Naagin 3 fan fiction (Part 1)

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Hi guys it just a fan fiction and iam writting this as i also love naagin serial very much . I hope you guys will enjoy surely.

Someone is seen sitting in the dark and he order his survent (soldier) to take someone( prisoner) to palace jail and torture him and ask him to tell us about SHIVANYA ,Where is she OK now go . Sevent take the man to jail and start asking him about shivanya . The face of men is shown and he is none other than Rithik . Ya guys Rithik , Shivanya’s Father . He is still alive and the queen which is first shown was save Rithik when Mahendra and yamini kill him And the queen is Shesha . He protect rithik and prisoned him in his mysterious place which yamini doesn’t know . Rithik ask the servent to leave him he wants to go to meet his daughter shivanya but the servent beats him . While shesha vomes and ask Rithik to tell her where is Nagmani and he can go anywhere he want.Flashback shows that how shesha kills Rocky for nagmani and how she kill shivanya also. While Rithik on the other hand comes to Rocky’s house and stole Nagmani and kept nagmani to some safe place but he does not know that shivanya is dead Flashback ends . While shesha asking rithik about nagmani there is some kid who comes and hold shesha from behind and he says Mom where were you ,

you know how much i mish you and how you kept dad ( pointing out Rithik) and free Rithik from jail snd take him to show him his new gift and all . Flashback shows how shesha saves rithik but it takes about 20 years when felt concious but his memory is lost and shesha take advantage of this and says rithik taht she is his wife and they both love each other so much . Some years after shesha get pregnant and give birth to there child whose name is Kush . As time passes Rithik gets his memory back and goes to meet his daughter and wife but he got to know that his wife is dead and his daughter is now married and now lives in Mumbai. But shesha killed shivanya which Rithik doesn’t know. Flashback ends

The end for today

Thank u guys I hope you all like and please comment me and give me your reviews about my fiction

Author name – Nav

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  1. Nav

    Please guys if you want to give me suggestion you can just write a comment.

  2. Nandhini

    Its nice..rithik and shesha has a kid named kush.??

    1. Nav

      Ya They both have kid name kush and the story will continue as Kush a main lead

  3. Nav

    Toaday’s article will be more interesting and of lot of twists in it

  4. Nav

    Guys sorry for the written mistakes actually on the starting it id not SHIVANYA
    actually it is SHIVANGI

    Next time iwill take care of this

  5. Jasminerahul

    glad that ritik was saved by shesha and hid him.sad that ritik lost memory and so shesha made him believe that they are a couple.ritik loving shesha and they having a son was unbearable. wish it was shivanya with poor ritik got memory and came to know of shivanya’s death.what will he do now?

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