My Perfect Wife (SwaSan TS) Shot 1 by Marsuu

My perfect wife (SwaSan TS)
Shot 1:

Sanskar Maheshwari( 24 years old): He is businessmen and handles his company with his father and brother. He got married three months ago and loves his wife swara alot. They had love marriage and they were in relationship for four years in their college.

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (22 years old): she is bubby girl who is married to sanskar and she loves her family. She only has her mother shomi in her backhome. Now she is so happy to be daughter in law of a joint family. She loves sujata and ram alot.

Laksh Maheshwari(30 years old) : sanskar’s elder brother. He is gentleman and loves sanskar and swara alot. He treats swara as his little sister.

Ragini Maheshwari (30 yeas old): Laksh’s wife and she doesn’t like swara as she always wanted her sister kavita to marry sanskar. Sanskar rejected kavita as he already love swara.

Khushi Maheswari( 6 years old): she is daughter of laksh and ragini. She loves swasan more than anything.

Sujata and ram Maheshwari: parents of laksh and sanskar. They love swara because according to them she is pure and doesn’t think bad of anyone where ragini is okay as she behave rudely sometimes.

Kavita Gododia( 24 years old): ragini’s sister. She always wanted to marry sanskar because he is handsome and wealthy. She also don’t like swara.

SwaSan got married when swara completed her graduation four months ago. Swara was sanskar’s junior and sanskar joined his company two years ago after his graduation. They went to honeymoon after two months of their marriage because sanskar has some deals to handle.

Maheshwari House:
The door bell rings and khushi ran to open the door. It’s Sunday morning so everyone is at home. All are sitting in the hall after having breakfast. ” wowww chachu and chachi are backkk” khushi sequealed happily as soon as she saw swasan who came back from their honeymoon. ” how is my khushi??” Sanskar asked kissing khushi’s cheeks. ” I’m good” she said. Swara pull her cheeks and they all enter inside. Servants kept their bags in their room.
“Hello mom dad” swara hug them. ” Hi bro” she gave hifi to laksh. ” hello bhabhi and kavita” she said giving them a smile. She is not that frank with ragini as she is very stern with her. Swasan settle on the sofas when laksh started teasing them. ” hmm how was the honeymoon??” Swara placed her hands on her cheeks. “It was just awesome” sanskar said. ” swara you also tell??” Laksh asked. ” don’t ask I’m feeling shy” she said covering her face. ” awww” sanskar laugh and side hug her. He softly kiss her hairs. Sujata and ram are very open minded and they don’t bother about the little romance of swasan. They keep on talking and having fun. Apart from all this, ragini and kavita were feeling angry sitting at one corner. “This should be my place di” kavita said staring at swara. ” you know I’m still trying when they are already married” ragini told her.

After half an hour:
Sanskar came back after changing his clothes whereas swara was sitting with sujata telling her stories of their honeymoon. ” swara go and change” sanskar said her. ” two mins” she said and again started talking. Sanskar signed as he know she won’t listen. “Sanskar i will arrange breakfast for you” kavita said. Sujata also got attentive when she said as she know kavita is still trying on sanskar.
” it’s okay kavita i and swara had breakfast outside btw when did you came??” Sanskar asked. ” yesterday only as di was missing me so i thought i should live with her for some days ” kavita answered happily. She likes the attention from him. Later sanskar picked his laptop and started working.

At night:
“My goodness” sanskar gasped entering in his room when he saw their bed covered with clothes and swara is sitting in the centre. ” swara what are you doing??” He asked going close to her. ” unpacking our bags come on help me” she said. ” Okay” he nodded and started arranging their dresses.
They competed the setting and lie on the bed. ” sanskar when i will join the company?” Swara asked. “Swara i don’t want you to work, just enjoy your life” he said. ” no i want to work” swara said being stubborn. ” you know your boss is very strict” sanskar said coming on her top. Swara held his collar and pull him closer
” no problem i know how to handle him” she whisper huskily. Sanskar held her hand and kiss at the palm. Then he kiss her forehead and eyes. “sanskar…” she was about to speak when he placed her finger on her lips
” shhhh” he rub her cheeks and softly kiss her lips. Their eyes were close and they enjoyed the warmth of each other. They had kissed each other uncountable times still the fire between them is same. Swara hug him when he broke the kiss.

Their moment was disturbed by the knock at the door. Swasan parted instantly. Sanskar cursed himself as he forgot to close the door. ” yes kavita” kavita was standing at the door and she was annoyed to hell seeing their closeness but she was pretending to be normal. ” actually i came to give milk” she said. ” you need not to bring all this we would have got ourself btw thanks” sanskar said going near the door. Kavita nodded and give him the tray and left the room. Sanskar closed the door. He gave one glass to swara and one he took for himself. ” sanskar you didn’t answered me” swara said annoyedly. ” about what” sanskar asked as if he don’t know anything.
” my jobbbb” swara screamed. ” ohh yeah you are joining from next week” sanskar said. ” wowww love you” swara tightly kiss his cheeks. ” but seriously swara I’m very professional in office so, beware” he warned her. ” that i will see” she roll her eyes.

Precap: Swara’s first day in office.

Hello guys!! I hope you all remember me.
This is short story with 2 or 3 parts. Let me know if you are interested to read. Epilogue of naughty billo is coming next.
Thank you

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    Ripu dear.. Is that really you? Welcome back dear.. How are you? Missed your stories so much.. Please dont disappear like this..
    Coming to this story, as usual its just amazing..except for that ragini and kavita, loved everything.. eagerly waiting for more dear.
    Naughty Billo epilogue? Dear, as far as I remember, you left that story where Swara as doubt on Sanskaar by listening to some radio program. Then how epilogue directly? Please dont end it so soon. Didnt even got proper SwaSan moments. Please extend it. We can wait for updates but dont end abruptly like this rushing the story. Please.
    Thank you dear.. Tc..

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  10. Superb dear can’t forget Ur stories pls don’t end naughty billo so soon.

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