Naagarjun 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankchurn comes to Prithvi lok to help Arjun. Tina shows him book and asks where is this place. Shankchrun says it is in naglok. Tina says let us go there then soon. In shiv mandir, Maya and Loka continue chanting mantra and try to use Noorie’s baby to relive Maskini. Maskini laughs. Arjun says she is in shiv mandir and her evil spirit will not survive long. Maskini laughs her baby will die soon and she will relive. Arjun prays shivji to help him and Noorie.

Shankchurn takes Tina to naglok. He gets sword and asks her to atack him. She asks what. He says it was written in that book and she did not read it well, to save Arjun and his baby and 3 worlds, as a true warrior, he has to do this. He asks Tina rpeatedly to stab him. Tina stabs hhim an dcries. He collapses on floor and dies.

In Pritvhi lok, Arjun tries to use his powers again and tries to break Maya and Loka’s black magic, but he falls down. Noorie falls down swrithing in severe pain. Yashoda and Maheshwar ask Arjun to get up and do something soon. Arjun wakes up and holds trishul on his forehead. Yashoda asks what is he doing. Tina returns and reminisces Shankchurn telling Arjun can use his nagmani once in life and while remove, he may die. Tina warns him and asks to be careful, he may lose life. Arjun removes nagmani from his head and throws powers on Maya and Loka and they disappear. He then destroys Maskini’s idol into pieces and falls down.

Yashoda holds him and aks if he is fine. He says yes. Yashoda asks what about Noorie. He says she will be fine. Tina informs Arjun that Shankchurn killed himself to save him, so he should go to naglok right now and save him. They both reach naglok and Arjun relives Shankchurn with his super powers. Shankchurn asks if he is fine. Arjun says he is really elder to him and tried to sacrifice his life for him. Shanchrun says whole Amroli can sacrifice for him as he is nagarjun. Arjun hugs him emotionally.

Arjun calls guru Vasuki to return his nagmani. Vasuki comes and asks why he wants to return powerful nagmani. Arjun says he wants to serve humanity and spends time with his children and teach them sanskar, so he wants to return this nagmani. Vasuki says he is proud of him and says he always thought of serving humanity. Astika comes and says Vasuki he took a right decision and should immerse nagmani in shivji’s feet, says he should go to kailash where they and nagmani will meet. Vasuki takes out nagmani from Arjun’s head and leaves for kailash.

After 9 months Arjun playys with his baby. Noorie says he is so cute, his eyes are so cute. Arjun says like him. Maheshar ways he is like them both as children resemble their parents. Shankchurn and Urmi also come followed by Asthika who blesses baby and says baby has even his qualities and leaves blessing baby. Arjun smiles.

No precap.

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    I think show has ended…. it was soo different concept.


      Going to miss good show..

  2. but end ma bekar ho gaya tha….????? startt ma tou lvvvvvv tha ya show mera…..??????

  3. akdam bakwas

  4. Yes it’s ended.

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