My wife, Yuvani, part 18

Yuvraj was supposed to go to camp after two weeks. From the time he came home, Dadi and Pratima were trying all ways to stop him playing. They never left a chance to emotionally blackmail him and he was very frustrated.
Few days passed like this and Yuvraj was under hug pressure, it was beyond for him to handle.

One morning, breakfast:
Everyone were seated around the table, Ragini and Suhani were serving food. Rags was about to serve to Dadi, but she stopped her.
Dadi: I will have food only if Yuraj accepts my condition, till then I am fasting!
Everyone other than Yuvraj looked shocked, he was again irritated.
Yuv: Dadi please stop this,
Prat: But she isn’t doing anything wrong.
Yuv: Ma…
Prat: What Ma? Yuvraj, why can’t you just listen to us. Why can’t you understand us?
Yuv: Then why don’t you understand me? Ma, please I will be fine, and even if not, then too I will be happy always, because I am living the life I wants. Please don’t stop me and Dadi please have some food.
Dadi: I think I made myself clear!
Yuv: (angrily getting up) Fine, do whatever you want, but will you do all these stunts only when I am here right. So it would be better if I leave from here, that too forever.
Everyone looked at him shocked.
Yuv: Suhani, get your packing done, we are leaving from here.
Suh: Yuvra,
Yuv: We are leaving asap. So have food and come fast.
He left to their room. Pratima and Dadi were giving death galres to Suhani. But she wasn’t bothered about it. She had to stop him and hence ran after him.
Dadi was about to say something,
Sau: Dadi please, it is not Suhani’s fault.

In their room:
Yuvraj was busy packing when Suhani came there.
Suh: Yuvraj, what are you doing?? Are you even in sense??
Yuv: Suhani, you heard them, from the past ten days, they are not even letting me take a breath. I can’t take it any longer.
Suh: But Yuvraj, how can we just leave. This is your house, your family.
Yuv: Then why don’t they understand me?
Suh: Yuvraj, they are scared and,
Yuv: Enough Suhani, I am fed up. Or do you wanna stay here?
Suh: No. I will come with you.
Yuv: Ok then make it fast. I will just come.
He left from there and she stood there miserable. She wanted to stop him.
Saurag and menu came in as soon as he left.
Anuj: Bhabhi, why were you trying to stop him?

Suh: Are you insane or deaf?? Didn’t you hear what he said?? How can he leave his house.
Sau: He isn’t insane or deaf, but we all feel like you shouldn’t stop him. You both should leave from here.
Suh: What are saying??
Rags: You should, it is right for both of you, mainly you.

Sau: you will be free of those hatred filled gazes and heart aching taunts.

Suh: but Bhaiya,
Anuj: no bhabhi, please you should leave from here, we can’t see you like this. Promise on us that won’t pressurize Bhaiya.
Suh: but,
Sau: please.
She nodes. They all smile and hugs her.
Rags: come on now, lots of packing to do.

Together they five did the packing. By the time they finished Yuvraj returned with the papers of a flat. Being a celebrity, it wasn’t tough for him to get a new house for himself.
And yuvani were all set to leave. Suhani was on the verge of crying. They bend to take blessings from Dadi and Pratima. But neither of them blessed Yuvani.
They bid bye to Saurag and Menu and stepped out of the house. Suhani looked back at BH for one last time. Tears started to fall down, she wiped them and left the house with Yuvraj.

  1. ItsmePrabha

    So Sad…feeling bad for yuvani..will be waiting for the next..

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    feeling sad for suhani 🙁

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  3. Another amazing chap.. poor Suhani, here also she has to tolerate dadi’s hatred, but pratima’s relation with Suhani here is completely different from that in the show.. it was too short compared to other chaps.. eager to know what awaits them..

    1. Yuvani

      Sorry for the short one dear, well Suhani-Pratima relation is bitter here, but situation demand dear. Hope you will like what follows, thank you

  4. Nice FF eagerly waiting for next update

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    I extremely love reading YuvAni fan fictions ?

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