Naagin Season 2 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 4th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Takshak sainiks chant nagraj ki jai ho. Rocky says he will not marry Sesha. Sesha says they have to marry, else sesh lok’s nags will take nagmani away again. Rajmata tells Sesha becoming nagrani is shivji’s wish and they have to marry as per destiny. Rocky says Sesha brought her to keep nagmani under shivling and is tricking to marry her, he will go from here right now. Shesha requests him to stay for at least 1 part of night. Rocky agrees. Shivangi thinks Sesha is thinking something and telling something. She sees 2 snakes’ photo and says Anshuman that she saw one of these in nagmani book, she and Rocky are related somehow. Anshum asks to give that book, he will show it to gyaani maa and find out.

Yamini and her puppets wait for Shesha to return She does her usual overacting and asks when will her red nagin/Sesha will come and tell where is Shivangi and her nag friend. Jadunath says he will find out where Shivangi and her nag partner is. Yamini says he just boasts and does nnot do anything.

Rajmata starts havan and Sesha joins her and tweaks her powers. Rajmata says tonight she will start fling instead of crawling on earth after she become takshak rani completely. She has to perform maha aarti for 1 part of night and then 2n part has to be with Rocky. Sesha says she can do anything to be with Rocky.

Anshuman reaches shivling under which nagmani is present, prays and dances in front of it. Shivling lifts, and he picks nagmani. Rocky reaches there and attacks him repeatedly, but nothing happens to Anshuman due to Gurudev’s raksha kavach. Anshuman stops him and sasy she knew he would come when he will pick nagmani, he does not know the real truth and saw false truth. He removes his raksha kavach and asks Rocky to attack him if he does not believe him. Rockky asks what truth. Anshuman says he ha to come to Panchner haveli with him and they both head towards Panchner haveli.

Jadunath does black magic and tells Shivangi’s nag friend Anshuman is heading towards panchner haveli. Sesha joins them and says Yamini says they have to go there and finish him before he meets Rocky and tells him truth. They head towards panchner haveli. Shesha goes back to takshak lok for the second part of night. Rajmata asks her to go to Rocky. Sesha returns and says Rocky is not in takshak lok. Rajmata via havan shows Rocky’s location. Sesha says he is in Panchner haveli. She joins back Yamini and her puppets and they all walk towards pancher haveli.

Anshuman takes Rocky to Panchner haveli and then seshnag mandir and says seshnag is head of their clan when someone kills ichadhari nag/nag, their image is locked in nag’s eyes. Even if they are not present at that moment, they can see it in Seshnag’s eyes. He requests seshnag to show what had happened. Rocky sees Avantika killing Rudra, Yamini and her puppets killing Shivani. Rocky is shocked and cries that badi maa cannot do that, she is badi maa. Anshuman says this is the truth. Sesha is ichadhari nagin and is 119 years old, Shivangi’s aunt. She did not mind killing her sister. Yamini and her puppet reach outside haveli. Sesha says Rocky and Anshuman are in and if Anshuman tells their truth to Rocky, their story will be finished, so she will create storm and call out Rocky and then kill Anshuman. She creates storm. Rocky senses something is wrong outside and goes to check. Sesha gets him trapped under storm and gets her team out. She says Rocky cannot come out of storm and now they can go and kill Anshuman.. Rocky uses his power and tries to free himself, but cannot. Sesha searches Anshuman in whole haveli and says he is in seshnag mandir for sure. She enters mandir and strangulates Anshuman shouting she knew he would be here. She grips Anshuman in her tail and throws him repeatedly. Anhsuman also retaliates and throws her on ground, but she overpowers and kills him. She boasts that she killed him as he took their enemy Shivangi’s side. They all walk out. Storm stops. Rocky walks in and sees Anshuman injured on floor. He picks Anshuman and asks who harmed him. Anshuman says Yamin, shows seshanag and dies. Rocky watches in Seshnag’s eyes, Sesha killing him and telling she killed him as he helped her enemy Shivangi. Rocky cries.

Shivangi goes to Gurdev and tells Anshuman did not return yet from takshak lok. Gurudev show on havan that Anshuman is in Panchner haveli. Shivangi says what is he doing there and rushes. Gurudev says he will accompany her. They both reach seshnag mandir and does not see Anshuman. She requests Seshnag to show what happened here. Seshnag shows the visual. Shivangi sees Rocky with Anshuman and cries that Rocky killed Anshuman. Rocky comes in front of her. She shouts she cannot believe even he became a killer, if he wanted to take reveng, he would have killed her, why did he kill innocent Anshuman. She continues yelling. A romantic song..plays in the background. Rocky just cries. Anshuman comes in front. Gurudev says they saw he was dead. Rocky says Anshuman was dead, but got back his life. He reminisces going back to takshak lok and reqesting shivji to give him nagmani to save Anshuman’s life. Light emerges from sky and shivling lifts. Rocky picks nagmani, goes back to seshnag mandir and saves Anshuman. Rocky then silently walks away. Shivangi runs behind him and stops. Rocky says she was always right, engraves nagmani in her head and gives back her power. They both become snakes. Rocky says she was always right and he misunderstood him. She hugs him and cries emotionally.

Precap: Shivangi tells Rocky that he saved nagmani and whoever protects nagmani is shivji’s true disciple.. Shivangi shows nagmani book to Gyani maa and says she found same 2 snake picture in takshak lok. Gyani maa says she will find the secret in the same place. Rocky says Shivangi that they will kill their enemies. Shivangi says they cannot kill Mahendra baba as he is Rocky’s father.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice rocky know he help shivangi to comlete her inteqaam.hi tania jia how was the story?

  2. I will share my serial experience today. Hi shraddha dhi, shivangi, nandhini dhi, dhananjaya bhai, geth, jia, jemi, and all. My introduction I am Pranay from AP 14 years age. I don’t know about hindi serials and hindi language in 2015. But many serials are dubbed from hindi to telugu. So I knew that its origin is hindi. My first serial to watch in hindi was ye hai mohabbatein. On the day, ishita saves adi and ruhi from the fire and her legs fracture by the building. It was my first time to watch a hindi serial. I loved yhm then. Soon naagin started. In the promo shivanya was shown as human sesha as naagin. Ritik as hero. I thought adaa khan was trying to kill ritik for a revenge and mouni roy will save him from naagin. I don’t know the plot as I don’t know hindi much then. I started watching naagin then I knew shivanya’s story. I did not know even single word meaning in hindi but watched it for plot. I did not understand their their conversation even one word. I missed 3 to 4 episodes then i searched for them in browser. Then I knew there is a site telly updates. I knew it in the end of december 2015. I started reading every week updates. I even don’t know the leads names. Then in january I knew their real names. Mouni Adaa Arjun. My fav couple became rivanya. I started learning hindi by watching naagin. Their conversations. By march I knew hindi well. I knew that naagin will go off air on 10 april but it did not. I felt sad when it is going to end news came. I thought I can’t wait for a year for next season. My bad incident happened then. On 12th april 2016 my phone got broken and had no repair. I felt bad to miss naagin. I could not watch naagin as my family was watching tv. I missed the episodes from 16th april to the end. I got new phone in september 2016. I immediately the next day searched for all rpisodes of naagin but they were blocked in India YouTube. I read all written updates at a time. I felt happy. Then i knew naagin is rerunning in rishtey channel. I felt glad. I watched every episode twice and thrice as I know hindi well now. After that naagin 2 started I was shocked to see rocky kb as lead. I missed my fav arjun bijlani. This is my experience on naagin. What about you guys. Please cross 100 comments today. Reply please.

    1. Hello Arijit
      Even I appreciate arjun
      You can search for any episode of naagin on Google and watch it on the various sites in parts on the day when an episode is aired
      N I find that data charges are quite less here than voot (maybe )

  3. It is confirmed in wikipedia that mouni adaa arjun are leads in season 3. You can check it. Naagin 3 wikipedia. It is continuous story of this and mouni plays rovangi’s daughter. I think you got latest news . adaa and arjun get well soon. Back to normal get your fever gone arjun.

  4. Finally Rocky Is a Positive character
    & I was Really Sad when Anshuman Died 1st
    But The Scene when He got revived was awesome
    Now Shivangi Is Not Alone In Her Revenge Thank God
    3 Naags Together Can Definetely Overpower Shesha & Jadu , tanya
    But I Am Sad For only 1 thing
    Everyone Can Get Revived But Rudra Cannot that’s so Unfair


    1. Finally truth is known to rockey. ?
    2. Though rockey is stupid but he did 4 things right in today’s episode-
    (A) denied to marry shesha?
    (B) believed on anshuman and now he know truth☺
    (C) saved anshuman using naagmani?
    (D) gave powers of shivangi back
    3. Since shesha and rocked turned into takshak clan, show graphics have turned better as compared to start
    4. Though shesha is villian but looks are damm hot ?and cool? now as compared to season 1. She looked awsome in today’s episode.
    5. Best secene rockey and shivangi turning naag ?and naagin? and hugging.?
    6. But all this if shesh clan would have done in starting, than this much have not happend.

    1. Raheel

      Yes I Loved The Graphics where Shesha & Tanya Create Storm

    2. Hi di
      Yes the graphics are really better now otherwise in the beginning it was just like ropes and not snakes crawling on the ground

  6. Nice Epi

  7. Nice Epi.Sy Friends I Was Unable To Cment Yesterdy.As Geth,gangu,sun Agre Nt Cment As Cments Are Get Deleted.So I Also Agre With Them Then For the 2nd Time Cments Dleted & Cment Box Also Disaper Last Tuesdy.As Frends Agrement I Stop Cmenting Yesterdy.

  8. @ Arjit I Saw U Cment Smting On Hindi Yesterdy Sy Bro I Am Frm Sri Lanka & I Knw Only English & Sinhala Only..If U Cn I Ask That Frm Eng Which U Ask Frm Me Yestrdy I Wil Rep U..

  9. Hei Shraddha Sharma. Sis,i Thnk The Way That I Wrote Ur Name 2dy Is Corect??


      Plz don’t embrace me saying this dhananjaya

  10. Thanks & My Salute To The Friends Who Stop Cmenting On Strdy Epi As Geth Put A Cment On Tuesdy For Erasing Cments Twice.In Both Time Cments Reach Nearly 190.If Both Them Get Colectd It Wil Be Over 300.Bt Ths Cments Were Dleted.So @ Last Thanks 4 Frends Who Did Nt Cment Yesdary As Per Geth Request.

  11. tania-the fairy

    hi jemi..the story was nice.dhanjaya bro where were u?

  12. Nice To C That @ Last Rocky Brain Work.Nw They Wil Take Revenge Frm Enimes..In Shesha Nag Clan Shesh Nag Is The Nagamani Protector But Why He Cnt Change His Form Or Nt Taking Steps To Protect Nagamani??Doughtful.

  13. Hei Arjit Ur Cute Guy Bro & Very Big Fan Of Hindi Dramas.Highly Appreciate Ur Efort U Put To Learn Hindi.Super!!

  14. tania-the fairy

    shradda di.nice analizing..di.Rocy bcom smart.some brain came to him.

  15. tania-the fairy

    good night all.shrada di,jemi,jia,dhanjaya bro. missing u nandini di.

  16. Raheel

    Best Thing Is That Now Shivangi also Has A Team
    Please writters Revive Rudra also ??
    Anyways 3 Naags In One Team is So Cool
    & Yes Rocky Is KING he has an Army
    So That Means a Whole Army Of Naags Is Now With Them & They Have Naagmani Also
    So Now No One Can Stop Shivangi’s Revenge From Being Completed
    Yamini aur Uski gang to Gayiiiiiii ?

  17. now, if only shivangi had wrapped rocky in her tail and dragged him to shesh nag the time she released from jail!! would have saved us from few weeks of dragging and stupis storyline

  18. Hello everyone yesterday episode was good.rocky finally did good things..hi tania,jia and dhananjaya.your commentwasgood

  19. Mona146

    why spare mahender when he killed rithik and rocky’s mom?

  20. Very few comments. Are the comments deleted. The team replied it is due to duplicate comments. Dhananjaya bhai or bro, I don’t like the word bro. If anyone of my friend calls me like that, i don’t like it. So I said bhai. I asked what are u doing yesterday because you did not comment. Nandhini dhi, aap chaar din se comment nahi kare. Kya hua?

  21. Nandhini

    Hello friends! Saturday i saw the episode but the update was posted very late…so couldnt comment…sunday i didnt watch as you know there was the champions trophy match…
    Hello arjit! Chaar din?? Only dho din?both the episodes were good and nice…they showed positively…hi jia,, tania,, dhananjay,, arjit,, shraddha and friends! I agree with shraddha..shesha’s look was so nice..rocky got some brains and caught the criminal (prithvi) and found out the shivangi truth in just two days?? now shivangi and rocky wil complete the intekaam…shivangi became a fool in rocky’s love or what?? That mahendra only killed her father rithik…

  22. Nandhini

    Arjit my experience was…i saw the promo of naagin sesson 1 and watched the first two episodes but didnt get that much interest on that time…then i started watching regularly when shivanya got married to rithik and started killing the villains one by one…the most thriling episode was when the raheja family was on their way to to meet that gurumaa in Maa kali temple,, that time shesha wil stop them using her powers…but they wil somehow reach the place and perform a yagya and invoke maa kali on a girl to assemble and kill all the nags and naagins…and shesha will get killed by Kali maa..then shivanya will ask for kali maa’s mercy to restore all nag naagins lives back…that was the best and my favourite episode of naagin season 1…

  23. Nandhini

    Friends instead of commenting in different names, just comment in only one name and comment anything about the serial…we can comment as many times in only one name about the serial..then they wont delete the comments…

  24. Nandhini

    I think the serial is extended till this june end…all new series in colors will start from july…

  25. Nandhini

    If naagin 3 has arjun,, adaa,, and mouni as leads, it will be nice if its a fresh story(but not repeated story) instead of continuation of season 2 story…

    1. Raheel

      It will Definetely Be continued bcuz There are Several Unsolved Mysteries
      Ritik’s Dead Body wasn’t Shown so He Might Still Be Alive
      another one is That why is Rocky a Naag? Was his Mother a Naagin? Then Why Did She Marry a Human?
      & what was her Connection with Ritik & Shivanya?
      & again Those Replica Snakes of Shivangi Rocky
      So A Lot Of Mysteries Remain Unsolved
      Anshuman Might also Turn Negative bcuz he hasn’t Had A Proper Intoduction nor A Motive to Help Shivangi just Bcuz his Parents Helped her Parents He also want to help shivangi i Think He has A Secret Motive
      & That Rajmata helping Shesha might also be A Negative Character in Future

    2. Raheel

      & Remember Season 1 ? It was said that Ritik can’t Die as Long as Shivanya is Alive
      So He Might Be Alive
      A HIGH chance as No Dead Body is Shown

  26. Raheel

    The Graphics Are Getting Awesome
    Comparedcto Season One
    Isn’t It True Guys?
    I Loved The Fact That all The Old Snakes have been Upgraded ?
    shesha Became Red (better than Both Black & MultiColor)
    Shivangi is Also 2 Colored (white-golden and this One’s better than Golden)
    We Were Bored With The Golden & Blacknsnakes as We had seen them in Season 1

  27. Raheel

    Now The revenge will Finally Get Completed Very soon
    As Shivangi has 2 naags with her (Rocky & Anshuman) it will Be Fun To see 3 snakes Together Biting Yamini hehe ?
    & There is No way someone can Overpower them
    Shivangi’s Revenge cannot Be stopped by Anyone as She Has 2 naag Supporters – Naagmani – Whole Takshak Army(As Rocky Is King) – Family Support
    & Guess what’s The Bonus Point?
    Takshak queen can only Be killed By Takshak King & Rocky is Takshak King he can Easily Kill Her ?

  28. Finally this rocky came to know the truth. At first I couldn’t believe and thought that he is gonna betray Shivangi again but as the episode proceeded further I was like phew.. he is not pretending this time. But I think that the makers are stretching the show a little bit.
    The pic which Shivangi saw in takshak palace was actually a shot from the episode when rocky turned into a naag and Shivangi went to him in her naagin form to guide him.
    Hello everyone I am not new here but commenting for the first time.
    Shraddha di u r so observant and humorous, it was a pleasure to read ur comment! Nandhini di I agree with u, it seems that every one over here is hooked with naagin because of mouni and some rare logic just like me
    Adaa looks so beautiful . Red flicks and that tiara suits her so much.
    My favourite scene was when a man teases shesha then she shows her loooong tongue!

  29. tania-the fairy

    Just rocky can kill it is his time to prove his love .shesha should be killed same way just like she killed her beloved sister .betroyal .

  30. tania-the fairy

    shradda di,nandini di,dhanjaya bro,raheel bro ,do u know any new spoiler about it? the show didnt end.

    1. Hi tania sis cute name yes I think that show will end after 4 episodes
      Because dis show is about to end the makers arw not revealing any suspense in the form of spoilers.
      If rocky and Shivangi die at the end then that’s toooo sad an end
      Poonam narula goel will be the new vamp towards the end
      If season 3 has mouni as Shivangi’s daughter then that would be too funny. Maybe Shivangi will get alive as all other characters who are habitual
      The best thing about naagin is that this show keeps us hooked up for the future story though sometimes it is illogical.

    2. Guys what I think is that yaamini n shesha don’t need naagmani because they get alive everytime they are killed.
      Nandhini di even I liked arjun’s acting it was very real

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