Naagin Season 2 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

After Shivangi’s and Rocky’s marriage, Rocky tells Yamini he did injustice to Ruchika. Yamini consoles him that marrying Shivangi was in his destiny, his love for her was strong that god saved her and sent her for him. She asks him to forget everything and get ready for graha pravesh. Rocky leaves, she asks Avantika where is kali nagin/Sesha. Avantika says she locked her in a room with great difficulty, she is very angry. Sesha breaks furniture in room. Yamini in her usual loud acting says kali nagin must be breaking furniture with her tongue and mimics. Sesha breaks all furnitures angrily and shouts Rocky is only hers. Yamini enters with Avantika yelling in her usual style and dialogues. Avantika holds Sesha’s neck and asks her to calm down. Sesha says she will kill Yamini for snatching Rocky from her and even will kill Shivangi. Avantika stops her and says she can kill Shivangi but after she gets nagmani, she can bite her as many times as she can after that.

Shivangi and Rocky’s graha pravesh ritual starts. Sesha comes and hugs Shivangi and apologizes for getting angry on her and says she will do her grahapravesh. Shivangi enters house kicking rice bowl and stepping on red water and thinking she will kill all her enemies. Sesha thinks Shivangi’s destroyal starts now.

Shivangi waits for Rocky on a flower decorated bed. She turns half nagin and gets worried. Rocky walks towards room, but his cousins stop him and pull is legs that he must be eager to enter room. Shivangi pulls bedsheet over her body. Rocky enters and asks why she has pulled blanket on her. Shivangi says she is feeling cold and asks him to switch off AC. He switches off. His cousins remove fuse and joke that let Rocky enjoy his suhagraat, but another cousin comes and forcefully takes fuse and fixes it back. Shivangi prays shivji to save her. Power is back. Rocky pulls blanket. Shivangi is surprised to see her legs back. Rocky starts that there is some unique connection between them, so they are united. He continues tha she must be thinking how can he marry just after 4 days of her death. He loved only her and never wanted to marry Ruchika….Shivangi says she did not ask any explanation from him. He says soon there will be a day when he will win her heart like he did in 3 days last time. She thinks she came here to take revenge, be it 3 days or 3 years. He asks her to sleep now. She sleeps turning her face. He continues his confrontation.

Once Rocky sleeps, Shivangi goes to shiv temple and and requests guruji to teach her to change her form from nagin to human easily He says he will teach her, but not today krishna pournima and all icchadhari nagins will come including Sesha. He asks her to chant 3 mantras and remember her mother, she can change to any form. Shesha comes as black snake. Shivangi chants mantras and becomes golden snake by then. Sesha prays shivji and chats with guruji. She asks who is this new snake. Guruji says she is new icchadhari nagin. Sesha asks to show her human form. Guruji thinks Shivangi does not know how to change back. Shiangi changes into different woman. Sesha says she is really a new snake and asks why she wants to gain powers, usually naigns needs powers for her love or to…Shivangi says to take revenge. Shesha blesses her that she will achieve her goal and leaves. Shivangi thinks she gave her boon to kill her.

Next day, guests gather for Shivangi’s muh dikhayi ceremony. Yamini praises in front of guest that her bahu is like a nagmani, means very beautiful, she will get her nagmani, means good luck, she is very beautiful..,etc… Sesha comes down wearing a beautiful gown. Yamini in her usual witty style asks what she uses for her beauty Sesha says she changes her skin often. Yamini says even she changes her saris, but is not beautiful liker her. Sesha she also looks beautiful with her bindi. Yamini murmurs she is jealous, kisses her cheek and leaves.

Shivangi gets ready in her room. Rocky comes and ties her blouse lace. He says something is missing. She asks what. He applies sindhoor and says now she is looking Mrs. Rocky. A romantic song plays in the background. Shivangi thinks why she feels happy when he is around, then thinks he is her enemy and she will take revenge. He leaves asking her to come down for muh dikhayi ceremony. Shivangi goes down. Yamini praises her beauty. Shivangi says she wants Ruchika/Sesha to do her muh dikhayi and goes to Sesha and says she is looking beautiful today. Sesha says not beautiful than her. Shivangi says she wants to hug her death. Shesha asks what. She says she means her friend and while hugging her silently takes Shesha mobile. Shesha thinks she will kill Shivangi soon, even Sesha thinks same.

Shivangi sits for muh dikayi and while people perform ritual, she sends romantic SMSes to Yamini’s 2 crime partners via Shesha’s mobile. They both read SMS and smile at Sesha. Sesha thinks why they are staring at her, may be they are feeling pitty for situation. One of them goes to his room and dances. His wife enters and asks what is he doing. He says he was doing warm up and walks out yelling. He then goes near Sesha. Someone takes Sesha aside. Man writes SMS to romantic Shesha. Wife snatches mobile and fumes seeing message. She takes Shesha aside and yells how dare she is to fall behind herr husband, her husband is so handsome like Salman Khan, so she is behind him. She slaps Sesha and leaves. Sesha stands confused. Shivangi sees that and thinks it is the beginning, now her enemies will die one by one and Sesha will be blamed for that.

Precap: Shivani as half nagin kills one of Yamini’s crime partner.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I think the costume should be changed for mouni. Already in season 1 she wore golden dress. Now too same boring so change to silver. It will be nice and glorious.

  2. Well the track is going perfectly…. but much like the 1st season…
    Naagin 2’s 1st position was taken by shakti on urban charts this week… But naagin will claim it again…, courtesy to arjun and drashti’s Pradesh mein hai mera dil.. As it shows on the same time slot as of shakti…
    By the way, what happened to shivangi’s cousin gautami? Where is she? Didn’t like it that shivangi left her in that hotel… Wonder when she will be shown again…

    By the way why in all serials the girls starts liking the same boy? I mean there are enough boys in india for ruchika, why is she hell bent on trying to get him, even though she knows he doesnt love her??? And how can ruchika and the makers of the show forget that an icchadhari naagin cant consumate their marriage?? She was constantly thinking about her suhaagraat , did she forget that she will loose all her naagin powers after that???


      Shesha will now like Kinshuk Mahajan after his entry in show…

      But i hope they do not show love pantagon now like- Shesha like Kinshuk, kinshuk like Shivangi, Rockey like Shivangi and shivangi to take revenge and in confusion whom to believe..

    2. Yes I also don’t want a love Pentagon

  3. Well waiting for kinshuk mahajan to come and spice up the show.. Spoilers are telling he will play mouni’s new love interest… Guess what will happen to rocky…


    This season is going same like season 1… but now show is turned better to watch and enjoy… now shivangi will take revenge and hope she do not take anyone’s help. And where is her cousion????

  5. As she is a gold snake her costume will be in gold only

  6. Don’t regularly tell as usual in the is their way or style so please don’t tell it like it is a wrong thing
    Sorry if I have hurt anyone

  7. Don’t regularly tell as usual in the is their way or style so please don’t tell it like it is a wrong thing
    Sorry if I have hurt anyone.

  8. WHO IS THAT MASK GUY ? is it rudra according 2 spoliers he is a +ve character dont know its just a guess waiting 4 KINSHUK ENTRY he will help shivangi in taking revenge he is also a icchadhari naag anyways 4 nxt

  9. Same story. Shivangi costume has to b changed. Nice red? Y must she the same as her mother?

  10. Nice hasan plz concern abt ur spellings..good narratin

  11. thir going as first seasn,taking revenge frm parents murders.nothng new.that yamini is stil same as previous

  12. Come on people makers are making money. Season2 is Same as season 1. Same wedding stuff and same old snake… And yet another clueless husband….Stop the show now!

    1. Hina,sorry to say but if you dislike naagin so much plz don’t watch or comment here. Its true that history is repeating. But shows do not get TRP’s just like that. Thanks H Hasan for the wonderful update. I was unable to watch the show as I am out of station. Thanks again!!!
      Hi nandhini!!☺

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Alia!?

  13. Naagin and naagin 2 are best shows.adaa khan shesha won the best negative role award for her portrayal of shesha in season 1 while yamini also won the power packed performance for her role in naagin.yamini is sudha chandran.but mouni didn’t win any award for season 1 .that’s not good.she has to won the award.her performance was also very good.but hope that she will win the award for season 2. Her costume should be change to silver.arijit say right.and naagin form should also change to silver.

  14. The guy in mask is ankit raheja twin brother of ankush raheja also played by manish khanna.he comes to take revenge from shivanya and shivangi for his twin brother death by shivanya.shivanya didn’t kill ankush but shesha killed him.but yamini avantika and shesha spoiled ankit’s mind that her brother ankush is killed by shivanya .so he comes to take revenge from shivanya and shivangi.yamini avantika and shesha know that ankit was in mask.he is diviya’s father. I got that information from wikipedia where the character of manish khanna instead of ankush raheja is written ankit raheja.

  15. Everyone is entitled to opinions you cannot ask me to stop watching or to stop commenting..what happened to freedom of speech?

  16. How the yamini is still alive

  17. The guy behind the veil isn’t Ankit Raheja whose character was assumed to be played by Manish Khanna. Manish Khanna is essaying a role in Pardes Mein Hain Mera Dil. The role of the unknown man will be played by Nandish Sadhu .

  18. lakshmiprasanna

    please change the hero of nagin season 2 we want hrithik to be back

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