Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Samar promises Satya to bring Shikha and Richa

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samar, Vicky, Gauri and Uma Shankar come to mehendi function of Satya indisguise of ladies wearing sarees. Vicky comes to Satya and praises her mehendi and beauty. Samar asks Jaya to give him a juice. Jaya gives him juice. He asks for more. Jaya sees his hand and asks to keep all. She gives tray in his hand and goes. She goes to Rama and tells her. Rama sees Gauri Shankar applying mehendi to her hands, and Uma with Prabha and Vicky with Satya. She makes an announcement that the ladies dance in the mehendi, but they have danced already so the ladies who have just come will dance. They are forced to dance on the song nacho…Jaya makes the pedestal fan turns towards them. Their veil gets moved from their head. Everyone is shocked to see them. Rama scolds Samar and says

you came here. Samar says I am a kid. Rama says you are suitable to become father now. Vicky says I am marrying just now. Prabha asks Uma to say I love you. All husbands say I love you to their wives…Shikha and Richa come there. Satya gets happy seeing them. Jaya says I told you that they will come. She goes to them and says I know you both will come.

Shikha says we didn’t come here for mamma’s mehendi, and says she might like the mehendi, but not we. She says we came to tell her that she will lose the right to call us as her daughters after today. She says we both want to end all relations with her and that too legally. Richa asks Jaya to take Satya’s signatures on the legal documents. Shikha says it is written that Satya Devi is not our mother and we are not her daughters. They leave.

Satya break down. Samar asks her to handle herself. Satya says my life earnings are my daughters, I can’t lose them. She apologizes and tells Vicky that she can’t marry him. Samar promises that her daughters will not end relation with her, but will happily accept her marriage and will attend it happily. Satya says they had said. Samar says it is my promise that I will convince them for marriage and asks if she will marry then? He says this marriage will happen grandly, this is my promise. Satya says I want my daughters to be infront of me, else I can’t take rounds and will leave from the marriage hall. Vicky thanks Samar for saving his marriage and says you will bring them. Jaya asks about his plan? Samar says there is no plan. Vicky says now nobody can save my marriage. Samar asks him to think positive and says they have two days time to convince them. He promises that neither his promise nor this marriage will break.

In the morning, Jaya calls Samar. Samar says he came to convince her sisters and says both of her sisters will be in mandap. Uma Shankar is about to tie sehra to Vicky. Kundan Bua comes there. Everyone gets surprised. Dada ji asks her how is she? Vicky greets him and asks when did he come? Vicky says few days back. Rama tells about Vicky’s marriage. Bua is surprised and says he might have brought british girl. Rama says no, the girl is here. Prabha says you know him and tells that she is jaya’s mother. Kundan bua thinks of Satya and faints in shock.

Kabir comes out of house and asks for his tiffin. Shikha comes out to give his tiffin and is shocked to find him missing. Karthik comes out and calls him. He asks Shikha to handle herself.

Precap: Vicky sits on mandap. Jaya comes to Satya. Satya refuses to marry without Richa and Shikha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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