Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 20th August 2013 Written Update

Bala motions for Vasu to come and dance but Vasu refuses. Vasu looks at Megha walking back to the house. Ruku walks by when Vasu motions to Bala as if to call Ruku. Bala drags Ruku to where everyone is dancing. Vasu comes there and starts dancing. Ruku too starts dancing. Bala asks Vasu if he should say it. Vasu says he should. Vasu asks Ruku if she would help. Ruku agrees. Bala and Vasu are overjoyed.

Megha is talking to Jiji and tells her that there is no information about Naina yet. Ruku comes there and eavesdrops on the conversation. Megha wonders how to tell Jiji as to what is happening to them here. Ruku opens the window and tells Megha that RJ has gone out. Megha is worried and Ruku says RJ just stepped out.


goes out looking for RJ when Vasu pulls her aside. Vasu lights up a lighter and covers Megha’s mouth. Megha is scared. Vasu tells Megha that everyone is saying that he is has fallen in love and that he is apparently always worried for her. Vasu says everyone is saying this and it is going to be become a big problem as this will finish off his business and create issues for you. Vasu says they should do something. Vasu says even RJ is now friends with him. Vasu asks what she has to say. Megha is disgusted and tries to walk away. Vasu asks Megha if he smells and if she thinks of him as a lowly person. Vasu says that Mohan is dead and gone and tells her that if she loves him then she can love her too. Megha starts crying. Vasu shouts at Megha and asks her to stay away and ask RJ to stay away as well. Vasu asks Megha to run away. Vasu is shattered( Aur ho playing in BG)

Megha goes to her place and washes her hand. Vasu at his HQ looking shattered. Vasu remembers Megha’s disgust and starts breaking stuff. Megha continues crying. Ruku and RF look at her. RF tells Ruku that sometimes answers to a woman’s questions can only be given by another woman. RF pats Ruku’s head.

Bala comes to meet Vasu. Vasu yells at Bala as it was because of him that he went to confess to Megha. Vasu’s hand is bleeding.

Ruku’s gives water to Megha and asks her if Vasu said something to her. Megha tries to leave but Ruku stops her. Ruku tells Megha that she cannot find a better person than Vasu. Ruku tells her not to be old fashioned and to forget her past and move on. Ruku tells Megha to think about her future. Megha asks Ruku why she thinks that her past is not her future. Megha says she loves Mohan and will continue loving him. Megha tells Ruku that Vasu cannot force her to do things.

Bala apologizes to Vasu for encouraging him to confess to Megha. Bala swears not to leave Megha. Vasu silently holds him by his collar asking him not to do it.

Megha show old pictures of Mohan and her. Megha recounts how even after loving each other they couldn’t stay together. Megha says that Mohan sacrificed a great deal for them. Megha says she knows why Mohan did not stop himself from falling down the cliff as he wanted to see their family together. Megha says Mohan was sacrificing and Vasu is nowhere close. Ruku tells Megha that Vasu can die but not kill someone. Ruku tells Megha that she fell for Vasu because of his heart and not because of his status. Ruku says that Vasu’s heart is as good as Mohan’s. Megha leaves. RF comes there and looks at Mohan’s picture. RF notices a picture of Mohan holding his hair back and has FB of Vasu doing the same.

Uncle playing chess while Aai is pacing around. Uncle asks Aai if she is worried that Vasu has gone to meet Megha. Vasu comes home and tells Aai that they will in the morning. Uncle tells Vasu that Aai has been waiting for him since the morning. Vasu asks them if they are waiting for him to die. Uncle asks Vasu if Megha said something to him. Vasu asks Uncle to shut up. Uncle says he can do something for him and continues to berate Megha. Vasu loses his cool and is about to hit Uncle. Aai is shocked and chides Vasu. Aai asks Vasu if he would hit her next and then throw her out of the house. Aai says that Megha has become a big problem. Aai leaves and Uncle smirks.

Megha in bed thinking about Vasu’s confession.

Vasu at his place lost in thoughts. He brings out the pieces of Mohan’s sketch and assembles it.

Megha takes out her wallet and looks at Mohan’s picture.

Vasu asks Mohan’s picture what he did that even after dying Megha still loves him. Vasu says that Aai adopted him and made him the lord of Ganesh Chawl and now she is upset. Vasu puts the sketch bits together and thinks of not letting Aai be upset anymore.

Ruku looks at Megha and prays that she gets all the happiness she deserves.

Precap: Vasu comes out of his house and spots Megha standing in line for water. Vasu walks up to Megha and asks her if she would marry him. Ruku and Megha shocked(think he is talking to Ruku)


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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