Naagin Season 3 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela returns to protect Mahir and Sehgals and to take revenge with Sumitra

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Naagin Season 3 19th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Eme coning to the marriage function of Mahir and Shivli. Sumitra says now we don’t need the marriage planner as the wedding is complete. She asks if she is angry at her, and wants to spit venom and bite her, and tells that it is her work. She asks her to see the people and the snake clan show their eyes. Sumitra also shows her snaky eyes and asks why you are after my son and says finally my son is married to the right girl. Eme says no doubt that Mahir has married the right girl and you really know that Mahir’s betterment is where and with him. Mona covers Shivli’s head with dupatta. Rohini asks why are you repeating Sumi’s words and asks if she is scared. Eme says your expressions will change as bride will ask for muh dikhayi. Sumitra asks what nonsense, why did she cover her face with ghunghat after marriage and asks her to remove her veil. Shivli comes forward towards. Sumitra lifts her ghunghat and sees Bela in Shivli’s place. She is taken aback. Eme smiles. Everyone is shocked too. Andy, Boltu and Kuhu smiles. Mona turns into her real avatar of Vishaka and Raj turns into Vikrant. Sumitra is in shock and says this can’t happen. Eme asks if she is scared. Bela asks if she wants to kill her, bite her and says you have done all the arrangements so I had to come. She says as I have come, I will make all your pain go. Rohini asks Sumitra how the Naagrani is alive. Mahir runs to puppy and says we will play together.

Bela feels bad for him. She tells Sumitra that I made your voice shut. Sumitra says where did Shivli go? Servant comes and asks Sumitra to answer an important call. She refuses. Bela and Vish ask her to talk. Sumitra takes the call and is shocked. Vikrant says atleast you would have talked to Shivli’s father. Bela says Shivli’s father must have said that they were picked from the airport and left at the hotel and were told that there is a danger outside. Sumitra says you three have done this. Bela says Eme is also with us and I kept her here to keep eye on you, and I came to question you. She says she is tired of becoming bride and thought Mahir as her husband and she don’t need to marry him for 7 times . Alek says we have killed Shivli’s parents with our hands. Bela says do you really think they are dead. A fb is shown, they get up from the pyre and becomes snake.

Sumitra asks Yuvi if his man saw the dead bodies burning. Bela says if snake poison affects snake and says humans were not burning there, but dummies. Sumitra, Rohini and Alek show their snaky eyes. Bela says I thought a bad end of yours. Sumitra says I tried to kill you both. Bela says Bhole Naath has saved us and he wanted me to be alive as he wants me to settle scores with you and punish you for harming Mahir and other family members. Sumitra asks how you will do this? Bela says your sweat on your forehead is replying all. Sumitra asks will you face me alone. Vish and Vikrant tell that they are with Bela. Sumitra acts as scared and tells that they have a team of 3, but I have an army. She asks Vikrant to come to her side and bring Vish too. Vish says they don’t need her. Vikrant says you are not my Maa now and our relation ended when you tried to kill me, and says Sumitra is their naagvansh and naagrani’s enemy. Vish says they don’t shake hands with their enemies. Bela says we are 3, but our determination is strong and we will break your plans. Sumitra says she will see what she can do. Andy tells Kuhu that Mahir married a right girl. Kuhu says I never thought I will say this, but Bela returned to save us, and that is a big thing. Andy says I hope she returns to our home. Kuhu says yes.

Sumitra along with Rohini and Yuvi go to room. Alek comes. Rohini says Bela is Naagrani and she can do anything. Yuvi says we shall kill them. Rohini says we have to do this. Alek says we have to end them. Sumitra says their return will be beneficial for us. Bela says Sumitra might be planning against us to do bad. Vikrant says what worse she can do now. Vish holds his hand and says if you don’t save my life then. Vikrant says if I had not saved you then penance wouldn’t have happen. Bela says your penance is done when you told us about Sumitra and saved Vishaka. She says we are standing altogether to fight with her. Vish says she will try again to kill her. bela says she will try, but not so soon as she didn’t get naagmani yet. Sumitra tells that she wants Naagmani and scolds Rohini for bringing wrong marriage proposal. Rohini says even you couldn’t identify her. Sumitra says bela didn’t tell me Naagmani’s place last time, but this time she will tell. Rohini asks why she appears over confident. Yuvi asks her to become silent and says if we fight then they will win. Sumitra says we will use her over confidence against us. Alek says who can think better than you. Vikrant says she might have searched Naagmani in the haveli, but she couldn’t find it. Vish says now she might have got hopeful to get Naagmani seeing us alive. Vish says we have to waste their time.

Bela says she might get a chance to save Andy, Kuhu and her baby, also to treat Mahir. Vikrant says Mahir is in Sumitra’s control. Sumitra asks Yuvi to keep Mahir away from bela as she will try to make him remember everything and then only we will win. Vish says what happened to him. Bela says they beat him so much and have done something with his brain. She says they can do anything with Mahir to get Naagmani. She says she is sure that she will make Mahir fine who loves her very much. Vikrant says we are with you. Yuvi is holding Mahir and asking him to come with him. Mahir asks him to play. Yuvi says I don’t want to play. Mahir says Shivli will play with me. Bela as snake gets into the room through the window and becomes herself. She thinks of her moments with Mahir.

A song plays…..majdhaaron se tu….Mahir tells Yuvi that Shivli must be waiting for me, fools Yuvi and runs to his room. He sees bela standing and calls her Shivli. Yuvi comes inside. Mahir says I will not come with you. Bela asks Yuvi to get out. Yuvi says don’t provoke my anger else. Bela asks if you will call your mummy and asks him not to threaten her. She pushes him out. Mahir says you are brave Shivli. He looks at Bela and walks towards her. Bela also walks towards him.

She asks do you remember me? Mahir asks who are you? Where is Shivli? He calls Shivli and asks where is she? Bela says I was the one, I was helping you. Mahir asks her to give his Shivli and throws the teddy bear on her. bela cries. Mahir says sorry. Bela says I know that you can’t hurt me. Mahir says but where is my Shivli, she is my wife. Bela says I will become your partner. Mahir says she is my partner and asks her to bring her. Bela says ok, I will go. She goes out. Yuvi tells poetry to sprinkle salt on her wounds and says you can’t get Mahir. Bela asks what happened to Mahir, wha did you do with him. Mahir comes out. Yuvi asks did she trouble you? Mahir asks who is she? Yuvi says she is a bad girl and asks her to go. He says I will protect you from everyone and takes him inside. Bela cries.

Next morning, Yuvi brings Mahir to have breakfast. Sumitra sees mahir and tells Bela that there is no place for her. Mahir says he wants to sleep and asks Kuhu why she is not having food. He gets up and asks her to sit. Kuhu makes him sit and says she brought toast for him. Mahir says I will have Aloo ka parathar. Sumitra gets angry. Mahir says I will eat. Sumitra threatens Mahir. Bela asks how dare you to talk to Mahir like this. Sumitra says I talked to his father like this only. She shouts calling Andy. Andy comes there. Sumitra asks him to have food, and tells that they all have food. Rohini asks Kuhu to bring green tea and face pack. Kuhu says ok. They leave. Andy sits with Mahir and asks if he is angry. Mahir nods yes. Andy gives toy aeroplane and car. Mahir says he will play. Bela asks what is happening? Andy says this is happening with us, they have food and then we have food, their left over food. Bela asks about Mahir’s condition. Kuhu tells that Sumitra gives some medicine to Mahir, after that his condition deteriorates daily. Andy is about to eat the leftover food. Bela says you can’t have this and takes that to kitchen. Vish tells Vikrant that they have to help Bela. Vikrant asks her to tell her plans. Vish says she will tell on their honeymoon. Bela makes parathas and brings to dining table. She asks Kuhu to sit. Kuhu gets worried about Sumitra’s reaction. Bela says she will handle her and asks her to call her Bhabhi. She turns to Mahir and sees her sleeping. Rohini comes out to scold Kuhu and see them sitting to have food.

Vish tells Vikrant that they shall go to Sumitra and checks for the proofs. Vikrant says but. Vish says she is not in room and asks him to warn her if Sumitra comes. Bela sees mahir sleeping on the sofa. Rohini sees fresh parathas and thinks to inform Sumitra. Bela wakes up Mahir and asks him to have parathar. She asks can we become friends now. Mahir says Maa asked me not to eat that and Yuvi asked me not to talk to you. Bela leaves the breakfast there itself. Vish searches for the medicine etc. Rohini comes there. Vish hides and become snake. Rohini closes the cupboard and goes. Sumitra comes there and asks what is happening? She asks Andy how can he? She asks Yuvi to take mahir. Rohini says they are having a ghee paratha. Sumitra asks how dare you? Bela says I made the food for them as I am bahu rani as you called. Alek tells that they have our leftover food. Sumitra tells that Kuhu makes food for them. Kuhu apologizes to Sumitra and asks Bela not to argue with her. Bela says nothing will happen to her. Rohini asks Sumitra to kill her. Bela says she can’t kill me and asks Sumitra to take them out. Sumitra and Bela make their face scalu. Kuhu runs to Andy and is scared.

Mahir sleeps in Bela/Shivli’s lap and she tells him about his love story with herself. Sumitra bites Mahir while Alek holds Bela’s hand. Bela shouts no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Kya tha ye?

  2. Oh god yeh vella ko apne asli roop mein aane ki zaroorat kya thi. Aur apna saara plan, strategy sb bta dia. Overconfident hona kehte hai isko . main sirf behir ko miss krongi after it will go off air

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Ok show was full on drama just like daily saas bahu show…. And on top of that still bela is so weak to be called naagrani….
    Season 1 and 2 had a class and story as they were related to nagina film, but this season 3 is stupidity of writers

  4. In this show all are nag, nagins except few humans, we don’t know whether these humans also become naag nagins. What’s happening

    1. Behir are good …but the story ….what are the writers even try to portray ….iss se acha naagin 3 ka name Naagins- SaaS aur bahu ka mukabla rkhna tha….which has naags Too

  5. It is nice that Bela is married to Mahir and entered Sehgal house again but we are unable to see Mahir in such a bad position. Please let Mahir recall everything about his relationship with Bela and show love between Behir. Please make Mahir normal person pleaseeeeeeee…

  6. I just love today episode bela was on fire bela rock everyone shocked

  7. Actually, in the first episode they said that, Andy married Sumitra only for her property.. In that way, how could Sumitra gain wealth from Andy.. This is a stupid story line.. Great that it goes off air by February… Want mouni roy back.. In any name Shivangi, Shivanya, Shivaja, Shivli or even Sati.. but Mouni is the right one to play the character.. This bela is simply speaking but nothing in terms of work.. At least sumitra is doing something..

  8. Arre.. someone post today’s update..

  9. Stupid story line.why bela cant use naagmani to heal mahir.nagin season 1 & 2 were better.

  10. Naaginfanforever

    I think this show is awesome, but i still miss Mouni.
    But this thing is awesome, sorry for the haters

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