Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 19th March 2013 Written Update

Megha attends RJ’s call and asks her what happened to her Papu. RJ says he returned very late and she recounts how he came stumbling in and slept off with shoes on. RJ says he is smelling odd as well. RJ says she doesn’t know what is happening. Megha pacifies her by saying that her father must be under some kind of stress and must be worried. Megha instructs RJ to take care of her father. RJ tells Megha that her father is now sleeping and he is relaxed. Megha asks her to wipe her tears as well. RJ says even I didn’t realise that I am crying how did you? Megha says I am a mother so I know. Megha assures RJ that everything will be fine soon. RJ thinks how Mothers are magical and can make all problems vanish like magic. RJ thinks if she had a mother she would take care of her, her father and Dude.

Beera arrives late in the night and Navi chides him for coming in late. NAvi asks him where he was and realizes he was with Mohan. Beera says why did you stop? Beera says you hurt him(Mohan), he drank two bottles of alcohol and even in that state he was talking about you know who? Navi says why are you telling me did I ask you? Beera walks away.

Navi checks on Megha and is about to kiss her when she finds a torn MM marriage picture next to Megha. Navi has FB of Mohan’s rant.

Ragini thanks Munna for coming and says now everything will be fine. She serves his dinner and Munna wipes his face with her dupatta. Ragini says she prepared everything. Munna says when a person is hungry it does not matter what the dish is as long as it satiates one’s hunger.

Dada comes and asks Munna who asked him to come. Munna says he came out of concern for him. Dada says he is old but not weak and still has the strength to fight his own battles. Dada calls Sharma and says Munna is leaving for Jhansi tonight. Dada leaves. Munna says whether you like it or not I will stay till the end of this game. He says this game was started by Mohan Bhatnagar and will be finished by me.

NAvi is wondering outside the house looking at Mohan’s house. She rants about she is no longer the old Chavvani who would believe anything you say. Navi says all I know is that we lost because of you. She picks up a stone to throw it at the house when Beera comes clapping and encourages her to throw the stone. Beera says a kidnapping changed everyone’s life. Navi says Addu ran away. Beera says your brother was so clever that he ran away and was not found by everyone. Navi says she saw Mohan slapping Addu in the school. Beera tells Navi that if you were a real daughter then you would have understood that there was a reason why Mohan slapped Addu. Beera says if you were a real daughter then you would have held Mohan’s hand and helped him find Addu instead it was easier for you to look for a step father in Mohan. Beera say you are step daughter otherwise the pain of losing your brother and your father would have been the same. Beera says MB has spent the last 12 years looking for your brother. Beera says good that you are sauteli that is why you remember any of the happy moments instead of hating him. Beera says it is good that You are “sauteli”. Navi gets mad and slaps Beera. Jiji watching all this from the window.

Navi has a FB of Mohan slapping Addu. Beera says the same thing that happened that day between your brother and your step father.Now you know how it feels to be called sautela over and over again. Beera says that relation was above everything as it was “dil ka rishta”. Beera says a small misunderstanding changed everything. Beera says you yourself have seen a child getting kidnapped from the station. Then why do you hate him so much? Beera says when you should have supported him you abandoned him. Beera walks away. Navi has FB of Mohan telling her about finding Addu, being lost in season 1, being kidnapped by Dinanath, Amar’s truth being revealed. NAvi realizes her folly and cries.

Precap: Mohan tells Guru that his Chavvani is no longer the same. Mohan says she (Chavvani) only has hatred for me. He says he no longer has any relation with Navi and Megha. He says going in front of Megha is like rubbing salt on her wounds. Mohan says but he will surely fulfill his promise. Guru asks after that what? Mohan says after that You, me and RJ and our small happy world.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

  1. beera rockssss…..
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  2. please change ur decision mohan becoz navi loves u very much she has realized her mistake.

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