Naagin Season 2 22nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shesha realizes 25 years have passed. She rushes to Mahishmati wall and enters in. Mahishmati queen Avantika greets her and asks where is Yamini. Shesha says she did not come. They both leave for Yamini’s house. Shesha goes and holds Yamini’s feet and pleads not to separate her from her. Yamini says she got who will get her nagmani, so she does not need her now. Sesha praises her that she is queen, maharani, etc.. Yaminii says okay she can stay in some corner, but she will not get share in wealth. Sesha says okay and calls a lady in. Yamini yells whom did she bring now. Lady removes her pallu and reveals she is Avantika. She holds Yamini’s neck and asks why did not she come to break wall and reminisces saving dead Yamini via her honeybees. She says she got all her powers back and can kill Yamini in seconds. Yamini pleads not to kill her, she found suryavanshi heir who can get nagmani. She found Shivanya and her daughter Shivangi, Shivangi is marrying Rocky.

They hear someone coming and hide except Yamini. A lady comes and informs that Shivangi’s family came to meet her. Yamini says Avantika and Sesha that she cannot go and meet Shivanya. Avantika says Sesha can changes into 2 persons at a time and will go and meet Shivanya. Sesha bites Rocky’s aunt and sends her into sleep for a few hours and takes Yamini’s form. She goes and meets Shivanya as Rocky’s aunt and when she turns towards Rocky, she turns into Yamini simultaneously. Shivanya says she wanted to meet her since long and says they should marry Rocky and Shivangi within 2 days beore Shivangi turns 25. Yamini agrees and says marriage will be tomorrow. She feeds sweet to Shivanya and congratulates her. Once Shivanya’s family leaves, Sesha yells at Yamini that she made her agree for Rocky and Shivangi’s marriage. Avantika warns to stop their drama, her motto is bigger than their problem, she needs nagmani at any cost soon.

Shivangi’s mehandi function starts. Shivanya aapplies mehandi on Shivangi’s hands and draws R in her hand. Shivangi says R for Rithik, she must be loving papa so much. Shivanya says R for Rocky, her love, we both got the love of our lives. A honeybee bites Shivanya and escapes. Shivanya gets afraid asks someone to bring first aid box first and thinks 25 years have passed, what if Mahishmati wall is broken and mahishmatis have come in. Shivangi says it is just a bite, she need not worry. Shivangi then goes and wears bridal dress. Shivanya says her papa is very happy seeing her in bridal dress. Shivangi asks where is papa and searches. Shivanya shows Rithik’s photos and blanket and says Rithik is everywhere. Their emotional bonding continues.

Rocky’s baraat starts. A few comic events are shown by Rocky’s cousins and relatives. Barat reaches marriage venue. Yamini thinks what if Shivanya sees her. She asks everyone to dorn pallu till marriage finishes as it is their family ritual, else it will be abshagun. Everyone dorn pallu and walk in. Shivanya greets them in. Sesha dances with youngsters and an owl attacks her. She thinks owl is one of snake’s enemy, she has to rush in before she takes her real form. She rushes into jungle. Owl continues attacking her. She turns into big snake and swallows owl and throws it out killing him. She then joins back party.

Avantika with her husband walks with Yamini and Sesha. Rocky and family asks who is she. She says Mahishmati from other side of wall. They ask wha. She says she means from US. Rocky says her style and surname is very nice. Marriage continues. Avantika goes out with her husband and tells him if shivanya identfies him, there will be problem, so he should stay away until she starts blood game and call him in. Shivanya’s foster brother hears their conversation and bees flying around Avantika’s face and gets afraid. He goes and informs Shivanya and shows white sari dorn lady. Shivanya goes and tells she caught her and opens veil, but sees different woman. Woman says badi maa/Yamini will get angry if she will know that she removed pallu. Shivanya apologizes her and leaves thinking her brother must have mistaken. Lady turns into Sesha and warns Avantika to hide her face well. Their nok jhok starts. Yamini asks them to stop fighting and do the work they came in for.

Yamini goes to Shivanya’s room wearing veil and calls her bahu rani. Shivanya turns. Yamini stabs her repeatedly and says this is for killing her, this is for her son.., etc….

Precap: Yamini tells Sesha that they will start blood holi first. Her people start killing everyone in marriage. Sesha hits Rocky’s head from behind and he falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The question 4 yamini’ alive is answered but another question arises that how did she mingled with the new family that is rocky, his cousins,and the deaf lady . how????
    Pls clarify my doubt guys! !?????
    And Pls I want Rihanna again!!!!?? ?

    1. Siddhi

      Yeah you are correct

    2. Won’t mind “rihanna” in the show darshini???

  2. Rihanna nahi Rivanya **
    Autocorrect yaar ?????

  3. nice episode

  4. Ramya.riya

    Wow..waiting for tommorow episode…
    i think story line is going very fast…

    1. I agree with u.

  5. Friends, pls read my ff naagin 2 the coming of storm and don’t forget to leave a comment.

  6. ya….but will ritik again come in the shiw….25 years have passed right..

  7. Sorry show….typical error

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally our show in no. 1 trp rate
    Shivangi is looking gorgeous in bridal dress
    Eagerly waiting tommow epi
    Hate this avantika yamini & sesha

    1. Yes naagin 2 devastated all the other shows with its whooping 1st week trps……

  9. manisha adhikari

    more then everyone sesha is looking hot

  10. Sathyasree venkat

    Naagin 1 is better than naagin spoils the name of naagin.this season is not interesting . 1 st season is the best.miss rithik and shivanya.season 2 hero is really bad.i hate the hero.pls change the hero

  11. Diya

    nice episode
    Shivanya will die them maybe the story will continue with Shivangi only
    But there r so many unsolved qs !!
    How Yamini got into that new famili ?
    How is Yamini still younger than Shivanya if she’s her Mothr in law ?
    How Rittik died ?
    How shivanya got so many family members ? She was alone !
    And what happend to Angad,Divya and Amrita ??
    Ohh ! So many qs !! And no ans !!!
    They r dragging the story without any logic
    Still the current story line is ok !

  12. Diya

    nice episode
    Shivanya will die them maybe the story will continue with Shivangi only
    But there r so many unsolved qs !!
    How Yamini got into that new family ?
    How is Yamini still younger than Shivanya if she’s her Mother in law ?
    How Rittik died ?
    How shivanya got so many family members ? She was alone !
    And what happend to Angad,Divya and Amrita ??
    Ohh ! So many qs !! And no ans !!!
    They r dragging the story without any logic
    Still the current story line is ok !

  13. Hi everyone! Nandhini & siddhi hello!! Where is sofia? Doesn’t she comment on this page this time??
    Coming to episode, total confusion. Totally confused regarding yamini’s age.
    In season 1:-
    Flashbacks she seemed 25, she saw naagmani.
    After 75 years,she again saw naagmani.

    In season 2:-
    25 years leap. She seems now 50 or 40 around.
    So.. 25+45=70
    So total 170 years????!!!!

    Like we had in the previous season:-
    Rithik+shivanya= rivanya.
    So how about this:-
    Rocky+shivangi= rovangi??
    Let me know about this. Just a suggestion.☺


    Finally got to know how yamini survived… but i remember that even shesha was not allowed to cross that wall after badi amavsya got over; how come she crossed wall?? Any way will get ans to that even…
    But precap is soooo shocking??????????

    But i m feeling that season 1 marriage secnes are repeating like marriage before age of 25, hurry marriage in 2 days and even i feel that may be groom will chnge this tym.. but lets wait

  15. Rivanyafanforever

    Missing rivanya but I think ritik will come

  16. Now after shivanya’s death, I don’t want ritik to come back…. What will he do without shivanya… If he comes, there will just be ritik no rivanya….
    This season is going way too fast but I m not complaining cz it’s better to be fast paced than being slow paced and bore us ….
    All the villains are females…. Much important male characters v hone chahiye….
    Poor shivangii…. Now how will she know about her parents epic past?… Too many unanswered questions are there for her….

  17. Missing rithik

  18. Will RITIK get back or not…..
    Its my biggest question…..

  19. thank hasan,is it a dream of yamini kiling shivanaya,hw cme that shivanaya lost her powers??in first epi last episde she is more powerful than her former snake state.

  20. Guys dont write here post on balaji offical page so that every one can know we r missing rivanya ###??

  21. Shakaib

    Hi guys! Episode was superb!!!! And my mind is saying, maybe groom change and arjun will be a new groom. What say???? If it happened then I can’t tell how much happy will I’m???? Maybe mahismatis to something due to which Yamini is looking so young!!!! Think yaar! There are much twists in naagin 2. And I read if naagin 2 rock then there are chances of arjun in naagin 3. So keep watching naagin 2!!!!

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