Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 25th March 2013 Written Update

Munna is shown chopping wood as Ragini watches him. Ragini asks him what happened and tells him not to get mad or else he will explode. She keeps asking him what is wrong and throws water at him. Munna says Addu. Ragini asks Addu.

RJ tells Megha to consider her as her son.

Munna wipes his face with Ragini’s dupatta(stole) Ragini says she has never seen him this mad and asks him who Addu is. Munna has FB of Addu. Munna says Addu was my best friend and we used to wash dishes at Jhansi railway station. Munna says Addu’s step father was terrible and he separated Addu from his mother and sister. FB of Addu telling Munna that he hates Mohan Bhatnagar and he misses home. Munna tells Ragini that MB is Addu’s father. Addu says he hasn’t changed. Addu says I met Addu’s mother today and they now have another daughter it is like they don’t miss him. He says there is not even a picture of Addu. Munna says I thought his mother would be unhappy but everyone looks fine without Addu.

Megha tells RJ that they will be fine and soon they will find a way. RJ picks up the water pistol and sprays Megha with water. RJ wishes her Happy Holi and Megha has FB of Addu. Megha and RJ hug.

Munna says how can a mother be like this?

Megha wonders why she feels so attached to RJ. Megha says she feels like she has found a lifeline in 12 years.

Beea assuring Mohan that he will find a way. Navi comes in and asks Beera to leave so that she can talk to Mohan. Navi asks Mohan why he is getting so personal? Mohan tells her that she is doubting her Editor in Chief’s professionalism. Navi says I know I was wrong in doubting my best friend. Navi says I know it would have been difficult for you to keep hearing step father from my mouth. Navi says I was kid but what did you do to make me understand? Navi says you left the house one day and did not even call for 12 years. Navi says would me and Mom get dreams of what are you doing to find Addu. Navi says if hating you for 12 years was my mistake then it is your mistake that you did nothing to change it. Mohan is taken aback and Navi storms out of the room.

Mohan is recalling Navi’s words when gets a call from Munna who tells him to add Rimjhim Bhatnagar’s name to the list of lost children. Munna asks RJ to say hi to his friend. Munna asks Mohan to search for RJ as his time starts now.

Mohan rushes out of the office. Beera and Navi try to stop him but he runs out. Beera and Navi chase him. Mohan collides with a bike and Navi picks him up. Navi and Beera try to ask him but Mohan doesn’t say anything. Navi says how stubborn is he? Beera says some part of you has surely rubbed off on him. Beera says it is easy to defeat enemies but difficult to win back people you love.

Mohan driving and having FB of Munna’s call and Addu getting lost. Mohan gets stuck in a traffic jam. He gets out of the car and starts running. Mohan arrives home and shouts out RJ’s name. He picks up the landline to call when he notices that it has been unplugged. Mohan keeps screaming for RJ and Guru. Suddenly he hears a noise from RJ’s room. He goes inside and notices the tent. Mohan walks to the tent and RJ comes screaming out. She shows Mohan the toy which Munna gave her and asks if he got scared. Mohan hugs her. Guru comes there and Mohan asks him where his phone is? Mohan takes Guru out of the room and asks him why he is not aware that his phone is stolen. He tells Guru how he got a call from his number saying RJ is kidnapped. Mohan gets a call from the same number. It is Munna who asks him to come and collect his car as he had left it mid road. Mohan run away. Guru looks at the table which has books. Guru spots a piece of paper and he reads it and gets worried.

Mohan arrives at his car and look inside. He sees Guru’s phone on the passenger seat.

Precap: Mohan addressing his team at Awaz India telling them how it is time to do something to scare the people behind kidnapping racket. Navi shows everyone the pics she clicked of the kidnappers during her sting and says we can use these. Awaz India reporter telling how police has found one of the kidnappers. Dadaji and his cronies listening to all this in shock. Munna overhears the news telecast and thinks to himself that Mohan Bhatnagar should now start counting backwards…

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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