Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th April 2013 Written Update

Mohan makes Megha drink some water. She hands over Addu’s muffler to Mohan who has FB of Addu saying he will run away. Navi hugs the muffler and cries. Megha says we found something of Addu’s after 12 years will we find him too? Mohan says we will find him we all will go to get him. Mohan looks at the cover of the parcel and ask where she got it from. Megha tells them that Beera gave it to her. Megha gives Addu’s note to Mohan. Mohan reads it. MEgha says she wants to go and get Addu. Mohan says this letter was written 12 years and I have been to Jhansi many times but I couldn’t find anything. Mohan asks Megha to sit down and asks Navi to inquire about the address from which the parcel was sent. Mohan asks Megha to sit saying he has a few calls to make. Mohan assures Megha that they will find Addu.

Mohan tries to call Beera but his phone is switched off. Beera gets a call from Mohan and he picks it up. Mohan asks Beera where he is and where the receipt of the parcel is? Beera tries to search and says I think I threw it away. Mohan asks him to look around as he has to go to Jhansi. Beera asks if he is going with Megha to Jhansi. Beera says as soon as he finds something he will call.

Megha looks at Addu’s picture and says just a few more moments.

Navi finds the address of Shiv Bhojanalay. Mohan asks Navi to call them and asks Navi not to give up hope.

Megha sitting in the conference hears Addu’s voice asking her to come get him.

Mohan comes in to find her missing. Mohan calls her and asks where she is? Megha says she is going in search for Addu. Mohan asks her to calm down. Megha says she has been calm for 12 years and says she will return with Addu. Megha runs into a taxi driven by Munna. Megha’s phone falls down and Addu swaps it with his phone. He asks Megha if she needs a taxi and Megha says she needs to go to Jhansi. Munna asks her to sit in the car. Mohan calls Megha and Munna picks up. Munna says she is out of your hands. Mohan asks him who he is? Munna says she is going where she should have been long time back. Mohan warns him not to hurt Megha and to stay away from his family.

Navi comes and Mohan asks her to track Megha’s phone signal to know where she is. Navi asks if Megha has been kidnapped. Mohan says it is possible. NAvi says they need to inform the police. Mohan says these people could harm Megha if we do that. Mohan gets into his car and Navi gets in to. Mohan says he has to go to Jhansi and asks her to stay back and to keep calling Megha. Navi keeps calling Megha, the phone rings but Munna doesn’t pick up.

Renu teaching Aarti how to clean up. Tanu comes there and TA start romancing. Renu scolds them. Jiji asks her to not scold TA. Renu says she is getting the house cleaned for Addu’s return. Renu wonders how Addu would look now considering the fact that he was really cute. Jiji says he would still look good.

Megha in the car holding Addu’s muffler and crying. Munna thinks that she is still not stone hearted and that’s why he cannot be mad at her any longer. He thinks now she will see how her son suffered without her. He asks Megha why she is going to Jhansi. Megha says she is going to meet her son. Munna asks her if he was her favorite. Megha says he is still her favorite.

Navi calls Mohan and Mohan asks to keep faith and that Megha will found.

Beera comes to Navi and Navi accuses him and Dada. Beera asks her to stop doubting Dada. Beera tells her that she doesn’t trust him. Navi asks him where he went the other night. Beera asks her who told her and Navi says Aarti. Navi asks Beera what Sharma was doing in Juna mohalla. Navi says the sting operation tapes were stolen and say you were here that night. Beera says he came to get his wallet. Beera says he owes her no answers. Navi says that if anything happens to my mother I would go to any level to frame Dada.

Navi calls Mohan and asks if he found Megha. Navi asks Mohan if Dada’s gang is behind this. Mohan says this is someone else.

Munna asks Megha what her son does? Megha says I don’t know, there are many questions I wanna ask him. Megha says I will meet him after 12 years. Munna says 12 years is long and didn’t you miss him.. Megha says how is it possible that a mother does not miss her son. Megha asks Munna that he is also someone’s son and whether he misses his mother or not. Munna asks her what happened 12 years back that she..? Megha says he got lost 12 years back. Munna asks if he was lost or ran away. Munna says when I was a kid I too used to run away. Megha says he was lost in Indore station and after 12 years I found a clue on him. Munna asks her to stop crying. Megha says we tried to find him everywhere and only we know how we have lived with it. Munna thinks that he doesn’t believe this story as the past 12 years were smooth for you and you were not even bother until you got this clue.

Mohan is right behing Munna’s taxi. He tries to overtake. But Munna speeds up.

Precap: Megha asks Munna to stop at an upcoming PCO. Munna drives by and Megha asks why did not stop. Munna says now this car will not stop nowhere.…..

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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