My wife, Yuvani, part 27

The next day:

It was a pleasant day as they all went for outing. They did shopping, went for movie, had good form outside…. All together they enjoyed the day.

Evening Suhani went to meet Punkaj.
Punkaj was happy seeing her.

She: princess so you came, I knew it, I know my princess can’t stay away from her Papa. Now won’t let you cry ever, everything will be fine from now.
He smiles.

Pun: come inside na, but where is your luggage?

Suh: Papa, voh… (closing her eyes) Papa I can’t leave him.

Punkaj fumes.

Suh: Papa please, listen to me..

Pun: I told you to make a choice, and you did, now what is left, go from here, I am not your Papa.

Suh: (crying)Papa please…


He shuts the door on her face. She cried harder.

Suh: Papa please, please think over emotions…please..
She leaves.

Pun: I know princess I am hurting you, but I can’t let you suffer more. You don’t know how I felt when I saw in that condition, and being I this relationship you will be in that condition and in much more worse one and I will never let that happen.

Suhani was getting better by the passing days. Things started to improve on a faster rate once she started to go to college. Because it is the world of her chemistry, her passion.

Other than her love on Yuvraj, her passion towards chemistry is the thing which made her realize the importance of football in Yuvraj’s life. She knows what passion means.

With her determination and the support from her bils and sils finally she was back in her chirpy self. She still had nightmares and at times, those words still rings in her ears, but now she is able to manage them.

But she was still sad, her parents are still angry on her, she tried many times, but Punkaj stood adamant.

Yuvraj was to come back on the next evening. With great difficulty she somehow convinced her bils and sils to return back to BH. they were not ready to go back, but then how will they win against her stubbornness.  So with half mind they agreed to leave.

She still was afraid on how will she react after seeing Yuvraj. she hoped she would stay strong.

Next evening:

Yuvraj was back home. He greeted everyone and the seven had some fun and then others leave.

Suhani was happy as she was behaving normal.

Yuvraj looked at Suhani and then something struck her. Before he could say anything, she kept her hand on his head. He was confused.

Suh: Yuvraj I know what you are going to say, but I won’t let you say it. So listen, by any chance, I mean it, that is by any chance, I am not going to leave ice cream.

Yuv: But,

Suh: I told you na Yuvraj, today you won’t say anything. Today only I will speak and you be the listener.

Yuv: (murmurs) what is new in it?

Suh: Did you say something?

Yuv: Nope.

Suh: Good. But where was I? Yup ice cream, so yes I am not going to leave it. I know I fell sick due to over consumption of ice cream. But then just think na Yuvraj, I am not a kid na that I don’t know that eating too much ice cream is bad.

Yuv: (murmurs) I don’t doubt it, you are a kid.

Suh: Again did you say something?

Yuv: of course not, I am only listening.

Suh: Alright, as I was saying, even after knowing that ice cream would affect me, I had ice cream, that too in huge quantity. So that shows my craziness on ice cream, right? So Mr.patidev you have no rights to stop me from having it. But yeah, I know you why you want to ban my ice cream, it is your concern over me. And I am not a heartless wife who don’t care  about her husband’s feelings, so for you, I promise that I won’t take more than three…(she stopped)three? Oh no, no Yuvraj, not three, I won’t take more than five ice creams at once.

Yuvraj widens his eyes.

Suh: And before you say anything, listen I can take five ice creams in ease and nothing won’t happen. Trust me Yuvraj, I mostly take five at once. So deal, I would reduce the amount of ice cream. I would stop at five. Ok.

She looks at him smiling victoriously and he was looking at her without blinking his eyes. His wife has gone completely mad.

Suh: Yuvraj, why are you silent, do you have any objections.

He shook his head in no.

Suh: Good. So get fresh, then we will have dinner.

Yuv: You too get fresh, today we will have dinner form outside and after dinner we will.have ice creams too. It would be romantic.

He winks at her.

Suh: (irritated) What is romantic in ice cream Yuvraj?. And you want to have food from outside when your wife planned a surprise romantic candle light dinner for you in the house, that too with all your favourite food. You are so unromantic Yuvraj.

She huffs and leaves. He looks at her open mouth. What is wrong with her today!! Hyper active kiddo.
He smiles.

Suhani was in her room. She was so happy, she was afraid thinking how she would behave in front of Yuvraj. Thank God she was “normal”.

She was so excited and stared to dance crazily. Yuvraj who came in confirmed that his wife has turned to a complete mental.

Yuv: Suhani bas, what got on to you today.

Suh: (happily)Nothing Yuvraj, just mood swings.

Yuv: mood swings??

Suh: Ha Yuvraj, mood swings.

She twirls around. He smiles naughtily

Yuv: (faking excitement) moo, mood swings, from when?

Suh: from when means what, from childhood onwards.

Yuv: WHAT????

Suhani closed her ears.

Suh: why are you shouting Yuvraj, I said I get mood swings, not that I am preg…

She stopped as she realized usually “mood swings” occur for pregnant ladies.

She turned all red and looked at Yuvraj, who was smiling naughtily at her.

Suh: Yuvraj, I, I was not talking about tha, that mood swings, I was just casually saying.

He holds her by her bare waist and s her towards him, she gasped.

Yuv: so what about creating those mood swings?

He winks, she blushes hardly and looks down. He smirks. He lifts her head by her chin and looked deep into her eyes. She was lost in his intense gaze and then they kissed passionately.

He breaks the kiss when they were out oxygen, she hides her face in his chest. He smiles.

Suh: Yuvraj, get fresh, I will arrange dinner.

Yuv: yeah, I am excited for my special dinner.

Suh: special dinner, but how did you, (then she realize)  damn, I told you about the surprise right silly me.

She whined like a kid. He smiles.

Yuv: it is ok .

Suh: No it isn’t, it was a surprise and I spoiled it.

Yuv: We hive surprise to make a person happy right and my happiness is in spending time with you. So chill.

Suh: pakka,

Yuv: Ha pakka.

She smiles and leaves, he too smiles.

Later, as Suhani planned they had a candle light dinner and they fed each other.

After dinner Suhani grabbed Yuvraj to the balcony and made him sit in long sitting position by leaning on the wall. She then sat in between his legs and wrapped his arms around her and held his arms.

Yuv: Suhani,

Suh: just don’t say anything Yuvraj. Just enjoy this moment. This silence.

He smiles.

As she said, both sat there silently in the moonlight, enjoying each other’s presence, listening to their calm heartbeats. Slight wind was being and it made the atmosphere more beautiful. They sat there silently, enjoying the moment, feeling blissed.

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