Naagin (Rivanya forever) season 2 epi-85

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Naagin and human’s love story is impossible!But if a naagin fights for her love then nothing is impossible even in front of lord shiva.

That day was a terrible history of naagin who loved a human.It was the only history written on the pages of the history of naag and naagin.

23 years later

Ritik’s photo is shown.His smile in photo would melt anyone’s heart.

Shivanya was seen drying her hairs with hairdryer.She was as young as 23 years ago.She was expressionless.She was wearing mangalsutra on her neck.After drying her neck she gone towards Ritik’s photo and said

Shivanya:Till this mangalsutra is with me that means you are also with me.

A boy was seen in gym.He was handsome.

Boy:Please bring me one glass of water.

He continued his exercise when a girl enters with a glass of water on tray.

Girl:Take it

Boy:Thanks and by the way you are looking beautiful.

The girl blushes and goes from there.

Boy:My wife is too sweet.

He was doing exercise when he heard Shivanya calling him.

He went to her.

Boy:Shivanya what happened?

Shivanya:Karan,i don’t know but today i feel like Ritik is going to come back.

Karan keeps his hand on her shoulder.

Karan:Its your imagination.He is no more in this world and tomorrow is his death ceremony.

Shivanya’s face gets dull.

Shivanya:I know but still.

Karan catches her both arms and says

Karan:See Shivanya 23 years ago i and my wife sweetie gave you shelter after Ritik’s death.

Shivanya gets sad and leaves from there.

Sweetie comes to him.

Sweetie:Karan is she fine?

Karan:I don’t think so.

Precap:Ritik’s death ceremony
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  1. very nice?

  2. Pls don’t stop it… this ff is awesome… you need to at least make 100 episodes… then u can decide whether to stop or no…. but pls continue for now….

  3. Shakaib

    Hey siddhi, I’m very happy after today’s update but can you please give a bit longer and please don’t end it. I want to ask if Shivanya is naagin or not or apshe listed her powers..??

  4. Jasminerahul

    ritik died?i hope not n as per shivanya’s belief he returns

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