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One room is shown which is decorated and a girl covered with veil is sitting in the middle of bed…and its our ragini

Rag:in mind oh my wat should i do??y i acceped for arrange marriage?this house/room/people over here,all r new to me…and they arranged this to(first night) should i accept it all of a sudden??but i think most of the girls life will b lik this?i regret now…one advice to all..its better to do love marriage than this…

Her heart oh stop it ragini..dont panick u really regreting this mrg..imagine that day

Fb @shopping mall when both ragini and groom family went to do shopping for their marriage

Rag:looks at him

Groom:i think this red colour will suit u


@ragini home As soon as they return frm shopping

Suj:sankar shall v go

san:one minute ma…aunty shall i speak to ragini

Jan:nods smilingly

@lonely place

Rag is nervously looking down

San:smiles and holds her hand

Rag:(widens)wat r u(her sentence left in middle when he places a parcel on her palm)

San:so my would b wifey ..hope u like this dress

Rag frowns and looks at him

San:eyes her to open it

As soon as she opened it stammering voice how do u ….

San:i have seen u in a shopping mall..u were eyeing this lehenga alot and then i conclude it but im angry on u


San:u lik it right then y u didnt protest/ask when i tell u to choose red one

Rag:vo vo because(stammers)

San:b urself ragini…dont need to change urself ..and i lik u the way u r…and it may b a small thing but my ragini shouldnt change herself whether its small or big..i didnt care..okay

Rag:looks at him…thank u

San:blink his eye and went

Fb ends

Rag:yeah u r right..he is soo understandle but

Her heart no stop thinking negative

Her mind dont listen her ..may b to attract u he did lik that..nothing else…dont get trapped

Her heart mind ur wrds now he is her hubby

Her mind u mind it

Her heart u mind

Both fights..

Rag:stop it(shouts)

After few min

Door is opened..she immediately clutched her lehenga ..oh god plz im not ready for should i tell it to him?is he(her thoughts got disturbed by sanskar’s voice)

san:ragini(she clutches her lehenga more now)

San:go and change into some light dress

Rag:immediately removes her veil and looks at him

San smiles by looking at her shocked face…dont u want to change

Rag:(stammers)thank u

San:smiles by seeing her slurring speech

After few minutes as soon as she came frm restroom,shocked to c sanskar in couch

Rag:san(words r not coming in her mouth in mind y im nervous in fornt of him)

San:did u call me

rag:nods vo vo (again stammers)

San smiles widely by cing her nervousness

Rag:i mean its its (oh my god wat happen to my vocabulary i think i shoudnt c his face ,she turns by showing her back to him)


Rag:i mean wat i want to say is?i will sleep in couch ..its ur room feeling bad that all of a sudden im claiming ur properties

San:controls his laugh…i know its tough to accept it in a short period but the truth is, there is no I AND U between us …ITS WE AND OUR..sleep well good n8 by saying he lyes on couch

Rag:looks at his sleeping face by thinking of his words…in mind wat he said is true? But i dont want to rush in a relationship


As soon as sanskar opened his eyes…his eyes fell on his beautiful wife who is sleeping peacefully in bed and goes towards her and pats her

Rag:plz ma 5 more minutes(in sleepy tone)

San goes and get fresh and came again to wake up her …when he is abt to place his hand on her shoulder..she immediatedly opens her eyes…and looks at him questioningly

San:sry to scare u …i thought to wak u up

Rag immediately looks at the clock and her eyes widens when she time is 8.30am

Rag(panicks)oh my god wat should i done?wat will aunty will think of me?first day itself

San(holds her hand)ragini b calm..mumma will never think lik that…its also ur home now…she is soo understandble


San:k if anything happen lik that..i will speak to her but u dont forget she were also DIL ONCE

Rag chuckles at his statement


Rag:auntt im very sorry i wont do lik this

Suj:smiles its k beta…its also ur home..u can sleep as per ur wish..dont get scared of me…im very pity old women u know

Rag:smiles a bit

@breakfast area

Rag:aunty shall i serve?

Before sujatha speaks

San:no ragini …v all will eat together

Rag:then who will serve

Ram:v all only beta …y any problem

Rag:but uncle

San:actually my pappa hate when my mum serves him


San:u will know

Rag:then i will

San :lik father lik son…now i will hate it when u serve me(teases her)

Ramsuj chuckles

Suj:dont tease her sanskar..nothing much our home v all eat together only..if i serve them then i should eat hubby and son dont like it…

ram:morever i like to eat with my wife

Rag:(smiles by cing their lovely bond)k i will serve ..u sit aunty

san hits his forehead….ramsuj chuckles again

Rag looks at sanskar

San:i said lik father lik son…dont u understand

Rag:(rewinds all their statement)nervously sat in the chair

@ragsan room …ragini is shown arranging her cupboard


rag:turns towards him

San:i know its very tough for u….leaving ur home all of a sudden and marring me ,a stranger,and sharing over here…but u can take much time u want…k and i dont mind sharing my things with u even my parents …if u want anything u can ask me or else to mumma pappa…is it k?
Rag nods

Hope u like it
Seriously dont want to warite but this story is nagging my mind since when MK asked me to write a arrange marriage love story..i cant able to do my other work. .thats y im posting it…i want to post it here rather than watty .. Dont know why???

For my last ff i got only six comments…may b u people started get boring in my way of writing…
If u have any problem u can tell me…i will change it…And if get only one comment also..i will b happy. I will continue this ff for that one person
Thank u for ur love

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