Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 7th August 2013 Written Update

Ruku continues ranting and asks Bala to make Vasu understand. Vasu tells Bala that he doesn’t feel anything for Megha. Bala says he knows that his heart does not beat. Vasu looks at the torn sketch bits. He tries to put them together and so sends Bala away to be with Aai. Vasu starts putting the pieces together and has FB of RJ hugging him. Vasu wonders why RJ called him Papu.

Uncle tells Aai that Megha has left the place with her kid. Aai is happy that they’ve left.

Megha and RJ waiting at the bus stop. Megha tells RJ that they will go to a new house of RJ’s liking. A man tells Megha that the buses are not working because of the rain and asks Megha to return home. RJ tells Megha that she feels Vasu is her father and

asks Megha to take her back. Megha tells RJ that Vasu is not Mohan as Mohan was a helpful man but Vasu is not. RJ tells Megha that Vasu and Mohan are names for Lord Krishna.

Vasu puts the pieces of sketch together.

Megha tries to get a room but is not successful as the person demands a lot of money. Megha realizes RJ has fever and covers her up.

Vasu manages to put the entire sketch together and is shocked to see his face.

Ruku is happy that Megha left but is upset that her mother did not return Megha’s advance money. Ruku wonders in what condition Megha would be in. Ruku thinks Megha should have stayed back and left. Ruku searches for the advance money and asks her father to return the money to Megha.

Vasu walking and thinking why RJ called him Papu and who the picture belonged to. Vasu thinks that the sketch could not be of his and only Megha can answer his questions. He runs into Ruku’s father who tells him that he is in a hurry as he is trying to find Megha to return her money. Vasu asks him to call Megha’s husband. Ruku’s father says Megha’s husband passed away. Vasu has FB of being rude to Megha. Vasu tells RF that he will return the money to Megha.

Vasu sets out to search for Megha.

Megha on the road trying to get help from someone but no one seems to listen. A man advises Megha to return home.

Vasu continues his search.

It is raining heavily. Megha tries to make RJ drink milk but RJ keeps asking for her Papu. Megha tries to apply cold compress using her saree end. Vasu comes there and RJ notices him. RJ calls out Papu Papu to him. Megha turns around to find Vasu standing. Vasu finally turns around and notices RJ-Megha. Megha tells RJ that Vasu is not his Papu. Megha tells RJ that they should leave. Vasu comes there and RJ is happy. Vasu asks Megha why she is staring at him and asks what happened to RJ. RJ says fever. Vasu tries to check RJ’s forehead when Megha holds his hand. MEgha tells him that she doesn’t need his help. Vasu says he is there to check RJ’s fever and not steal her purse. Megha say she doesn’t want his help. Vasu asks her to go to hell and return the advance money. Vasu leaves. RJ calls out Papu and faints. Vasu walks back and picks up RJ. Megha asks him to put RJ down but Vasu doesn’t budge. Megha tells Vasu to put RJ down else she would hit him with a stone. Vasu tells Megha that RJ needs a doctor more than her mother.

Vasu is carrying RJ and Megha walks besides him. Megha has FB of Vasu. They arrive at a Doctor’s place and find that there is no one around. Megha wonders what to do as RJ’s condition is getting worse by the minute. Vasu continues carrying RJ and takes her inside his house.

Aai is taking RF’s class asking him if he does not respect them anymore as he respects Megha more. Aai asks him why he sent Vasu to return the money to Megha. Vasu comes and says he went in search of Megha by his choice. Aai notices RJ in Vasu’s hands and asks who it is. Vasu says it doesn’t matter. RF’s asks Vasu what happened to her. Vasu says she has fever. Megha comes there and Aai asks her not to take another step inside. Vasu leaves with RJ and everyone follows him.

Precap: Vasu is mixes something with some powder and feeds RJ. Megha watches this from the window. Megha-Vasu look at each other.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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