Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu Insults Dev

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidhi sees Simmy. Simmy says hello. Vidhi says hi and says I work in your Papa’s office. Simmy says Papa’s office is in kitchen as he loves cooking. Vidhi gets up to go and her saree gets stuck in the chair. The Servant frees her saree. Satyavati ties the flower in her hair and says you have come and made my day. She hopes this flower make her and her life blossom. Vidhi thanks her and says she will bring Achaar surely. Dev talks to his father’s frame and tells his plan to involve Abhimanyu in the business. He says Maa used to get worried always and says he is happy to fulfill the promise made to him. He feels Abhimanyu will be happy. He gets Amba’s call, but doesn’t pick it.

Later in the night, Vidhi takes the rotating hand fan. Seema tells that Vidhi was in Raichand house, had lunch and brought something from there. She shows the flower and says don’t know what is this flower? She tells that whoever tells its name, will get 200 Rs. Bimla tells that she didn’t see such a smell in the washed utensil. Hariprasad says big people. He is fixing the light. Vidhi tells that they are rich and have good hearts. Seema says she is feeling hot. Bimla asks her to think that it is jagrata until light comes. Hariprasad says we shall get the jagrata done soon. Vidhi gets Kanika’s call. Kanika says an important paper is missing and asks where it is? Vidhi says it might be in the office, might have fallen somewhere. Kanika says she wants the paper at the earliest. Vidhi’s phone gets off. Kanika says I couldn’t scold her. Yogesh says if Dev finds the forged papers of the company then think what will happen.

Satyavati talks to Amba and says she would be glad if she had come. Amba says she had called Dev, but he was busy. Vidhi gets worried, thinks what Dev will think. She prays to Milapni Devi and says that paper shall be in office. Dev comes to the room. Satyavati scolds him for not picking the call. Amba says he must be busy and tells that she is going to surprise everyone, specially Dev. Satyavati says I will wait for your surprise. Amba ends the call. Satyavati asks Dev to tell the truth and asks her to tell about Amy Mausi. He says you have headache and asks her to keep calm, not to think. She says I have found a way to get rid of headache. She says today your employee Vidhi came here, and my headache went while talking to her. She says it seems like she relieves everyone’s pain. Dev says Vidhi, who joined the office just now and says I don’t like to send employees home, says I don’t like Yogesh sending her here. She asks him to relax.

Dev tells that he has surprise for her and tells that he thought to involve Abhi in office, for his liking for cooking. Dev picks the papers and thinks he can’t see anything in dark. He asks Satyavati to ask driver to give it to Yogesh. Vidhi reaches office and asks Indra if she saw the paper. Indra says no. Dev reaches office and asks Vidhi if she is searching this paper. Vidhi says yes, and says sorry Sir. She asks where did you get it? He says from my home. He says Ms. Vidhi, don’t do this again. Vidhi says ok Sir.

Dev asks Yogesh and Kanika, why did they send staff to his home. Kanika says Vidhi herself offered to go home and we think that you like her so. Dev says rule is rule. Yogesh asks if we are also in staff category. He says he will go and meet Chachi. Dev says Maa will hold my ear if I refuse you. He asks him to book the hotel Gazebo and says they will go with Abhi. Kanika says ok.

Rishabh asks Vidhi if she is related to Dev, that she did lunch there. Vidhi says no. Rishabh says we didn’t go to Dev Sir’s house. Abhimanyu comes there and says good morning everyone. Vidhi says the house was so big, I couldn’t see the family member. Anaya says see Dev Sir’s brother Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu goes to conference hall. Rishabh tells that Dev handles the business, but our actual boss was Abhimanyu.

Dev shows Hotel Gazebo and Hotel DJ are best luxury hotels of MP and their turnover is 100 crores and expected growth rate is 6 percent. He tells Abhimanyu that finally his dream of working in the food Industry is going to be fulfilled, company has decided that we will buy a chain of hotels and you will be the sole owner of the company. He says complete ownership, no questions asked, you can operate as you like. He asks which hotel you want, if you want both then say. Yogesh and Kanika get upset. Dev says this is for your interest and you can sit on this chair, Abhimanyu Raichand, the real owner of Raichand Group of Companies, will sit on your Papa’s chair which is empty since long. He says it is my dream and asks Abhimanyu to say? Anaya says it seems like Dev sir will handover business to Abhimanyu sir. Rishabh says Abhimanyu will turned down the offer.

Abhimanyu gets teary eyes and says I am very lucky to get brother like you. He says how to thank you, to bring me to this level, to insult me. He says you might be an adarsh son, but I am not. He says I have a passion to make food with my hand. He says you will not understand this as you are not my real brother, but step brother and step brother can never think.

Precap: Vidhi tells Dev that she came to know that he cooks food too. Dev scolds and insults her infront of everyone. Vidhi cries.

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