Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 21st August 2013 Written Update

Uncle instigating Aai against Vasu telling her how Vasu proved that he is her husband’s first wife’s son and not her son. RF comes there and tells Aai that he wants to speak to her about Mohan and Vasu. Aai asks Uncle to leave. RF says there is some big connection between Vasu and Mohan. RF tells Aai that Vasu did not have a bank account before two years. Aai says that’s because she got Vasu from the village two years back. RF says MB died two years back. RF tries to tell Aai that there might have been some conspiracy and asks her if they should go to the village and investigate. RF says Megha will get Mohan back. Aai tells RF that they need to solve it but not here as someone might over hear them. Aai tells RF that they can go

to the warehouse.

RUku, Ruku’s mother and Megha standing in the queue for water. Ruku’s mother complaining as to where her husband went so early in the morning. RUku recounts how she and Megha met at the queue for water.

Vasu comes there and looks at Megha. Vasu asks Ruku if she would marry him. Megha at first thinks he is asking her but he takes Ruku’s name. Ruku is happy and hugs Vasu. Vasu manages to hug Ruku back but keeps looking at Megha. Vasu tells Ruku that they should go and tell Aai as he wants to get married as soon as possible. Vasu takes Ruku by the hand and walks away. Ruku’s mother is happy. Vasu while walking turns around to look at Megha but Megha turns around.

Aai at the temple with Uncle. Uncle tells Aai to ask for anything as only God can fulfill her wishes. Uncle tells Aai that Vasu has slipped out of her hands. Ruku’s mother drags Ruku and Vasu in front of Aai and tells her that Vasu wants to marry Ruku. Aai is happy. Ruku and Vasu touch Aai’s feet. Aai is happy and asks Vasu if he loves his Aai a lot. Vasu tells Aai to start preparations soon as she wants the wedding to happen soon. Aai returns the bangles to Ruku. Ruku’s mother wonders where RF has gone. Aai tells Ruku’s mother that she sent RF for a work. Uncle wonders where Aai sent RF.

Vasu at his house having FB of Megha. Ruku comes there and asks him if he doing all this to teach Megha a lesson. Ruku tells him that she loves him but that doesn’t mean he should marry her out of sympathy.. Vasu asks Ruku if she would be happy marrying him. Ruku nods her head. Vasu tells Ruku that if he can like Megha in a day then he can definitely like her as well he has known her for far longer.

Megha tells RJ that she is leaving and asks her not to go out. Megha goes out looking for RF when RM tells her that he has gone out. Aai comes there and congratulates Megha saying that Vasu is marrying Ruku. Aai offers sweats to Megha but she congratulates Aai and walks away. RJ is surprised to hear that Vasu is getting married.

RJ goes to Vasu’s warehouse and asks him why he is getting married to Ruku. Vasu tries to hold her hand but she doesn’t allow him to. RJ tells Vasu that he is already married. Vasu tells RJ that if he gets married everyone would be happy including her Mother. Vasu says sometimes it is good to look at other’s happiness. RJ says but he, Ruku and Megha would never be happy. RJ says the only problem is that Megah doesn’t recognize him. RJ says Megha is perfect wife, mother. Vasu adds that Megha is perfect fighter, arrogant etc…Vasu says there can never be anyone like Megha as she is indeed perfect. Vasu asks RJ why she is so jealous when the one who should be jealous is sitting at home. RJ says good people never get jealous.

Megha at some office where the guy is giving her information about Naina Bhonsle. Megha thanks him but he asks her to thank Vasu. Vasu comes there and sits next to Megha. MEgha is about to get up when Vasu holds her hand. Megha somehow manages to wrench the hand away. Vasu tell the man that he had come to invite him for marriage. Vasu takes the wedding card and says it is in Marathi and he doesn’t know how to read Marathi. He asks the guy to read it. The invitation is Vasu and Ruku. Megha gets and leaves.

Precap: Vasu chases Megha and asks her if it does make any difference to her. Megha says it makes a lot of difference to her but not the way he expects it to. Megha says she is leaving. Vasu pulls Megha, holds her by her face ad tells her that she will stay and be a spectator to every ritual of the wedding. Megha tries to walk away when she is hit by a truck. Megha hits her head and faints in Vasu’s arms.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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