Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th June 2013 Written Update

Renu tells Beera that his house is big but very empty. Renu says the guests might have slept late but there should have been some function. Renu says the house looks totally unprepared for a wedding. Renu says there are no decorations and asks Beera when would the preparations for the wedding party start. Beera says the decision to start the wedding party from the house was taken last night so the preparations would begin now. Beera tells everyone that the wedding party would arrive with entire glitz and glamour. Megha, Jiji and Renu leave.

Mohan comes to meet Navi and tells her that he has a surprise gift for her. Mohan asks Navi to close her eyes. Navi closes her eyes and Mohan gifts her a bell Mohan says he didn’t know what to give. Navi says it is the best gift. Navi is in tears. Mohan says who cries while accepting a gift and Navi says who cries while giving a gift. Mohan says this might be a small bell but you can ring it from anywhere and your Spiderman will come running. Navi says she knows. Mohan asks her if she is scared. Navi nods. Mohan says it happens when you love someone the thought of losing them is scary. Mohan asks her to trust her love. Megha watching all this from the door. Navi shows the bell to Megha.

Someone is throwing water on Beera. Dada asks the man to keep pouring water until the turmeric comes off. Dada tells Beera that he is scared whether the color is of the turmeric or their love. Ragini says this is good right. Dada says Beera would never marry that girl who insulted me. Dada says there will be a celebration but of our victory as no there would be no wedding. Dada tells Beera that he has doubts on his intentions as he allowed turmeric to be applied to him. Beera says he did it so that the insult and the revenge would be greater. Beera says no wedding party would leave from here. Beera says there would be celebrations but here not there.

Navi is getting ready and Megha watches her. Megha walks to Navi. Navi is sitting on Megha’s lap. Megha applies nail polish to Navi’s nails Megha says this is the last time I will get you ready as you will be leaving me. Navi says that is why I want someone to be with you who loves and worries about you as much as I do. Navi asks Megha if she remembers her promise. Megha tells Navi that she should get married first. Navi says if Megha is with Mohan then she wouldn’t have to worry about either of them.

Mohan is getting Addu ready. Addu has flashes of Beera hugging Dada. Addu keeps repeating “Ijoo, Ijoo”. Mohan tells him that Ijoo would come in the evening. Mohan leaves to get Addu’s shoes. Addu draws Beera’s picture and crosses it out. Suddenly a gust of wind comes and paper falls down. Mohan comes and takes Addu away. Addu tries to point towards the drawing but Mohan tells him to leave it and check it out later.

Munna gets a call from Ragini. Munna asks her how the wedding preparations are going on. Ragini says there would be preparations if there would be a wedding. Ragini tells Munna that it was all a plan and that there would be no wedding. Munna tells Ragini that Dada is manipulating Beera. Munna says Ragini to make Beera understand and bring him to the venue. Munna says I will see how this wedding does not happen. Ragini says Dada and Beera would never listen to him. Munna tells her that she too is a woman and asks her to think how would Navi feel when Beera doesn’t turn up. Munna tells her to do anything and to make sure Beera reaches on time. Munna says this is Beera’s last chance to lead a happy and decent life. Munna tells her that he trust her and will see her at the wedding.

Megha is dressing Navi.

Mohan comes and meets Papaji & Mummyji. Papaji & Mummyji are happy to see him. Papaji says now all of Megha’s problems are solved and now that Addu is also back.

Renu comes and complains that it is too hot. Renu scolds Mohan for not turning up the ac Renu asks him if he had no budget for ac Papaji asks Mohan to at least turn on an air cooler for Renu Mohan says the AC is turned on and it is Renu’s problem.

Aarti teasing Navi . Aarti sends an sms to Beera.

Renu asks Tanu if he saw the baraat. Tanu says no. Renu asks Tanu to go the terrace and keep an eye on the baraat. Mohan hears this and says he will go check. Megha is worried and thinks to herself that she didn’t tell Mohan as to what happened at Beera’s house.

Aarti says Beera hasn’t replied. Navi thinks that Beera didn’t pick up her call when she called in the afternoon. Navi wonders if dada is putting pressure on Beera. Navi thinks that she won’t mistrust Beera again. Mohan comes there and asks what happened and why they look so serious. Aarti tells him that Beera is not picking up the phone. Mohan tries to call Beera and looks at Navi.

Precap: Megha tells Mohan that Karan passed through Beera’s house and he saw no wedding party going through. Mohan is worried. Mohan calls Ragini asks her where the wedding party has reached. Ragini stutters and is about to say something when Dada comes there and snatches the phone away and disconnects the call. Mohan and Megha are worried

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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