Naagin Season 2 11th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 11th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivangi punishes Manjusha saying she is killing her first enemy. She grips Manjusha in her tail and throws her in air. Manjusha falls down and gets severely injured. Shivangi attacks her repeatedly and reminds how she and other Yaminii’s puppets killed Rithik. Sesha searches Shivangi and sees her on terrace gripping Manjusha. Shivangi says she is taking her first revenge, bites Manjusha and throws her from terrace. Manjusha falls down and dies. Sesha comes up flying and says she has to pay for this. Shivangi says she is paying since long and it is her turn to take revenge. Sesha says she will kill all her dear ones, will start with the most dear one. She walks away. Shivangi thinks of informing Rocky. Ranveer cries holding Manjusha’s deadbody. Whole family stands looking. Rocky comes out. Avni and Aliya cry seeing Manjusha’s dead body. Rocky sends them in with Rubel. Yamini says Sesha that nagin took 1 wicket. Sesha says Rocky that he kept Shivangi at home and she killed Manjusha. Mansi says she told Shivangi lost her powers. Sesha says she got back her powers. Yamini asks Rocky to kill Shivangi. Rocky says he knows whom to kill and whom to spare now. Rocky walks back to his room. Shivangi tells what Sesha told and says he is her dear one, so Sesha may attack him. Rocky says Sesha also loves him, so she will not harm him. Shivangi says she has to go and take Gurudev’s help. Rocky says he will come along. Shivangi says if they both go, Yamini and her puppets will doubt, so he has to be with them and act as if he is on their side.

Sesha reaches shiv mandir and thinks she cannot kill Rocky as she loves him, so she will kill Anshusman. Gurudev and Anshuman wait for Shivangi. Shesha turns into Shivangi and calls them out. She says she took her first revenge and killed Manjusha, Sesha knows this and wants to kill Anshuman now, so she has to hide Anshuman somewhere. She takes Anshuman along. Real Shivangi comes. Gurudev asks why she came back soon, where is Anshuman. Shivangi says she did not take him and realizes Sesha took him. Gurudev uses magic and sees Ansushman still with Sesha and does not know it is Sesha. Shivangi rushes searching them. Sesha takes Anshuman to a cave. Anshuman asks if Sesha knows that he is alive. Fake Shivangi says Sesha is very powerful nagin and knows where everything. She turns into Sesha and asks Anshuman to tell what powers are protecting him and Shivangi. He asks if she thinks he will tell. Sesha attacks him and kills. She pierces trishul and hangs him in air. Shivangi reaches there and is shocked seeing that. She shouts Anshuman. Sesha blows fire on Anshuman’s body and blows air on ashes, completely disappearing Anshuman. She then boasts that she killed one, so she killed her dear one. Shivangi attacks with her tail, but Sesha escapes and grips Shivangi in her tail. She elongates her tongue to kill Shivangi, but stops and says she is her nephew, so she will spare her. Shivangi says she is not maasi, but mauth/dead. Their argument ensues. Sesha challenges that she will kill all her dear ones. Shivangi says she will kill all her enemies.

Sesha returns to her team. Yamini’s drama continues. Sesha tells they all have to obey her as nagmani is hers. Yamini says she is joking. Sesha says she is not joking and says they have to tackle Shivangi. Jadunath says he will capture. Rocky hears their conversation standing near window and goes back to his room. He thinks if Shivangi returned or not. Shivangi returns and cries hugging him that Shesha killed Anshuman and challenged she will kill everyone. Rocky says why don’t they kill her first. Shivangis says they have to kill all the pawns before killing queen, so they will kill Ranveer first. She says Ranveer’s weakness is his son Prithvi and money more than Prithvi. They have to trap him with his weakness. They decide to kidnap Prithvi first. Shivangi leaves first. On the other side, Jadunath takes Tanya with him and does black magic on havan. He asks Tanya to hypnotize Shivangi with her black magic and bring here. Tanya goes out in front of Sesha. Sesha asks if she came to die. Tanya says she came kill her and chant black magic mantras and hypnotizes Shivangi. Shivangi turns into snake and follows her. She finds herself under a black magical circle, realizes Tanya hypnotized her and brought here. Jadunath says if she comes out of this circle, she will burn, she has to go to takshak lok and bring nagmani for them. They both walk to Yamini and inform that they have captured Shivangi. Yamini in her usual overacting style says she wants to make Shivangi dance to her tunes and walks with them. She sees Shivangi missing and yells at them both. Shivangi and Rocky hide and watch silently. Shivangi reminisces calling Rocky for help. Rocky reaches there. Shivangi asks him not to enter circle, else he will burn. He rescues her and they both hide. Yamini yells at Tany and Jadunath that Kapalika was better than them, they are waste bodies. She walks out fuming.

Rocky and Shivangi return back to their room and then go to jail and Prithvi’s jail cell. Prithvi is sound asleep. Guard comes and they hide as snakes. Rocky turns into Prithvi and runs out. Police try to capture them. He snatches gun, shoots inspector and runs. Shivangi on the other side gives hypnotic poison to Prithvi and carries him. Police continue following Rocky. Rocky turns into snake. They see snake on tree and run away. Run turns back into human and goes home.

While having dinner, Shesha asks Yamini where was she in the morning, she had come to her room. Yamini says she had gone to temple. Ranveer gets a call that Privthi escaped from jail. Yamini says sukda will die, she says he will come home first and even they will be trapped. Ranveer says he is not a fool to come here. Yamini asks to not pick his call, she does not want her children’s life at risk because of him. Yamini then signals Sesh and they both walk out. Avni tells Rubel, Aliya and Mansi that they have to help Shivangi. Mansi asks how. Avni says Sesha thinks she is on her side, she has to befriend her and find out her plan. Rubel says Anvi is right. She walks into Sesha’s room and searches her. Sesha comes in as snake and says she is afraid as if she did something. Avni nervously says no. Sesha says she has to help her in killing Shivangi as she is very dangerous. Avni thinks she knows who is dangerous and says yes Shivangi is dangerous. Sesha says again they will send Shivangi up today and asks to follow. Avni thinks she is very dangerous, but then thinks she has to go what her plan is to save Shivangi.

Shivangi hides Pritvhi in a cave and reaches home. Shivangi turns into Prithvi and walks into Ranveer’s room. He tells Ranveer that he has hidden 50 crores in cave, at least Ravneer can use it, asks him not to inform anyone, else his partners will know about it. Ranveer jumps in excitement. Shivangi walks out, turns into herself and goes to kitchen. Rocky asks if work is done. She says yes. He says he searched Sesha in whole house, she is missing, if she knows where is she. Shivangi says no. Rocky says that means Sehsha is up to something.

Precap: Rocky tells Shivangi that Anvi is not found. Shivangi says they should find Anvi first and then handle Ranveer. Sesha sees them together and thinks if they are together. She attacks Anvi saying she does not stop loves and does not spare betrayers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice To C Quick Update.

  2. Nw Shesha Doing Everthng Single Handle Acordrng To Sheshas Style..Feling Sad Abut Anushuma..

  3. Raheel

    1st Anshuman Now Avni?
    How can They show Evil winning alk The time
    Dear Writter Please Don’t Kill Avni & Other
    & Kill This Shesha ASAP

  4. Hi Nandani,shardha,tania,shvangi,jemi,arjit,rahel,marie Hw Al Ar U?What Are The Latert News On Nagin Drama.

    1. Raheel

      I Guess Next Week Sunday Episode will Be Maha Episode(2 hrs)
      Or maybe both episodes will Be of 2 hrs bcuz a Lot Of People are Yet To Die

    2. Maybe nut too many people have to die n avni to be rescued
      Maybe timing will change r u sure it will end next week

    3. Bhai it’s maira?

    4. Raheel

      Yes It Will end as i Heard People saying That According to Chandrakanta Promo It Will start on 24th
      IDK as I Don’t have access To Colors TV in My Country
      Here Only a Few Indian Channels are Telecasted – Sony,StarPlus,SAB tv are The only Ones Telecasted For TV serials
      I watch Naagin Online

  5. @ Nandani Sad To Hear That Ur Acount Is Hacked. Bt I Never Saw Any Bad Thngs Undr Ur Name In Nagin Drama..To Hack Ur Acoun That Person Shuld Wanna Knw Ur Pasword Without That Anyone Cnt Hack U.So Anyone Who Knw Ur Pasword Should Dne This.

  6. Hi friends ….
    I’m Sabari I don’t comment often but read all your comments.
    I had also seen some of your names in comments off kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi..

    What about Naagin 3 cast…?
    Can see Arjun and Mouni..
    I’m waiting to see them again and what’s your opinion.?

  7. Sy Sy Maira Sis.Indian Names Are Uncommen To Me As I Am Sri Lankan. Yestrdy Jemi Name,1st Shardha Sis Name.

    1. no prblm bhai

  8. tania-the fairy

    I m scared of shesha s Anger.she is killing everyone.what d hell r u doing rovangi.cant u preplan everything.u know everyone helping u.protect them otherwise she will kill everyone.

  9. Hi once again! I liked today’s episode shivangi kliling manjusha and sad anshumsn died. Sesha is so smart as she is 119 year old naagin. She always knew about everything, I think shivangi and rocky will save avni from sesha next week. Only 2 episodes. I think sunday will be 2 hr special. As in 2 hours they can’t kill all at a time. They will kill one by one in 15 minutes gap. I thought sesha won’t know shivangi got naagin powers back soon. But she knew very fast. Sesha has so much evil brain. In season 1, when she romances with ritik I thought she is just helping shivanya. When Ritik marrying Sesha promo came I was shocked highly. Again sesha trapping shivanya promo also my eyes did not believe such thing. Most shocking promo Yamini killing rivanya my heart broke but came right after thinking its just serial. Season 1 was best. Season 3 Could be as season 1. Anyone don’t bother about mouni roy not part in naagin 3. She is confirmed. I think if adaa khan is not there naagin will lose charm. Will miss yamini’s jokergiri and naagin 2. I liked mouni’s style today. She is do beautiful. She is not having any other hair style from the start having just 2 hairs styles. Today it is nice. Adaa khan has many styles from the start. Her takshika style is awesome?. Forgot to tell you reach 250 comments at least next week. Comment twice or thrice. Not same comment. Mouni roy was so brown in kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi serial. I did not born then. I saw it in hotstar. She is brown really need now she is white. What a ? makeup?. You see her how she is at start of her career and niw. So much difference in her face. Bye. Just geeting you info. I will give latest spoilers after Tuesday.

    1. tania-the fairy

      Hi,pranay,nice descibtion about shesha aka aada khan.I like her acting.she looks sizzling in naagin.

    2. Raheel

      I Think She Did Plastic Surgery
      I also Read It in an Article

    3. Which country do u live raheel?

    4. I Anywhere Doesnt See Adha Khan Do A Plastic Surjery.Bt Mouni Roy Had Done Surjery To Her Lips..I Thnk Its Adha Khan Natural Beauty Tania & Rahel..In Indian Film,teledrams I Like Only 3 Actres,sonakshi Singha,adhaa Khan & Anita Hasanandani.3 Brilant Actress

    5. Raheel

      Yes I Like Adaa Khan
      She Looked So Lovely Yesterday at The Party
      She Is Much More Beautiful Compared to Mouni ☺

    6. Raheel

      I used To See Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi in My Childhood
      Although I don’t Remember Much From The serial there is a Scene that I Remember When Tulsi Killed Ansh Gujral & He was In Mid Air & Falling In Slow Motion
      I Just Loved The Graphics Of That Scene that’s Why I Am Unable To Forget It

    7. Hii pranaay
      U are a good observant bro

    8. Raheel

      I live in Cape Town (SA) but I Am Originally From Karachi (Pakistan)

    9. Yes mouni ‘s looks have changed drastically
      She had a wheatish skin tone n now she is so fair
      No doubt her figure is awesome
      Adaa looks just wow in the party and takshika getup
      Mouni had a hairline beginning at a great distance n see now she has changed
      Looks better in 30s than 20s
      Good night frnds

  10. @ Arjit Yup Its A Nice Sng. Sali Prema Warsha Is The Nagin 2 Drama Theme Sng.In Sri Lanka Nagin Drama Telecast As premadayama U Cn Watch Both Theme Sng There 1 & 2nd Sesns.

  11. Friends Dnt Use Same Name When Cmeting If There Is Another Persn Cmenting On That Name.

  12. tania-the fairy

    Dhananjaya bro which show u watch?u said u cant watch any other it true.but why?

  13. 2 Nandani Sis Ar There.Bt U Cn Clarify Clearly Them Becuze Our Old Cmenting Nandani Sis Is Use Regestrd Member Part & New Cmer Nandani Is Nt A Regstrd Member So I Kindly Request Frm U New Cmer Nandani Plz Change Ur Name Or Use Other Part Of Ur Name..Becuz Our Nandani Sis Is One Of The Oldest Member In Nagin Drama Who Cmentng Frm Seasn 1..With Using Nandani Name..

  14. Jia

    Hi dhananjay,jemi,raheel,pranaay,nandhni,tania,maira and others
    I didnt watched the episode as i earlier mentioned about ramdan nd fasting
    Thanks hasan for the quick update
    Coming to the episode,Im not at all happy with whats happening
    Sesha is attacking every innocent ones and shivangi cant rescue anshuman
    Hope she will save avni
    There are many to die yet and only 2 episodes are left what will happen?
    Do anyone have any idea?
    Gdnyt friends
    I have a lot to say bt im feeling sleepy
    So will comment here tomorrow
    Waiting for you all,bye

    1. Raheel

      Hi Jia ,
      I also Felt sad When Anshuman Died
      I am Afraid That She might Kill Gurudev Also & The writters are Doing a Bad Work By Killing Innocent People
      I Just Hope Avni Doesn’t Die
      I Think When shesha Will Be Killing Avni Rocky & Shivangi Together will Save Avni & Kill Shesha On The Spot
      Just a Guess let’s See what Happens & Hope That Others(Mansi Bua,Romil,Aliya,Gurudev,Gyani Maa) remain Safe Till The end Of The Season
      Goodnight – Sweet Dreams

    2. tania-the fairy

      hi jia…..yes.feelig sad for d inocent whom rovangi failing to sav.

  15. Fenil

    Hello everyone.
    Anshumaan was stupid when he has his RakshaKawach then why he left his Kawach in TakshkLog and now he die becoz of his stupidity.

    Gurudev also act like fool today till now Shivangi never called him out of temple but today when Shivangi aka Shesha called them out he didn’t get one single doubt.

    When shivaangi know that her dear ones are at risk then why she is not giving any Rakshkawach to rubal,mansi,avni,aliya.

    1. Raheel

      She Didn’t Call Them Actually
      She Just Came Outside & Anshuman,Gurudev Rushed There then she started saying That shesha has come to Know That Anshuman Is Alive etc

    2. tania-the fairy

      yesss..Fenil…s 1 was best..thats why dey made s2,,,

  16. SOHAN

    Hi guys….. Sorry was little busy…… Btw today’s episode was good…. But really sad for anshuman…. What a painful death he had…!!! Shesha i hate her.. Even his ashes r not there to revive him…. But rudra ashes r there review him…. He is more powerful…. Anshuman was very powerless…. Only 2 times shesha throws him up and he was full of blood……. And he can’t even touch shesha…… Rudra was very powerful i loved him and his acting too….

    1. Raheel

      No One in The Show has ever been Revived Using Ashes
      Only Using Bodies
      & The writters Revive only Limited People
      If They wanted They Could Retrieve Rudra but They Didn’t

  17. Fenil

    Hope Shivangi killed each enemies in this season.

    Now i want new characters and villain with new story.

    Rudra was best.

    Rocky was act like dumb from the beginning,he cried in each episode. He should get award for best cry baby.

    Kuch bhi bolo but Season 1 was best. Rivanya and Shivanya -Shesha pair, Rithik’s cousins divya,Amrita ,Angad.Both Gurudev and Guru Maa of first season , First Gurudev of shivangi.


    2 more episodes left and they are playing chess?????
    Shesh clan kill takash helper and vice versa, infect if anyone noticed or not – today they little viewed snake as black (takshak) and white (shesh)..

    Finally shesha remember that shivangi is her sister daughter but her madness is beyond this..

    Poor Anshuman died??? and i hope anvi do not die..

    Only 2 episodes and lot is needed to happen, like finding shiv ideal to solve mystry, punishing all culprits..
    Now they will rush show..
    As viewers did not like much season 2 but rush ending is unexpected as it spoil craze..

  19. tania-the fairy

    Hi,Raheel..u r from pk…did u watched ””Asmanopay likha”’one of my fav. drama.

    1. Raheel

      No I Don’t Really Watch Pakistani Dramas as Only Few Pakistani Channels are Aired Here & Everyone at My House prefer watching Indian Dramas so I have not ever watched a Pakistani Drama
      But I Do watch Pakistani Crime thrillers Like Shabbir To Dekhega (The one on Express News Channel)

    2. tania-the fairy

      oh! I watched few pk drama.they was so nice.thats why didnt forget that.

  20. Kabir Bhattarai

    Nice episode…. Kill that evil Yamini

  21. Hi Maira,jia,tania,pranay,raheel And Others.How Was The Epi?Sesha Is Becoming Dangerous Day by Day.Yamini Has No Role Now.Sad To Know Anshuman Death

    1. Raheel

      It wasn’t That Bad but I Wish To See More villians Die as The show Is approaching Its end so Its Disappointing To see The Innocent Ones Die at This point Of Time

    2. tania-the fairy

      hi jemi.d epi was dangerious.yess.sad anshu died.

  22. @ Tania,, In Sri Lanka It Telecast Yeh Hai Mohabadin,diyar Bhati Hum,kavach,bramaraksha,bandan,meri Ashique Tum He Sei,chakravartin Asoka Samrat & Nagain.So Except Nagin,ye Hai Mohabadin & Diyar Bhati Hum Are Telecast Stil In India.I Dosnt Like Long Mega Dramas Its Boring To Me..Except Yei Hai Mohadin,diyar Bhati Hum I Alrdy Read The Writen Updates Of All Other Dramas I Mentin Abve..Jodha Akbar Also Telecstd Bt Its Finish Nw..& I Am Nt A Regular Tv Watcher Becuz I Am Stuck With Studies..So I Only Read Writen Update If Get To Like That Drama.So Its Like Watchng Me The Drama.

  23. Sharddha Sharma U Are A Good Analyser I Saw In My Life.Super.


      What did I do that you are saying this??
      I know u r prasising but I don’t think so I did that big thing.

  24. @ Sharddha,Ur Yesterdy,last Weeks Cments Ar Ful Of Analysis Like We Do In Human Anatomy In Campus.That Wht I Say?

  25. tania-the fairy

    me tooo bro ,hate the long running boring drama.
    bcause of my studies I dont get soo much time.I just watch waaris,naagin,klkah.I lost interest on many serial.NOW Ipkknd 3 willl start.I will watch that.

  26. tania-the fairy

    agree with u dhanjaya bro,shradda di is a good analyser.

    1. tania-the fairy

      U R Welcome di.

  27. Raheel

    Yeah Actually Long Dramas Are Very Boring
    Right Now there are Only A Few Serials that I Watch
    Naagin , Jaana Na Dil Se Door (Due to The Murder Mystery Going On Right Now), Jaat Ki Jugni(Sometimes),Yeh Hai Mohobbatein & I am Also Eagerly Waiting For IPKKND

  28. tania-the fairy

    yess ..dhanjaya bro it is her real beauti.I really like her.

  29. Raheel

    Did Anyone Notice that when Shesha Threatened Shivangi after Killing Anshuman
    Then when she was Leaving She Turned Into a Black-Blue snake Instead Of Red?
    Was It an Error From VFX team or Has she changed her Color Again?

  30. tania-the fairy

    yess..I also noticed that raheel ..but then thought maybe she can change her color.

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