Hii everyone i hope you all are satisfied with the characters let start our episode. The episode starts with Shomi
waking our swara from her beauty sleep. Lets go into her room but wait where is she!!!
one girl is sleeping on the floor peacefully. But there is a bed then why to sleep on the floor. Wait she is weeping
but why what happened to her let us see

Girl:I didn’t do anything. But why i am being punished by my loved ones. Am i that bad. May be or may not.
she heard the voice from downstairs
“Swara wake up”
Swara:yes mom coming.
She silently woke up and went to freshen up by hiding her tears and pain.
Shomi:come on have your breakfast.
Swara is studying fourth year in kolkatta IIT where sanskar is studying same as swara in mumbai IIT.
Swara:mom tell dad to drop me to my college atleast today. He is not bothered at all about me she pouts.
Just then shekar came
Shekar:why my doll is looking upset.
Swara:i don’t wanna speak with you dad.
Shekar:okay.But think once again i thought to buy you an ice-cream and drop you at your college. But you are not
speaking with me okay then byeeeeee.
Swara:dad who said i am not speaking with you. Come na have your breakfast with me and she smiled sheepishly.
Shomi and Shekar:Drama queen
They trio had breakfast and Swara and Shekar left to college and office respectively.
Swara entered the college with her best friend ragini.
Ragini:Swara don’t worry everything will be fine.
Swara:Am i that bad ragini? Why he said that?
she said this with tears.
Ragini:Swara come lets go to library.
She said that to divert her mind.They both went to library.
Swara:Ragini he is coming. What should I do now?
Ragini:stay strong swara i am here na I will speak with him.
Boy:Swara i wanna speak with you please just for once.
Ragini:you always does this and asks to speak but why?
Boy:ragini i am speaking with her.
Ragini:ohh!! I am speaking with you then.
Boy:Ragini please.
Ragini:no not now. Leave now.
Boy:Swara please once only for once.
Swara:no enough i had tolerated many things. Enough is enough. I dont want to speak anything. Leave from here.
by saying this swaragini went from there.
Swara:i hate him ragini.
Ragini:hushhhh.Dont cry swara leave it come lets have chocolate smoothie.
Swara:okay(she said that by hiding her tears).
The episode ends with the boy is looking at swara with pain and swara’s face with pain too.

So guys how is the episode if any errors please do tell me and encourage me. Thank you. Signing off sweetie.
Untill then keep guessing who is that boy.Bye bye

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