My wife, Yuvani, part 3

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Yuvraj in full anger goes to his room. He remembers Suhani’s voice message and close his eyes in frustration. “It is all because of them, they made her life miserable, uncle helpless and me?? I, idiot, didn’t see any of these.” He cursed himself. He was damn frustrated and was about punch the wall in anger.

“Yuvraj, please stop it” Suhani pleaded to him while trying to stop him from punching the wall. But he didn’t. His punches became more violent.

Suh: Yuvraj please, you can’t strain yourself!!

Still, he didn’t stop. Suhani stood in front him and received his next punch near her eye.

“OUCH” Suhani screamed a bit dramatically, more than she would have, hoping Yuvraj will gain some sense. And it did work, he stopped and looked down.

He was frustrated and irritated, Suhani places her hand on his shoulder, he immediately hugs her and cries. Tears started to flow from her eyes when she hugs him back.

Yuv: Why? Why is this happening?? What wrong did I do?

She caressed his hair.

Suh: Yuvraj, we can’t change what happened, and this, whatever they call it fate or destiny; it is never in our hands.

Yuv: I can’t take it anymore, I just can’t.

He cried bitterly, he was very upset by the poor performance he gave on that day’s match, and the worst thing was that they lost the game, that too badly. He couldn’t take it.

Suh: Ok then, leave everything. Retire.

He looked at her shocked.

Yuv: You know I can’t.

Suh: Then how can you accept your defeat??

She cups his face.

Suh: Yuvraj, you can’t fall weak, it is your passion, your life, you can’t let it go as such.

He nodded.

Suh: but I think you should listen to Sharad Bhaiya.

He was super shocked, what she means, is she too, no, she can’t. His eyes reflected fear, she was his only support, he can’t afford to lose her.

Suhani smiles at him assuring, she understood what was going in his mind.

Suh: Yuvraj I was not talking about game.

He was relieved. She sighs.

Suh: Idiot, I was talking about your punching, you know na, it is not good to strain your body, and Yuvraj, this is not done, you are already football champion, now you want to be boxing champion as well?

She asked faking surprise. He smiles hearing her and hugs her tightly.

Yuv: You are right, I can’t fall weak, and I promise, I won’t do something like this again.

Suh: You say this every time.

Yuv: This time pakka.

They smile.

He was very vulnerable in front her, or should I say that she made him so? Only she understood his dream, his passion, and his pain. In spite of having everyone, he was alone till she came to his life. She came as an angel to his life, who always stood by his side, She never failed to console him. It took her almost a week to convince his brothers and their wives, but she was not able to convince Sharad till the previous day, only yesterday he understood her point, but unlike others, who valued Yuvraj’s emotions, he valued Suhani and only because of that things are getting sorted for Yuvani.

Yuvraj felt like he and Sharad should have known everything much before than this, but he was wrong thinking so.

Suh: Oh no, he was hell angry,

She runs to the room, but found Yuvraj sitting on the bed holding his hands; she was relived and stood at the door. He was squeezing his fingers in frustration, he was angry, guilty, and there was also pain in his eyes. She thought of going in but stopped herself because she knew his guilt feeling will increase if he sees her now. He held himself responsible for everything, and she hated it.

Suh: Your anger is justified Yuvraj. If I was at your place and you mine, I too would not have forgiven anyone for insulting you, and that dreadful accusation they made, no, I too might never forgive anyone for that. But…

She sighs and leaves.

Yuvraj was thinking how Suhani calmed him and supported him, she was there with him always and he took her for granted. He always shared his pain with her, but never noticed the pain she had, He failed to see her struggles, failed to recognise her love. He feels ashamed of himself.

Yuv: I am really bad Suhani, I don’t deserve you. In my misery, I forgot about you completely and you, there wasn’t a second in the last one year when you have not thought of me, I was and is your priority always and me??

He cries again.

Guys I don’t know who is right and who is wrong here. When you support and stand by a person in all his needs and necessities, without expecting anything back, it is obvious that, that person will take you for granted. It is because he is used to it. I don’t you is wrong here, the one who takes the other for granted or the one who lets the other to do so. I just can say that in such situation, this happens. And same happened with Yuvani, if Shard hadn’t made Yuvraj realise Suhani’s struggle, he might not have realised her value at all, because Suhani will never make him realise it.

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  1. Fantastic.. love the way you describe.. eager to know what actually happened.. update soon..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Fabulous epi.. I loved the Lines you said about Letting someone to treat us for granted or to take someone for granted..There is no ones fault in is just the situation .. Well will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. Nithu

    I love ur ff….its sooo nice

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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