Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Hariprasad Agrees To Let Vidhi work

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila scolds the vegetable seller and asks him to take haveli with hike rates of vegetables. Her husband asks if she didn’t feel good, after breaking Vidhi’s alliance. She says she would have been happy, if Dev had not come and praised her. She says it is like someone snatched laddoo from her hand, and giving her kaju katli. They are going their home, when they see some guests at hari prasad’s house. Urmila asks him to come. The guy tells Hariprasad that he is thinking to get charity and get the roads repaired. Pandey ji asks Hariprasad to tell how much money he will get, if he sells his gold chain. Hariprasad says it will be a loss and asks if his daughter’s marPriyage is fixed. Pandey ji says he is sending her to Mumbai and wants to get flight tickets for her. He says she has to join the office from tomorrow. Hariprasad asks what was the need to send your daughter, when you earn well. Pandey ji says the matter is not about money, but about her betterment and says if she learns the ups and downs then she will handle her sasural. Other guy appreciates him. Hariprasad says no, he did wrong. Hariprasad’s brother asks them to take inspiration from his bhai saheb who refused to let Vidhi work in Dev Raicjhand’s office. He says one needs a courage to work on his rules. The guys tell that it is like burning his own destiny and asks Hariprasad to let Vidhi work and make a name. Urmila says our name will be ruined and says no woman crossed the door step and says if Vidhi wants, then she can work in her beauty parlour. The guy says it is wrong and tells that even a bird leaves her baby to get the grains. Vidhi and Bimla come and hear them. Hariprasad gets angry and says I will decide about my daughter and not others. Bimla says she will talk to him.

Later Bimla asks Vidhi to do as she says. Seema says action. They see Hariprasad coming. Bimla says Guru ji opened my eyes today in sadsang, and says every parents has two responsibilities, one to fulfill their children’s wish and secondly trust their daughters. Seema asks why daughters? Bimla says as the daughters are Goddess’s avatar. She asks Seema if she has any wish. Seema says you people shall trust me and never check my homework. Vidhi thinks she is taking advantage. Bimla says ok and asks Vidhi if she has any wish. Vidhi says if Papa trusts me, then can I work in Raichand company. Bimla says I will talk to him. Hariprasad says he didn’t hope this from her and says if the daughter goes out to work, then the eagles are in the sky to run away with her. She says our daughter is not like that. He gives example of others’ daughters and asks Bimla not to utter a single word.

Later Vidhi comes and gives milk to him. She says I know you are upset and asks him not to worry. She says after whatever happened today, I thought I will get confidence so that I don’t do the mistakes, which I do often. She says I promise that I will not talk about this again and says I want to know one thing from you, and says don’t compare me with the girls who goes against their parents. She says I am not telling that I am better than them, but my values are different which Maa and you have given me. She says don’t trust me, but trust on your upbringing. She says she can bear anything, but not if his trust breaks. She asks him to drink milk and says sorry. Bimla comes there. Vidhi is going and her dress gets stuck in it. Bimla frees it.

Dev talks to Pramod and asks him to hire someone. His mother comes there. Dev touches her feet. She blesses him and asks if he remember what is the date today. He says 27th August. She says you have joined office 30 years back and I used to give sweets to everyone in home and office. He asks until when you will do this. Priya comes there and says touchy touchy, and says my mascara is very costly, else would have cried. She says nobody remembers my birthday or anniversary, but remembers bhai saheb’s first day at school, college, office etc and celebrate it too. Dev says nobody has forgotten your birthday or anniversary. His mother tells that today is the day when a 15 years old boy took everything on his shoulders and says today is the day when the prosperity and happiness of this house begins. Dev says its ok Maa. She says you have taken everyone’s care, now take care of yours, and asks him to search a good girl for her. He makes her have sweets and goes. Priya asks her if she wants him to marry in this age, whose friends are having young kids. His mother says she is sure that dev’s life partner will be somewhere and will come and hold his hand.

Next day, Bimla asks Vidhi to drop Seema to school and then. Hariprasad comes and says then she will go to office. He tells Bimla that his daughter has opened his eyes and didn’t ask for freedom, but asked for trust. He says she made me realize that my thoughts are wrong. He would like to thank Dev also, as he made him understand that time never stops. He tells Vidhi that he is giving all his trust to her. Peeli and Bimla get happy. Hariprasad says I know you will not make me ashamed and says I will take you to Dev Saheb’s office. Seema asks her to go and live her life. Vidhi says I will never let your trust breaks. Peeli says you didn’t know that you have given much happiness to Bimla. Bimla asks her to get ready. Hariprasad says I have a condition.

Precap: Hariprasad and Vidhi come to the orphanage. Vidhi meets the kids. The warden says there is one person like your daughter who loves these kids and today is the big day for him too. Hariprasad and Vidhi come to the office. Kanika asks how dare you to come here, and asks someone to show them the door.

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