much Shivangi. Shivangi asks Rithvik why did he kill his own daughter. She asks Rocky why did he kill her who loved her so much. Rocky says Rithvik gave you birth and has the right to kill you.

Rithvik asks her to ask her bholenath. Rocky says I never loved you so I never betrayed you. Shivangi says you would have left me. Rithvik says he became damad. Rocky says I sent you in arthi. Tamsee asks them to make Naagmani curse-free and then do whatever you want or kill Rithvik and Rocky. Rithvik asks what did you say? Sumitra asks Shivangi to touch naagmani. Rithvik and Rocky say if you don’t touch naagmani then we will kill you again and laughs. Bela asks do you think that you can kill her. Sumitra asks Shivangi to touch naagmani. Shivangi refuses until it is in their hands. Sumitra says I am bored with you girls and calls for entertainment. Snake charmer plays flute….Sumitra thinks once the naagrani dances, she will make her touch naagmani and make it curse free. Bela and Shivangi start dancing on the song main teri dushman….Rocky keeps the naagmani near Shivangi’s hand and makes it curse-free when she touches it accidently. He says I got the naagmani and asks everyone to say Rocky ki Jai…He says I am too good and thanks Shivangi. Sumitra smiles. Rocky throws the naagmani in air and Shivangi catches it. Bela asks them not to try coming near them and says you can’t get anything with greed. Mahir asks them to count reverse countdown.

Bela and Shivangi hold the naagmani together. A storm comes again….All the evil gang tries to get the naagmani while holding themselves. Shivangi says this is shivji’s memory and I won’t let any evil get it. Rithvik falls on Shivangi’s feet and asks her to forgive him, and says I am your father and have always forgiven you. He says I just want your forgiveness. Shivangi gets touched and goes near him. Rithvik snatches naagmani from her hand and push her to ground. Rocky laughs..Rithvik says what do you think that my tears are real and says I fooled you twice. Rocky says we got the naagmani now. Tamsee says to kill them now. Sumitra says let them do some entertainment and says they will keep them captive in the cellar. They lock Shivangi, Bela, Vish and Mahir in the cellar of the haveli. Shivangi tells Bela that she came in her father’s talks again and is mad. Bela says this is heart matter and says they will never feel emotions and we can just hope betrayal from them. Shivangi says I am talking to Naagrani and I am cursed naagrani. Sumitra asks what to do with this naagmani and says shall I make it as maang tika. They argue to get the naagmani. The snake charmer tells that the two naagins are very powerful. Rocky asks him to chill. Rithvik says I have only killed them. Bela asks why did you return?

Precap: Next week on Grand finale episode, Yamini hurts Shivangi holding Naagmani. Bela asks her to stop it. Shesha also returns and says she will be always there. Yamini tries to stab Shivangi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. jaldi update karo yarr….kal exam h but still m waiting to read the updatess

    1. better kill yamini first then end this toon show

  2. Rithik, Rocky kabhi pyaar nahi kiya to season 1 & 2 me mount hi good hey baki sab to bad characters hey but abh heroes bhi bad ta.. Rocky shivangi se “kabhi pyaar nahi kiya” sab se acha vala joke ta….. Bahuti bhuri ekta, like tamsi….

    Plz in grand finale plz don’t show the conctivity to nxt season ????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️.. If they show then wo logo achi wala mahir/mihir ko bhi bhura banadegi aur vikrant aur vish kobhi nahi jodega…. Kyun shivangi aur shravani ko choda vine ko bhi bhura banado aur sab ko mar do… Naagin se hey serial ko shatan ka nam do.. ??

    Fingers crossed plz grand finale me to kuch bhi karo but rithik aur rocky positive banado?…

    Rocky pyaar nahi kiya OK… But rithik ko kya huwa ta hey shivangi ka baap ta na asalu pita…. ??

  3. Shivangi is back ??.
    Shivangi should kill rockey first ??.
    Shivangi have to pair with RUDRA ?

    1. Aww!!! Rudra!!!???

  4. SsiyAa

    mouni was perfect to be watched??????….and the camera focus on her was more than surbhi in today’s episode… ? ? ? ? ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ .. i loved to watch her… i thought today was last episode but there are two more episode… happy to see yamini, adaa, mouni together… though i know rithvik and rocky are pretending to be negative but still found them over-acting… dance by mouni was so clear and adorable???? and worth watching ????….. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ loved mouni entry…? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?

  5. is this the end they didnt explain anything
    how can they finish it just like this
    i want to know what is going to happen …. season 4 ?????
    and why are they showing last years villans are they coming back and waht about the naagmani
    what will happen to tamsi

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Not its not end.. Show will have finale on 25 and 26 may

      1. pr or 2 episodes me kya dikhayega pta nhi makers ke dimag me kya chal rha h ohhh godd

  6. What the crap!!!I really don’t understand what was the need of season 3.even essence of first and second seasons is shivanya is only left to come back .may be she also will come with shesha.may be in next season’s they show major negative.i don’t understand who still view this crap.i stopped long ago.first season was always the best.i just want to see the writers of this crap .even fan fictions are far far far better than this.atleast understand that you are indebted to entertain the people with beautiful stories and not senseless crap.there was no need of making rocky and Rithvik negative.pillars of previous season were rithivik-shivanya,rocky-shivangi love story.par ab sab kuch barbad kar diya aap logon ne.

  7. *mahir not major

    I had lots of expectations with today’s Episode otherwise I didn’t watched any episode of Naagin 3 with so much hope. I thought Shivangi, Ritik & Rocky’s entry will be so good too see even I was waiting for Ritik and Rocky to give any reason for killing Shivangi and also show that they are so depressed with that incident even now. But they are shown as a greedy businessman who just love money. And if I am not wrong then Rocky was Naag then why is he shown as normal greedy man.
    Hatsoff to Ekta for making Rocky and Ritik greedy and evil just opposite to they were in season 1 and 2. Ekta has lost all her creativity can think of Shivangi being alive but how come shesha and Yamini returned to live. I am confused that will Yamini kill Rocky & Ritik like she did in previous seasons or will say “Aakhir Mere Dono Muh Bole Bete Mujhpe Gaye Hain Mein Shaitan Aur Laalchi Mere Bete Bhi Shaitan Aur Laalchi” ?????. And what about Shesha she loved both the guys ?. Will she romance with Ritik (her first love) or Rocky (her second love) ?.
    Shravani really sorry but Ekta only favour evils that’s why she kept Yamini and Shesha alive even in season 3. She can’t even think to bring back even Rudra and if she brought her back then he will also become evil like Rocky & Ritik.

  9. One thing that remains unanswered is that the connection between takshak and shesh clan
    I just don’t know i feel bad for Shivangi
    Till Betrayed by her husband was still fine but betrayed by her own real father that’s the most unacceptable fact
    These questions still arise that how is Ritik back from the dead and didn’t age as well
    And how did Yamini once again cheat death
    and Shesha/Takshika was killed by Ardhnaareshwar and now she is back

  10. N one more thing that why did Ritik and Rocky join forces with Sumitra and her gang

  11. Kash Aaj hi yeh khtm ho jata….I know ki last mein yeh log Vish ko bhi maar dalenge kyunki couples unite and that’s why Vish has to unite with vikrant and he also told her that he will wait for her…so yaa that can be xpected. Sbse achi baat yehi this iss show ki Vish ko villain nhi bnaya balki story ko bnaya and also 2 seasons aaye hi isliye the ki season 3 bn ske…oh god, this is not grand finale it’s dumbest season among all. Don’t make season 4 warna use mahir ko villain bna denge and I won’t be able to near my Pearl as a villain. Shivanya see ritvik PYAAR nhi krta tha, shivangi se Rocky PYAAR nhi krta tha..yeh ho Kya rha hai. Ekta has lost her mind..better she takes retirement now

    Voot pe agar in dono seasons ki koi dekhta hoga toh ab dekhna bnd KR Dena coz it will remind us of season 3. Means Jo bhi couple names bnaye gye inn dono couples ke lie would kbhi sahi nhi the??inn logone ne toh hume bhi dhoka de dia, humse bhi trp cheeeen leee dhoke see. Ritvik was begging in front of shivangi, yeh ekta agar aisa baap bnayegi toh life partner ki Kya zaroorat hai, stay with ur father if he just looks like ritvik, not his intentions. Ishq mein marjawan see yaha pe bhi villain bn gya yeh toh…..means he played in season 1 also aur Hume lga ki imj pehla show hai jisme yeh villain bna hai lol!! It bda Kisi ka nhi hua hoga aaj tk ………

    Dono seasons mein yaneki naagin ke alava koi bhi positive nhi that….????????????????iss ke baad toh season 4 agar aaya toh dekhne see pehle Socha pdega ki kahin mahir ko bhi toh villain nhi bnaya dia. Yeh mouni agar naagrani this toh humans ke sath rh rhi this. Tb iske logon ke sath naagrani bn KR kaun rh rha that. Faltu mein itna khiicha gya iss show….naagrani thi apni logon ko bhejti…sb ke sb dank market khtm KR dete inn sbhi ko…Kya Ghar mein bahu bn KR jaana.

    Pehle mein 5 katil, doosre mein 8 katil aur teesre mein 10 katil lekin Aaj to intekaam poora nhi hua naaagin ka…problems aati rhi it I saaari ki hamari naagins apni loved ones ke katilon ko bhool gyin. Aur aaps mein hi ld KR mar gyi . Naagmani ko dekh KR hero bhi villain bn gya wow…pehle baar hua…Maine kaha ekta see ki kuch unique laai toh isne toh pehle ke seasons ki hi aisi ki taisi KR di..?????????????????sb zinda ho keep wapks a gye yani ki iss show ke naa Jane kitne seasons aayenge….xcept mahir mtlb koi kbhi hamre PYAAR ke layak hi nhi that????????????????????????

  12. ShraddhaSharma392

    So writers spoiled their s1 and s2 creation themselves, they were iconic seasons, but these writers spoiled every season…. They turned ritik and rocky negative… And even ques are not answered why they killed shivangi…
    But I was laughing hard when ritik called shivangi his daughter, and he is of same age, didn’t grew in so many yrs…. And itne sare negativity will be back, i don’t think s4 will come and hope it doesn’t come???????????????????????????
    Only good thing was to see mouni entry

  13. There was a proper plot and super story for naagin 1. It became a legend. But both s2& s3 didnt hv a proper story or a plot..writers and directors dragged the drama as their wishes. So it became logic leess . Ektha kapoor may be out of mental. Thats why she does these hell…she made our rivanya also bad.what the hell is this…
    Yamini , shesha will also come. What are the logics, they kill people when they want, they give birth people again and again without a logic. Now its very difficult to understand who are the villnas, ektha made s1 & s2 also a lie .
    Ektha its time to stop making tele dramas…stop these nonsense . U made naagin like a hell..there arent any logic for all things… makers play games for money and ratings with people religions also…
    Im very disspointed .

  14. I will not wonder if ekta make ritik and rocky gay, and they killed shivangi for their love. The most illogical drama i hv ever seen. Give birth people again and agaian..
    Kill when they want…this is a hell.
    They make s1 &2 also lost

  15. Ardeep die hard fan

    Iam fine with this but i don’t want ritik to be evil because deep in immj is already evil and good at the same time. Nobody can say if deep is good or bad .. because every time he does things which are good then later bad then good .. i just want ritik atleast to be good because rivanya was my fav jodi and ardeep from immj and iam sure ritik will be good because in the promo rivanya are hugging. And i don’t believe ritik will be bad because there never were signs of ritik being bad or a in naagin 1 . Rocky fine .. iam not a fan of him much but plzzz ritik be good ????? i am an fan or Arjun Bijlani… and so till now i watch immj though stopped because of the track ..

    1. Can i get the link to the promo where ritik is good and rivanya hugging?

  16. Pavan542002

    We were happy to see all our fvrites from s1 and s2 but by yesterdays episode sab erado pe paane pher gaya. Un logon ne toh rithik ko be negetive banadeya they is no sense in this. Rocky ko negetive dekhaya usme kuch logic hai kuike pehle se usme negtivity the leken rithik???

    Its looking like rithik nahi balki immj ka deep agaya hain. Un sabe paltan rithik he jyada shater tha usne he pura game badal de belkul deep ke taraha umpredictable and dramebaaz

    Mahanagrani toh naagrani se bhe buddhu nekle aur full episode mein shivangi confuse se dekhaye deya

    En naag naagin aur andhka se bhe shater toh rithik aur yamini hain(sirf abhi ke leye as rithik is shown as villian)

    Rocky toh takshak raj hain woh toh ud bhee sakta hain woh apne naag avtar mein aakar vish ko maar sakta.
    Rocky kitna mota hogaya hein agar naag banta toh uske fitness expose hoti isley usko naag banaya he nahi ???
    Vikranth and rudra are perfect as naahs

    Finally waiting for some goodness aur mera rithik hero banjaye bas

  17. I think nagin 3 season’s theme is ‘avengers end game’ since most of the dead are back and want to create an epic ending. And hope u all remember about the bahubali climax of naagin 2.

  18. I think rithik and rocky are positive only. Their negative shade may be their plan to kill the evil.
    Because in promo rithik was seen good with shivanya

  19. Krishna just hoping that any miracle happens with Ekta Kapoor and she stop spoiling her own serial and become little creative like she was before. She spoiled Kumkum Bhagya, She spoiled season 3 and with this episode she even spoiled season 1 & 2, She is spoiling her KZK with same story she gave us in 2002, she is spoiling Kundali Bhagya too by showing same twist and turns with different characters. God please give Ekta some creative brain and people.

  20. Such a bad episode. I didnt even watch it completely. I thought i would but i couldnt. First fifteen minutes was just everyone fighting with their hands. And the sapera affected only bela. As if the others were not snakes too. Rocky doesnt seem to even remember that he is a snake too… Then next ten minutes only wind blew and everyone faces was shown again and again and again… Then finally shivangi came. Finally. They made her mahanagrani. Brought from dead by shivji himself… And these characters showed her no respect. Sumitra and clan dont respect shivji either? I remeber how much important shivji and kali ma used to be in earlier seasons… And then shivangi also asking why u killed me. Ans ans. Dhat. Again snake charmer starts with his bin and only and only bela and shivangi affected. The only nice thing was mouni roy’s beautiful graceful dance. Her dance actually seems mythical, it is so perfect. Whoever the naagin is should at least learn to dance like her… But i switched off tv after that. Those cartoonish giggling ritthik and rocky were too much. I watched for half an hour but nothing happened. Nothing. Just catch catch and showing everyones faces. Even vish became useless today. Such a boring and crap of an episode. And what is the matter with the make up department? Everyones make up was so so baaad. So over the top. Mouni roy looks better with minimum makeup. And that pouty face in sumiyra’s clan, i dont know if she did some surgery or what but she looks so so baad, like her face is botched up… And this tamsee supposed to be super powerful or something but is super useless. Only good for killong shravani’s human parents. Like anybody can do that? Such a stupid disapppinting season… Today so many comments are only from fans of previous seasons. I cant think of anyone who would genuinely like this season. If ekta does not have any more ideas then stop producing further seasons. Naagrani bela died from bullets. Lol. But yamini and sesha keep coming back a thousand times. Most useless naagrani ever

    1. And dont forget to mention that during that whole “Mein theri dushman” the enemy gang passing the naagmani and pushed away by bela again and again.

  21. Didnt expect shivangi to be so weak n emotional.. i thought when she comes all d others will be scared of her bt noooo…they were not even respecting her n ulta insulting her n shivangi also cudnt do anything…totally disappointed ??

  22. Rivanya was one of the best on screen pair ever and this rithik in s3 is not at all the same one we were introduced to in s1. How can someone kill the show like this. And this s3 is now out of control i guess,people die then come back again they die and they come back.Duh is it me or the writer who has gone crazy?

  23. Very bad episode . Ritik ko villain kyu banaya and rocky he was a takshak naag so why he behave like this. Mahir aur bela ke character ko toh koi importance hi nahi hai. Sabse karab episode tha yah.

  24. i can’t even justify how much worst this season was…….always unnecessarily dragging…No power with the so called naagrani Bela..Even I felt Vish was stronger than her…No connection with the previous seasons and then wow bringing all dead characters back always without even proper justification…If I try to put all the sequences together even they won’t make up a story…..I am really happy that finally it is ending…Just watched this season for the secret of previous season…But the condition of Shivanya showed today was so irritating….. Worst worst worst season…If Ekta have to make such stories better they don’t telecast such shows….In the starting I was so excited but hhhhh…so disappointing…Such a crap storyline….

  25. Pls bring our rithvik and Rocky back who are very innocent plss bring them back to season 3.Why ektha mam did this.I think maybe Rocky and rithvik are acting to kill all the villains.. Hope esa hi ho.Ab 2 episode baaki hai pata nahi Kya hoga us do episode mein

  26. This is very disappointing ? kyun kiya esa hope ye jobi rithvik aur Rocky ne kiya hein wo acting ho..Pata nahi donoe episode mein keyse show khatm hoga

  27. Hey guys
    Good news according to promo actually sesha killed shivangi in form of rocky and rithik
    I watched season 1
    Watched season 2 intially and last few episodes
    Season 3 bakwass, did not watcb since bela mahir love only love and love matters for bela and nagrani actually bakwass rani drama
    Watching finale only for mouni

  28. What??? Rithik and Rocky are negative??? I think Ekta has gone mad…

  29. ShraddhaSharma392

    Ekta maam promoed that all s1 and s2 team will be back and they created cruiosity among viwers but spoiled …. And this episode update had maximum comment compare to whole s3?????????????

  30. feeling much anger. Never expected rithik and rocky betray. I think rocky proved he is takshak king and enemy of shesh clan. But why ritik betrayed his daughter when he supported shivanya. Shivanya also need to come back .

  31. and ya if yamini and shesha can come back y can’t vikrant come back . Never expected ekta will end n3 like this.

  32. Watching only foe behir and mouni. Rest all worst ever bakwaas..

  33. Watching only for behir and mouni. Rest all worst ever bakwaas..

  34. Ye rocky n ritvik nhi sesha n yamini hongey as rocky n rithvik

  35. Please aajka episode kharab mat karna aur ritik aur rocky un dono ko positive banao. Story main Kya ho raha hai kuch samajh nahi aa raha. I will watch today’s episode only for my fav rivanya and behir.

  36. Senseless serial just by promoting Naagin producers are making people fools. i am going to remove colors channel to end this kind of non-sense and paying unnecessarily.

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