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Naagarjun 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Katya rishi tells Maskini that she made a rule that nobody can be powerful in her world than herself, so she has no other go. He asks when he and his people will be released. Maskini slaps him and says even she was confined for 1000s of years, he should remember her slap next time when he thinks of freeing himself. Once she leaves, Arjun comes in front an dapologizes Katya for seeing his insult helplessly. Katya says it is okay, he knows only Arjun can destroy Maskini. Arjun asks him to escape when Maskini is busy, he will handle Maskini. Katya thanks him and gives an invisible proective cover. Arjun thanks him and leaves.

Shankchurn reaches naglok and meets Nagmaya. Nagmaya asks how are Astika and Mohini. He says they lost their lives while fighting Maskini, so he has come here to seek her help. Nagmaya says after Astika, he is the general of naglok and soldiers will be ready to help him. Shankchurn says he does not want to rule naglok, he wants to destroy Maskini and help Arjun. If Maskini does not go to earth, he will go to Maskini lok and fight with her. Nagmaya says soldiers will be ready always to help him. He thanks and leaves.

Maskini returns to Arjun. Arjun asks where was she, if she wants, he can marry her in Maskini lok itself. She says it is okay, she will come to prithvi lok with him. He says it is really good. She leaves saying she has some work. She goes to Katya rishi and asks him to create some illusion so that Arjun can see his dead family. Katya says he will teach her a mantra with which she can create illusion around her. Maskini warns him if his mantra fails, she will kill all his people. Katya says he knows and teaches her mantra. She leaves. Katya calls Arjun and informs about Maskini’s plan. Arjun says good he informed him and assures him that he will kill Maskini soon.

Noorie reminisces her romance with Arjun and cries Arjun should return soon. She sees bright light and Arjun emerging with Maskini, gets very happy, but stops seeing Maskini holding Arjun’s hand. Arjun thinks Maskini should not know that Noorie has already reached here. He asks Maskini to stop there and tells Noorie that she should not come near him and Maskini and be in her magical limits. Maskini thinks Katya created a great illusion and Arjun thinks Noorie is real. She holds Arjun’s hand and asks if they can unite soon. Arjun says not so soon, they have to follow prithvi lok’s rule. Maskini thinks once she unites with Arjun, she will suck all his energy. He takes Maskini in. Noorie cries.

Arjun enters home. Maheshwar and Yashoda get emotional seeing him. Yashoda hugs him and says she knew her son would return. Maskini comes in. Yashoda is surprised and walks back. Arjun thinks he should not let Maskini doubt him and tells Yashoda that he is marrying Maskini and all people here should respect Maskini.

Precap: Arjun informs Noorie to bear Maskini for sometime and trust. Maskini orders Noorie to press her feet and thinks once she marries Arjun, she will destroy illusion. Shankchurn informs Arjun same and Arjun says illusion can destroy any time.

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