Naagin Season 3 18th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahir regains his memory, Bela to know Shivangi’s secret

Naagin Season 3 18th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Vish to unite Bela and Mahir and tells that he will wait for her, and hopes God don’t send him to Pataal/hell. Vish says you didn’t do anything wrong. Vikrant dies. Vish cries and shouts his name. She asks him to wait for her there itself and kisses him. She goes from there. Bela/Shravani reaches the temple. A bird is shown. She hopes Mahir is safe and she didn’t get late. The bird comes and sits on her hand. She makes the bird fly. The bird touches Mahir’s back and he gets back his soul and falls down. Some snake men come infront of Shravani and asks her to go. bela says she is Naagrani and wants to make the naagmani curse free. The men turns into half snake. Bela also turns into snake and fights with the other snake men. Bela says now you must have understood

my intention and asks if he will stop her even now. One of the snake men grows taller and makes bela fall down. Bela also falls down angrily. She becomes 5 headed snake and says I am going inside to search maha naagrani. The snake man tells that they are paid for not letting any snake come inside. Mihir is clinging to the stem of the tree and gets flashes of Mahir and Bela. The snake man bites Bela and makes her fall down. Bela says I will fight with you and will not accept defeat.

The snake becomes very giant and swallows Bela. Bela ruptures the snake’s stomach and tries to come out. Mihir falls down on the ground and recalls Bela. He thinks that’s why I couldn’t forget my connection with her, and says Shravani and Bela was my love in the past birth and she is an icchadhari naagin. He thinks to send family and Tanya away from DM, as he recalls Sumitra driving bulldozer. Bela manages to come inside the temple and folds her hand before the God. She says I don’t want to go empty handed and says I have to know the truth to save this world and people, and tells that she has to get the naagmani get cursed free and asks for help. She cries.

A man appears infront of her and says I know you want to call Maha naagrani Shivangi. He says Naagrani Shivangi was an ordinary icchadhari naagin, but their bhakti made them naagrani, and was boon to become maha naagrani till Anand kaal. Bela asks why did her father and husband killed her and says people call her cursed naagrani and asks where is she? The man tells that she was badly betrayed and says she will come only if the matter is about someone’s death or life. Bela asks him to help her and tells that the matter is about someone’s life and death. The man tells that the haveli is secretive and asks her to light the Deepak and solve the riddle. He says this is the door to search Naagrani and says you can go inside, but it is upto her to meet you or not. She says naagmani will be cursed free with her touch and says you can ask her why her father and husband betrayed her. He blesses her and disappears. Bela opens the door and gets inside.

Mihir comes home. Sumitra says I was very scared. Mihir says if I am alive and calls her Sumitra Sehgal. He says I remember my past birth and says you have snatched my everything becoming my mother and snatched my Bela. He says I won’t let you snatch anything else from me. He pushes her out. It is his imagination. He comes home. Sumitra hugs him and cries. Mihir thinks I can’t tell her that I know her truth until I send my family to safe place. Bela lights the firewood and tries to move the curtain with her tail, but she couldn’t move. She says maha naagrani…you have to come in any circumstances. She lights the curtain on fire. Shivangi’s pic is shown. The curtain gets burnt and pulled up. Bela says today I will get answers for all the people, not just Naag lok. She says I will save everyone, even if I don’t saved. Just then the floor opens and she gets inside. She sees many snakes there and tells them that she is naagrani Bela. She finds a glittery golden book. Shivangi’s story flashes is shown and a voiceover tells that rocky killed shivangi with her father’s help and both of them alive, like Maha Naagrani is alive. Bela asks where are they? Just then book gets closed. Bela sees the door closing and thinks to run out before it closes.

She is running on the road and sees the film premiere of Rocky and Rithvik. She thinks premiere party is today and if I get succeed to take them to haveli then Maha Naagrani might meet me. Bela meets Vish and tells that they killed Vikrant with akhaal mrityu poison. She says he was very strong. Bela says sorry. Vish says you shall not be sorry. Bela says she can’t risk her life now. Vish says she will not leave her even if she tells her and asks what she found in the haveli. Bela tells about Rocky and Rithvik’s film. Vish says we have to attend the party and calls PR Manager Raima.

Mihir is with his family. Kanika and Amber Bua say Shravani saves you. He asks them to just go to an address which he messaged to Mohit. He says this is not safe place for you all. Samarjeet asks him to come with them. Mihir says I can’t come now. Kanika asks if DM will come with us. Mihir says you shall not tell anyone specially DM. Amber asks if she did this kand. Mihir says I have booked resort and taxi. He asks them to take Tanya with them. Kanika and Amber ask him to keep Shravani with him. He says she will be with me. They leave.

Mihir comes to the window and sees Bela. He calls her. Kuch is tarha…plays……He comes to her and holds her hand. Bela asks how do you know. Mahir says from day 1, when I saw you for the first time that there is something between us. Bela says I know that you are my Mahir. He says you are my Bela. She asks how do you remember? Mahir says I remembered everything while clinging to the tree branches. He says you saved me that day also. Bela says I couldn’t save you that day and says they lost vikrant. Mahir says I talked to Vishaka. He says I will tell everything to Tanya and end his engagement with her. Bela says she is an evil power and asks him not to tell her anything. She says that girl is not Tanya, but Tamsee, Andhka who has separated both of us. She says she is Tamsee. Mahir says that’s why Sumitra entered his house with her gang. Bela says they knew my weakness and want me to make the naagmani curse free. Mahir says they did one good thing, we met because of them. He says you are different from Bela. She asks how? He holds her closer and says I was wrong, you are like my Bela, who feels shy with my touch, my heart beat increases. Bela says even you haven’t changed and says when I kiss you, your cheeks turn pink. She kisses on his cheeks and they have a hug. Song plays….Mahir and Bela say I love you to eachother.

Vish messages Bela. Bela says we are going to a party. She asks him to take his family with him. Mahir says I will come with you. Bela says you are a human. Mahir says I can help you and will not leave you. He says lets go. Vish calls her. bela says we are coming. Mahir says I will not let you go alone.

In the party, journalist asks Rocky how is he feeling after becoming producer from businessman. He asks what she wants to drink, risky, rum or me. Ritvik comes there and tells the reporter that he will answer her when they are alone. Rithvik teases Rocky and refers himself as his sasur. Rocky asks him to talk in low tone and asks if they will young forever. Rithvik says yes. They have a laugh.

Vish and Bela come to the party. Vish acts as a big businesswoman and tells that her Dad sent her to wrong party. She says she don’t need any business associates. Bela says your deal starts with 100 crores. Rithvik and Rocky hear her and think to deal with her. Rocky comes to her and asks her to asks him what he would like to drink. Rithvik asks bela what she wants to drink. Bela says I don’t drink while working. Bela and Vish tell Rocky and Rithvik that Vish is the biggest land owner and Bela is her assistant, and Vish is thinking to expand the business.

Naagrani Shivangi comes to save Bela and tells that their motive shall not only be revenge, but be change also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Im just awaiting the answers of the following
    I think not only me but also everyone
    1.What is the connection of of Sheshnaag and Takshaknaag clan as displayed in a picture of a naag and naagin in season 2 resembling Rocky and Shivangi’s snake form?
    2.Ritik was killed by Yamini and her gang then how come he is alive?
    3.Why Ritik didnt get aged though being a human? whereas The question of getting aged doesn’t arise in case of Rocky because he is an Ichhadhari Naag and Takshaknaag Raj
    4.On Ritik’s command why did Rocky stab Shivangi?

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Today’s episode was nice for the first time… And tooo sad as Vikrant died😢😢😢😢 And best surprise dose was ritik and rocky shown negative 😨😨😨😨who were positive in both seasons and laughter 😂😂😂😁😁😁dose was that earilier season 3 started with 25 yr leap, took 6 month, 6 month, 9 month, and so many short leap and took almost 25 yr leap that is total sum around: 51+ yrs and ritik and rocky still look like 25 yrs old 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can understand that rocky was naag, but ritik was human through out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. SsiyAa

      this season was ridiculous… well vikrant had to die b’coz he had played negative role of nevala and something in previous seasons.. so to save his part from mess they ended his role… rocky and rithvik are pretending to be negative for hidden purpose but they aren’t… and yamini, adaa everyone is alive 😀 😁 😂😀 😁 😂😀 😁 😂… well.. i don’t know about others.. but i didn’t enjoyed s3 neither liked surbhi as nagin but anita was worth to watch.. mouni is too hot and portrayed perfect naagin atleast had powers and sense…. but in s3 it was crap as writers were themselves confused what to show and only wanted to drag… it’s fans who sticked with the show for their actors even after knowing story isn’t good…. excited to see mouni in today’s episode where mouni will dance and act for last time as naagin..

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Totally agree…. This season was wrost and spoiled image of both the seasons….
        I hope if ekta maam is planning s4 she get better cast and story… I just followed this show either due to acp, vish or vikrant that to some time if promo had interest, otherwise the worst naagrani award goes to bela….
        I wonder how can ekta maam and show cast say that this show was on top on trp race….

  3. Is this is the last episode on sunday ???

    1. yaa tomorrow is the finale..only 1 thing is to be missed terribly behir❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
      the cutest couple after soo long and the rumors were also surrounding thats why also bhi😝😝i wished that pearl would have been paired with surbhi again in bepanaah pyaar..he looked so hot in white. some heroines paired with anyone make an awesome pair agreed again👍👍👍👍👍👍👍ekta ji starts all her shows with high expectations and also sometimes she stands upon our expectations also but with time some gripping stories looose their track like ekta aunty’s all shows heaven knows how they r still running…2 new r also coming….blo*dy hell why to bring kawach….its better aunty brink back pkyek again..ur bestest show till date…..neither kasautii not naagin will take its place..indirectly i’m praising u 😏😏but i really loved it and will continue loving it coz everything was way more than special in that series…not just the leads but every character occupied me. with that show u gave me my first crush😘😘😘😘😘💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  4. Trash…it’s not good rithik and Rocky love life is totally fake their emotions and feelings with their respective partners…. Then if there is naagin 4 season maybe they show mihir / mahir love for bela / shravani also fake😏🤔😢

  5. According to me, the makers did a big mistake connecting first two seasons with this season. It just makes no sense. This season was far far away from previous seasons in terms of naagin mythology and lore. There was no mention of only a suryavangshi can pick up the naagmani. It was a big point of previous seasons, and shivangi was the only naagin born in suryavangshi clan so she had the unique ability of both picking the naagmani and using it. In previous seasons intimacy of naagin and human meant naagin will lose powers. Shivanya lost her powers. Shivangi did not bcoz rocky too was naag. In this season mahir is a human still bela did not lose powers. Bela picks up naagmani with no problem. Shivanya and sesha could talk thru telepathy. Bela and vishakha use smartphones… If mouni roy was nt available for complete season, this season shud hv been left as standalone and in fourth season shivangi’s story coukd hv been picked up again. There is such a huge difference in the internal logic of the previous two and current seasons that there is no point in even trying to make any sense anymore.
    And rocky, a naag, producing films is ridiculous. There is a diff between naag and humans or not? Sumitra wanting property, rocky laughing abt staying young. Hell bela was more than 100yrs old and still looked young. As did sesha. Rocky is not even hundred. At most seventy. Why is he worried abt youth? And ritthik… Ritthik was my fav hero of all naagin seasons. And now ritthik looks like an alternate version of deep raj singh. I cant even think how original ritthik would kill his own daughter and then flirt with bela. Rittik loved shivanya so much… I am just so sad and heartbroken. Season 1 was the only season i really liked and it actually hurts me to see rittik like this. My only option is i dont watch even a single scene anymore cause i dont want rhivanya to be spoilt in my head. And i never liked stupid rocky anyways. Instead of staying with his takshak vansh, he is producing films. Ridiculous

    1. SsiyAa

      hey same here… it was only season 1 worth to watch.. s2 wasn’t’ good but much better than s3… in s3 they were more human than naag… it felt actors wanted to act and naagin was big platform so they were sticked to it… writers never knew what they want to show so they dragged it with absence of logics… ekta had to end s2 suspense as mouni had entered bollywood and before she become big actor it was impt to end her part as everyone of us know mouni won’t turn to tv to do daily soap after landing in film industry… so it became impt. well i agree with you they could had left this season and brought new season to for shivangi part.. new faces like sonarika bhadoria could have been better choices for that… but it’s incentive to watch mouni last time portraying naagin.. well ekta’s every shows are draggy and crappy… but this show was the worst irony with high trp ever… don’t know how ekta do so…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        S1 had chemistry b/w pairs, S2 turned better when rocky turned naag and shesha turned red naagin… But s3 was senseless .
        I mean writers showed in s1 and s2 that if human and naagin get close naagin lose her power, so in s1 end shivanya turned human and in s2 rocky was shown naag… But in this s3 naagin and human had intimate and bela was pregnant, i wonder if 1 % they had shown child than what it would have been human or naagin?😂😁😁😁😁😁😁

  6. Wah.. Aaj tak bailgadi ki tarah bina logic main jaa rahe story toh ab Bharat express ki tarah ek din main bhagthe hai..
    It’s so bad that no one has any sorrow for vikrant..Usse bhoolkar all are busy with their full on action..Pahle Bela vik ka maut ke badla keliye mahir ka life main aaya..Par ab just ek sorry and condolences main vikrant ka chapter sab bhool gaya..soo pity..
    Mahir ka family in danger..Tanya is tamsee..But he forget to tell his family not to take Tanya with them..
    And when did rithik,rocky Paisa
    ko laker ithna lalach aur bura ban gaya..Unbelievable..Ek suryavanshi aur doosra takshak donom bina swarth or lalach se shaadi kiya aur pyar kiya mouni se..We loved them as mentors of nagin&mani.. Par ab woh neg bangaya toh unhe aur yamini,shesha,sumi,tanya…sabse kya farak.. Ek paisa aur ek power ke peeche..Poor finale episode…Koi excitement nahi..So sad..
    Finale aaya toh Sab ka energy level cum ho hai..surbhi,pearl sab dhakdhake action&dialogs dheta hai..Just only anita keeps her energy as before..kya shooting ki tiredness hai..ya phir ending ka dhuk.. So excited for finale..But disappointing..

  7. Will eagerly wait for surbhi as she makes a good pairing with any of hunks…it’s not just I’m addicted to watch only 1 pair and keep on praising it …wish that she makes another good pair with any new favorite actor like aahil, asad, abhimanyu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  8. Really Behir’s scene was superb in yesterday’s episode. What a cute scene. Waiting for such scenes only from many days. Hope to see last few scenes of love before the serial ends.

  9. SsiyAa

    you guys have idea that karanvir bohra has been approached for yeh hain mohabbatein season 2… and akanksha singh for female lead… who think yhm s2 is needed??…

  10. What the hell!!! Kuch bhi dikhaye ja rhe hai serial me. Rithvik became deep raj Singh now 😅😅😜. I always Love the character of rithvik, which goodness he had in That season now the maker leave no reason to watch this show. I can’t see Arjun as Rithvik in negative role.😒😑😑

  11. mere bhi kuch doubts hai woh bhi season 1 se kya koi clear kar sakta hai please: first doubt is season 1 ki first episode mein rhitik ne sapne mein ek saap dekha jo ek naagin thi aur woh golden costume mein thi par woh sesha thi esa kyu i mean jab shivanya naagin hai yeh reveal hua tha tab to wahi costume shivangi ne pehna hua tha to ek hi costume do naagine kese pehen sakti hai aur ha jab shivanya naagin hai yeh reveal hua tha tab uske guru kataka bhairav ne kaha tha ki jis naagin ka badla hai woh sesha nahi shivanya hai to shivanya rhitik ke sapne mein kyu nahi aaye sesha kyu uske sapne mein ate the? second doubt is season 1 mein jab shvanya ne apne flashback ko yaad kiya tab usne bataya tha ki 5 katilo ne naagmani ke liye uske maa baap ko mar diya jinke naam the ankush,shailesh,viren aur baki do ke naam to use pata nahi the baad mein usse pata chala ki yamini aur suri baki do katil the so mera doubt yeh hai ki present scene mein to viren ko rhitik ka bada bhai uska cousin bhai dikhaya gaya tha to yeh kese possible hai ki jab 20 saal pehle shivanya ke maa baap ka khoon hua tha rhitik to khood 5 saal ka bacha tha to viren us waqt kese ankush,yamini,suri aur shailesh ka crime partner bana ha shivanya ke sath misbehave kiya tha yeh samjh ata hai lekin unka crime partner kese bana kitna age hoga viren ka tab aur present scene mein 20 years baad rhitik ke bhai hone ke nate?
    3.and another thing i didn’t understood in season 1 jab shivanya ka childhood dikhaya gaya tha to woh 8 saal ki bachi thi aur 20 saal baad woh 28 saal ki ichadhari naagin bani thi aur sesha ka chilhood bhi shivanya ke sath dikhaya gaya tha lekin sesha humesha shivanya se kehte the ki woh 100 saal purani naagin hai kyuki 100 saal tapasya karke woh ichadhari naagin bani jabki shivanya ko ichadhari shaktiyan apne ichadhari maa baap ke wajah se mila to yeh kese possible hai ki sesha shivanya ke childhood mein us ke tarah ek bachi thi kyuki 20 saal ke leap mein woh 100 saal ki purani naagin to nahi ban sakti na jab shivanya 8 saal ke nagin thi tab uske shaktiyan puri nahi thi uske 20 saal baad usse shaktiyan puri tarah milne wali thi tab tak to sesha ko bhi bada ho jana chahiye tha to 100 saal ki naagin ek bachi hoke shivanya ke sath kese khelte the i mean ha woh behene thi lekin age mein to bahut difference tha lekin bachpan mein woh dono ek sath ese dikhti thi jaise sirf 5 saal ka difference ho un dono ke age mein ?
    4.then last doubt is last episode mein yamini ke marne se pehle dekha gaya tha ki rhitik ke cousins angad,amrita aur divya ne unka sath diya tha to baad mein woh kahan chale gaye angad to yamini ka apna beta tha na aur amrita bhi uski beti thi to kahan gaye woh log season 2 mein woh kyu nahi the shivanya ke sath.?
    5.i m having some doubts in season2 my first doubt is shivanya aur rhitik season 2 ke first episode mein kis se bachke bhag rahe the shivangi ke janm se pehle kaun tha woh jo unke peeche tha,aur phir shivangi ke janm ke baad 24 saal aur 11 months ka leap dikha diya gaya aur shivanya aur shivangi ko bhi aur yeh dikhaya gaya ki rhitik mar gaya?
    6.ab baat thi shivangi ke to 1 month ke baad usko 25 years pure hone wale the yani ke shivanya ka age tha tab 53 kyuki 25 saal pehle woh 28 saal ki ichadhari naagin thi aur ab uska age hai 53 aur shivangi 25 saal ki hone hi wali thi to yeh kese possible hai ki yamini shivanya se young dikhati thi usko shivanya behan bulate the esa kese ho sakta hai. yeh mera second doubt hai yamini ke age shivanya se kam aur young kese ho sakte hai woh?
    7.and ek doubt yeh hai ki sesha 119 saal ki naagin kese hui jab ki usse to 125 saal ki naagin hona chahiye kyuki season 2 mein 25 saal ka leap dikhaya gaya tha aur season 1 mein woh already 100 saal purani naagin thi to ab 119 saal ki naagin kese ho sakte hai ?
    8. aur season 2 mein mera ek doubt yeh bhi hai ki rocky ko kise vasudha ka beta bataya gaya tha aur uska baap tha mahendra jo ki ek daku tha usne yamini aur tanya ke parents ranveer aur manjusha ne rhitik ko mara tha tab to vasudha ek insan thi aur mahendar bhi ek insan to dono maa baap insan hone ke baad bhi rocky ichadhari takshak naag aur woh bhi takshak vansh ka naagraj kese hua ?
    9.aur bahut bade baat yeh bhi thi ki us ardhnareshwar mandir mein shivangi aur rocky ke tarah hi ek naag naagin ke jodi ke tasveer ka milna iska kya connection hai aur us tasveer mein kaun the woh naag naagin jo rocky aur shivangi ke tarah dikhte the us tasveer ka raaz to bataya hi nahi gaya tha ?
    10.and last but not the least rhitik ka rocky kuch bhi nahi lagta tha sirf ek dost ka beta tha kyuki vasudha uski dost thi to woh bina soche samjhe sirf rocky ko bachane ke liye itna khatra uthake usko bachaya tha jab rocky chota tha to jo rhitik ek dost ke beta ke jaan bachane apne jaan khatre mein daal sakta hai woh khud apne beti ka jaan ka dushman kyu bana aur usne rocky se esa kyu kaha ki woh usko mar dale rocky to shivangi se pyar karta tha aur intekaam ki raah mein usne uska sath diya to badla khatam hote hi shivangi ko marne kyu chala gaya aur agar rhitik zinda tha to itne saalo mein wapas kyu nahi aya jab shivanya aur shivangi ko uski jarurat thi kyu unke bina unse dur raha woh aur jab aya bhi to apne beti aur damad ko ashirvaad dene ke jagah apne hi damad k hatho apne hi beti ka khoon kara diya.why rocky and rhitik killed shivangi shivangi to un dono se pyar karte the kya bigada tha usne in dono ka? coming to season3 there are many questions like firstly ruhi 100 saal ki naagin thi aur vikrant uska pyar and what about vishakha uske age kya thi bella ne to kaha tha ek episode mein ke vishakha usse bhi purani naagin hai to vishakha kitne sal purani naagin hai aur bella ne yeh bhi kaha tha ki vish ne apna lok choda tha bella ka sath dene ,aur ek episode mein vish ne bhi kaha tha ki usse apna lok chodna pada tha to kaun se lok ki naagin thi vish ,jis tarah vikrant ki maa thi sumitra aur bhai tha yuvi aur jis tarah ruhi/bella ki maa naagranimaa thi aur behan juhi wese hi vish ke parents kaha hai uska kaun sa lok tha agar woh sesh vansh ki naagin nahi thi to kise aur vansh ki naagin vish ke dosti ruhi se kese ho gaye aur nidhog vansh ke naag vikrant se usse kese pyar ho gaya agar woh same clan ke nahi the to vish ke parents,family,aur uske clan kaun sa tha?
    12.phir ek doubt yeh hai ki sumitra ne kaha tha ki mahir uska beta nahi hai to mahir kiska beta hai yeh bhi to reveal nahi hua kaun hai mahir akhir sehgals ke ghar kese agaya kaun the mahir ke maa aur baap?
    13.ek doubt yeh hai ki yeh jo huzoor thi woh akhir bella ka purana ruhi wala roop leke kyu aye the akhir uska asli chehra kya tha hukoom ka asli roop to dikhaya gaya tha lekin ruhi(huzoor) ka asli roop to dikhaya nahi gaya tha aur dikhane se pehle hi huzoor ko hukoom ne mar diya. doubt ki yeh huzoor aur hukoom aye kahan se the akhir?
    15.and shravani aur mihir ke baad kuhu aur bultu kahan gaye aur kuhi ke beti ruhi woh kahan gaye uska to kuch dikhaya nahi aur ha bella aur mahir maa baap ban ne wale the uska kya hua woh sab ka pata kyu nahi chala?
    16.and now last doubt is how far is it possible ki rhitik rocky ab tak young hai s1 and s2 ke tarah aur ab woh itne negative kese aur kyu ban gaye ,and phir yamini,sesha yeh sab kese wapas agaye ,aur more importantly shivanya aur shivangi dono zinda kese hue.shivanya ko to yamini,sesha,kapalika,avantika,nidhi,amar,manav,vikram in 8 katilo ne mara tha aur shivangi ko rocky aur rhitik ne to woh zinda kese hue aur wapas kese aye?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I understand you have too manny doubts, but for all your doubts I have 1 ans only and 1 ques, becoz ekta maam and her writers forgot minor details and create doubts without proper direction they mislead viwers, and you need to put off brain switch to enjoy show… If you had these doubts you should have asked in same season?? But wait I shall clear your doubts soon after watching episodes

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      1. It was shown as to create cruosity and so that no-one doubt Shivanya when she enter..

      2. I got to understand that when Yamini flashback was shown how she is 5th murder and held her brother capative that I saw Viren, shailesh, akhilesh as servents, so too cook story they showed all this, i mean they showed all in different characters…

      3. Shesha’s parents was naag and naagin but due to some reason they were bann from their clan, and shivanya told that if they want to become naag or naagin, they need to do pray for 100 yrs but if their parents are naag and naagin that child is automatic become naag and naagin without 100 yrs prayer..

      4. May be they asked for raise in their pay so their role was ended..

      5. They were escaping from s2 villian helpers who were behind shivanya for naagmani.. They showed ritik dead but never shown his body and face when his body was reached at shelter..

      6. Due to make up artist…

      7. Shesha was never shown 100 yr old naagin, she was blessed with naagin powers due to her parents.. And rest was calculation and maths mistake..
      8. Rockey real mother was naagin of takshak clan, she was used for getting naagmani..

      9. It was them only, they showed when they killed shesha..

      10. We all waiting for this ans only, may be we get to know in today’s episode..

      And for your ques for s3, this s3 was senseless, storyless, scriptless and pathless tha, so don’t try to find ans, you will go mad as this s3 is full on confusion only….

      I have tried my best to ans ur ques …

    3. This is an Ekta Kapoor’s show where you don’t need to look for logic… You will lose your brain-cells and still not get answers!! She is completely unpredictable and has less links with the previously shown episodes even of the same season!!! I would suggest you just sit back and enjoy the show without looking for logic and stuff that makes sense…

  12. Im.from srilanka…there is no time difference between india and sri lanka, but i cant watch naagin 3 on colors tv at 8.00 pm.
    There was old episodeor rising star reality show. Pls tell me the proper time to watch finale

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its 8pm only if there is no time difference, otherwise you have to wait for tommorrow and can watch on voot app

    2. Watch it Tom on voot

    3. SsiyAa

      you can watch on youtube also if not available anywhere…. type naagin 3 and filter live… some channels upload live stream chupke chupke…

  13. Kamalanayani

    I am so happy now, that Naagin S3 is gonna end!
    OMG. too many confusions… Even Shivanya the real Naagin died only once… but, here everyone who dies drinks some Amrit and come back alive.

    Anyone remember ACP Ajitabh… the only guy to did not come back. And, now no one remembers where is Kuhu, her father and her daughter…

    Mouni is the best one to fit for a Naagrani!! Having her back is great!
    Bela was a powerless Naagrani, who just plans that she can do this that… hers was no big achievement… just killing everyone and making her best friend getting raped!

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