Naagin 4 Male Lead’s base story and casting, viewers want more thrill, less romance!

I hope this season will be more thrill, less romance and we will get a better male lead character, not irritated like Rocky or useless like Mahir, not just grumbling or playing in the bathtub, but he should be helpful, having a goal and purpose in his life, have a different personality and we need an actor with great acting skill to play this role, not just the fan girl demand.

Season 1: Ritik is a born human, prince of Suryavanshi, he wanted to turn into a naag to help Shivanya protect Naagmani but his father stopped him from doing so because he is the last Suryavanshi before Shivangi was born.

Season 2: Rocky is a born naag, being kidnapped since he was a child, lived a human life and didn’t know himself is a naag until after he married Shivangi, his character was useless because Rudra character is way better than Rocky (male lead), so Ekta decided to kill off Rudra to pave the way for Rocky replace him to help Shivangi until he killed her at the end, because Ekta didn’t know how to end the show at that time so she did that and get Shesha kusarp disguise as Ritik and Rocky at the end of season 3 to explain the bakwas ending of season 2.

Season 3: Mahir is a born human, didn’t good for anything except romance with Bela in his room.

Season 4 suggestion: The male lead is a born human, he has an obsession in supernatural, fantasy, action and have good technical skills, he is also an animal lover. After found out the female lead is a naagin, human and naagin can’t be together and the only way to be with the female lead is to become a naag, he will find the way to become a naag himself and help her protect Naagmani against the villains, combine his human skills, knowledges with the power he was given.

This is the base story to develop the male lead character the right way I think they should follow in Naagin 4:

The female lead have a naag friend (the second male lead) who love her since they were kids but she don’t know about that and he not let her know because he know she love a human (the male lead), he support them because he know the male lead is a good person, he was rescued by the male lead when he was caught by sapera in snake form. After the male lead knew the female lead is a naagin, the second male lead reveal himself to the male lead that he is the snake he was rescued and they become close friends. The second male lead help them until the villain kills him, he pass on his skin to the male lead before he dies as it is the only way for a human become a naag/naagin, because their skin is their power, a human could become a naag/naagin with the snake skin only if that naag/naagin willingly gives their skin for that human, otherwise it will not work. This time the male lead will sacrifice his human life to become a naag for the female lead and help her in the mission of protecting Naagmani, it will be interesting to see he does what Ritik wanted to do for Shivanya but couldn’t do in season 1.

P/S: Ekta should cast Varun Kapoor for the male lead role in Naagin 4, that guy needs to be recognised more, he is so talented but so underrated because he is not active on social media like other TV actors, she just need to pick him for the male lead and the show will go wild, his acting is far better than Peal V Puri, after Savitri Devi College & Hospital he is currently free right now, check out his other shows Saraswatichandra and Swaragini.

  1. Emptyhand20

    Ekta just announced Nia but she didn’t say Nia will be the only female lead, and there are two naagins in the promo, remember last year Ekta announced Karishma and Anita first before Surbhi, so this year expecting it will be like that also, the other naagin will be announced later this week (most likely is Aalisha Panwar because the maang tikka hint on her Instagram), Ekta want to save the best for the last to create more buzz, she will announce it very soon since they will start filming post Diwali. For the male lead actor like they said on the news, Vivek Dahiya is out of the list because he will start shooting for his web series Operation Terror: Black Tornado with Arjun Bijlani very soon on ZEE5. Since there will be two naagins in parallel female leads so here is my suggestion for the male lead and second male lead actors: Varun Kapoor, Shehzad Shaikh, Zain Imam.

    1. Steeva

      NO!! I want Karan singh grover and Shakti Arora as male lead!

    2. Nooo. Ksg is ok but shakti…ewwww, no way plz…why Vivek Dahiya us always considered ….. he’s in shows only bcoz of ekta… doing her stupid supernatural stuff and that too because of divyanka??????????????

    3. Emptyhand20

      Shakti Aroea is a good pick actually but since he said he will not play such roles so he is out of the list, Karan Singh Grover is doing web series so he is out of the casting list too and I think he looks a bit old for Nia and Aalisha, we need a fresh and attractive face with great acting skill like Varun Kapoor and Shehzad Shaikh to play the roles.

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