Naagin-Love forever Season 2 Episode 12

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The episode starts with Ritik and Shivanya close to eachother.

Ritik:I want to ask again if you are sure that you want to marry me?

Shivanya:I will marry you.

Ritik smiles and catches her hand and gently comes out of the room with her.

The engagement ceremony starts.Kuch toh hai from do lafzon ki kahani plays in background.Both Ritik and Shivanya were having a smile on their face.

They both exchange the ring.Finally they get engaged.

Outside the hall the air got fast.It was like something was going to get bad.

All were celebrating when Ritik feels like fainting and he catches his head.He gets a flashback

He was standing near the river when someone stabbed him but he was not able to see the face.Ritik falls down inside the river.

Ritik comes in sense.Shivanya also gets a flashback.

Shivanya was standing near river when she heard someone callling her and she turned and someone stabbed her and she fell inside the river.

Shivanya also comes in sense.

At night Shivanya was in her room thinking about the flashback.Ritik was too thinking the same sitting inside his bedroom.

Ritik looked out of the window.He looked a place which he thought he have gone there but he never went.It was a forest.He decided to go to forest.He came out of the house and went inside the forest.He was getting flashback of he crying in the forest and hugging a girl and romancing a girl.

Ritik:Why i am getting this flashback?

Ritik is thinking when he hears a voice.He turns and was shock to see a…….


Ritik tries to run but the tiger jumps on him.He scratches his right cheek.Ritik gets unconscious.The tiger goes from there after seeing his locket.

Shivanya also came to forest and saw Ritik.


Precap:Ritik and Shivanya’s sweet romance.

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