Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th June 2013 Written Update

Navi tells Beera her hall-e-dil(state of heart). She tells Beera that she is scared that her wedding with him might be a dream. Navi kisses Beera who is stunned. Beera gets call and he tells Navi that he will be back.

Tanu praying that today is his sister’s wedding and he wants to make sure that is worthy of remembrance. Aarti comes there and asks him why he is praying to Renu’s picture. Tanu says not to Renu’s picture but to the cupboard. He opens the cupboard and it is full of beer bottles.

Renu addressing the crowd and welcoming them. Jiji asks Renu if they should start. Jiji thanks everyone for coming. Jiji says our Vyas-Bhatnagar family is in another world. Renu gives dirty looks to Mohan and Mohan returns it right back Prerna, Karan at the sangeet. Jiji welcomes Navi. Prerna tells Megha that Navi is looking as beautiful as her. Megha says more than me. Navi walks up to Mohan and shows her hand to Mohan. MM notice the smiley face on Navi’s palm. Renu asks where Beera is. Mohan tries to call Beera who doesn’t answer his phone.

Mohan, Tanu and Guru search for Beera everywhere.

Beera has been locked into a room by Addu. Navi tries to call Beera and Addu has the phone. Beera keeps banging on the door asking Addu to open the door. Navi messages Mohan asking him to call Beera. Mohan calls Beera and Addu keeps saying “allo allo”. Mohan lands up there and asks him where Ijoo is. Beera shouts out that he is inside the room. Mohan goes to open the door but Addu stands in front. Mohan gives him a stern look and Addu moves away. Mohan asks Beera where he was. Beera blames Addu. Mohan looks at Addu in anger and Addu gives Mohan a flower. Navi comes there and says Addu did it because he didn’t want anyone to take his sister away. Mohan grabs Beera and takes him away.

TA getting drunk.

Everyone is happy to see Beera. Megha asks what happened and Navi says Addu

Jiji says before the competition starts Tanu has something to say. Tanu and Aarti are drunk. Tanu announces that today’s evening is dedicated to Navi.

(Missed a fair bit. can’t update as my DTH connection has stopped working. Apologies.)

(Guessing people performed turn by turn)

Addu and RJ dance on “Itni si khushi itni si hasi”. Everyone applauds them.

Next up are Navi and Beera. They are dancing on Dilliwali GF. After the dance ends Beera picks Navi up onto his shoulder.

Jiji announces that the sweetest pair is going to dance. Megha is shocked. Mohan motions for her to go.

Na Bole Tum(Tere Iss Ishq Mein playing in BG) . . . Megha dancing. Mohan comes to the stage with a rose. RJ is happy. Mohan gives the rose to Megha. MM dance. FB of MM shown. MM continue dancing. MM imagine Megha bringing Tea for Mohan and Mohan giving her tea. Mohan holds up a newspaper and gives tea to Megha behind it MM dance ends.

Jiji announces that Addu & RJ have won. Renu is disappointed.

Jiji invites everyone to come on the stage and dance. Navi dancing and Beera looks at her. Suddenly the lights go off and everyone wonders what happened. Navi asks Jiji where Beera is. Suddenly Addu shouts out Ijoo and the lights come on. Everyone wonders where Beera is.

Precap: Beera is with Dada. MM and the entire family come out to see Beera with Dada. Dada looks smug and happy.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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