Naagarjun 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini tells Arjun that snakes who bit Amroli people are sent by Maskini and she is roamingg in Amroli as human. Arjun asks where is she. Mohii says if she tell, she will become of stone. e aks how to identify her then. She says if he marries Noorie, Maskini will come in front of hhim, then he can ask herself. Noorie searches Arjun in jungle and calls him. Shankchurn comes there. Noorie walks backward and is about to hit Rajveer/Shanchurn. Arjun reaches and asks Rajveer what is he doing here. Rajveer says he came behind Noorie seeing her going into jungle. Arjun warns if he harms Noorie, he knows what he can do to him. Rajveer says if he had to, he would have when he was staying at Noorie’s house. He warns Noorie against Maskini. Noorie asks who is Maskini. Rajveer says a powerful snake who is staying in Amroli as human. Arjun says he is telling true. He freezes Noorie and ask Rajveer why don’t he return back to naglok. Rajveer says he will if he gets nagmani. Arjun says he, Astika, Takshak or anyone will not get nagmani until he is alive. He unfreezes Noorie and takes her along.

Astika trapped in Maskini’s world tries to escape, but could not. His powers won’t work and reminisces losing his weapon also. He thinks why his powers are not working here.

Arjun goes home with Noorie and tells family that he has decided to marry Noorie. Aunt asks what about pandit’s kundali. Arjun says pandit is missing with his family, even then they found him long after his birth, so they don’t know exact time of his birth. Baba himself asked him to marry Noorie. He needs family blessings. Family approves, except Bua. Maskini thinks Pandit’s drama did not work in her favor, she has to think something else now. She then hears Bua yelling in front of chachi in front of other family member that Arjun is given unnecessary attention when he is not of our family at all, he is putting them into trouble. Maskini thinks she is right, Amroli people will be in trouble. Bua yells if Diganth is attacked, she will know.

Amroli people warn Arjun’s family that they will not let Arjun and Noorie’ss wedding. Maheshar says Baba himself blessed Arjun. People say when pandit told, how will they believe Arjun if baba told him or not. Arjun comes and says baba himself told he should marry Noorie, when baba’s blessing is there, how can any snake harm him and his family.

Astika senses someone around him and asks who is hiding, if they attack him from behind, they will not get his life. Someone attacks his head from behind. He falls down unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself in another place. A rope grips his leg and he gets angry, but then thinks he is losing his powers due to anger, he should pray Mahadev.

Diganth leaves home on his cycle. Maskini follows him into jungle and turns into snake and is about to bite him when Arjun reaches and holds her and asks to show her human form, else he will kill her as snake itself. She does not deter. He opens his mouth to kill her.

Precap: Kalbhairav attacks Diganth. Arjun rushes and beats Kalbhairav. Panditji tells he will find a best muhurath for Arjun and Noorie’s engagement and marriage.

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