Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-88

Karan:Wait! I need to talk to you something.

Shivanya stops and turns to him.

Shivanya:Yes tell

Karan:First lets sit on bed

They both sit on bed.

Karan:Did you saw how weird Ritik Mehra is behaving?


Karan:So you should notice because i think he have come to our house for some other reason.

Shivanya:His just a college student and is living here to attend his college.


Saying this Karan leaves from there.

It was evening.

Ritik reached at home.He entered when his footstep stopped as he saw Shivanya.

He smiled naughtily and ran from there.

He brought some marbles and left them on floor.Shivanya was coming.

Ritik hided behind the sofa.Shivanya and stepped on the marbles and she got slip and was about to fall when Ritik catched her.

For a moment Shivanya thought it was her Ritik but after realising she got a little away from Ritik Mehra.


Saying this she left from there and Ritik was smiling.He also left to get fresh.

Shivanya reached at her room when her naagin avater start coming.

Shivanya:What is happening to me?Why my naagin avater is coming?

She was vincing in pain when she saw that today was full moon.She took her naagin avater and left the house through window.She reached a forest and came back in her human avater.

The same old lady who met Ritik came to her and said

Old lady:I know for whom you are waiting for years.He is back only for you.

Shivanya was shocked.

Shivanya:What!?Ritik is back?
Her eyes got teary.

Old lady:Yes he is back.I met him at morning only.

Shivanya started crying because of happiness.The old lady kept her hand on her head and said.

Old lady:Soon he will come to know that you are his wife.

Shivanya hugged the old lady.

Shivanya:Thank you very much ma.

The old lady was none other then Yamini.

Yamini:He is just like your Ritik.

Yamini cupped her face with her hands.

Yamini:He just looks as Ritik.

Shivanya got shocked and remembered Ritik Mehra.

Shivanya:I have saw him before.


Shivanya:Yeah he stays with us in our home.

Yamini:Then tell him everything.

Shivanya:He is not my Ritik.

Yamini:He is your Ritik only.

Shivanya:No he is not.If he was then i have feeled something when i came near him.

Shivanya left from there.Yamini was in shock.

Shivanya entered her house through window.

She heard a knock on door.She was Sweetie.

Sweetie:Shivanya come down food is ready.

Shivanya:Yeah i am coming in few minutes.

Shivanya came downstairs and saw Ritik and remembered Yamini’s words.

Shivanya:He can’t be my Ritik.He could have remembered about his past life.

Shivanya sat on the chair and after the dinner was over Karan said.

Karan:Guys lets go for a bonefire.

Ritik got scared



Ritik:I am really scared of fire since childhood.

Shivanya was shocked to hear this as Ritik died of bomb blast abd Ritik Mehra is scared of fire.They both were having connection.


All went to sleep expect Shivanya.

She was lost in deep thoughts.Someone hugged her from behind.It was her Ritik.He was wearibg completely black suit.

Ritik:Shivanya what are you thinking?

Shivanya:I am just thinking about you.



Ritik:Do you remember know that tomorrow is holika dhawan?


Ritik:Tomorrow i will meet you there only.

Ritik goes backward and Shivanya turns but he disappears.

Next day all were present for holika dhawan.All the neighbours were also there expect Ritik as he was scared of fire so he did not came.

Everyone were putting coconut in holi.Shivanya,Karan and sweetie all kept the coconut together.

Shivanya listened that Ritik was calling her.

Shivanya quickly gone at the side where there was no one.

Ritik was wearing completely white suit.

Ritik:Did you missed me?

Shivanya:A lot

Ritik:Dont worry i am back now.

He smiled.Shivanya hugged him.He was smiling and while smiling he was looking at Ritik Mehra’s room.

He disappeared.

Ritik Mehra was sitting in his room.He came towards window and saw Shivanya.He smiled looking at her.

Ritik:Her husband would have been very lucky to marry her.

The door bell ranged and Ritik quickly came downstairs and opened the door.The person was Yamini.

Yamini:Thank you for opening the door or else no one opens the door for me.

Ritik:Come inside.

Yamini entered inside the house and Ritik thought that he had saw her somewhere years ago but dint remembered.

Ritik:Who is she?I just met her yesterday but it feels like i have met many years ago.

Precap:Yamini revealing his past life truth to Ritik.

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  2. Jasminerahul

    surprised to see you back.ritik mehra is attracted to it to get closer to her that he put pebbles there and caught her?rivanya scenes were sweet?was that shivanya’s imagination? so ritik mehra is ritik?what really happened to ritik that he became ritik mehra now?

    1. Siddhi

      No its just Shivanya’s imagination and Ritik Mehra and Ritik are different and Ritik has died

  3. Awesome episode is Rithik mehta the rebirth of Ritik……please countine

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