My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-14)


Vansh’s POV starts:-

So finally after a lot of hide and seek, I made Riddhima to Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania. But I had a doubt did I do anything wrong with our life? No, I love her and I just know that she is mine. From now she is mine no one I repeat no one even had the right to think about her. She is mine only mine. Even if she don’t accept that.

Vansh’s POV ends:-

Riddhima’s POV starts:-

Is this even my life? I don’t even have the right to think about my life. First mom left me then dad without thinking about me got married to Chachi and forced me to accept Chachi as mom and when even I did that she… I remembered the day I was 10 and I called her mom she had thrown that hot burning oil over my hand, and holding that injured arm ordered me to call her as Chachi. Saanvi never accepted me as her sister and she always used to insult me in front of her friends. I know I don’t have that much respect but I had my self-respect.

And that also went in vain, when Saanvi’s boyfriend forced himself on me and on punishing him my family insulted me and named me as whore, that wasn’t over yet. Saanvi hired some goons as she think that I stole her boyfriend and that day only Aryan saved me from those goons. They think that I don’t know about all this. Really we stay under the same roof.

I hadn’t told Aryan about all this as I know he will punish them anyhow and I don’t want that as just for years they gave me place under their roof. I know the reason isn’t valid but that’s the truth, a bitter truth of my life and another one is now I’m married to a person whom I just know for few hours. Now I’m Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania, I don’t know whatever is happening is right or not. I just know that I did what situation made me do.

Riddhima’s POV ends:-

Aryan’s POV starts:-

Finally the thing happened that I don’t know I was waiting for it or not. I’m confused and I’m going to faint due to this confusion. Oh shit, it means it is there first night. Hawww…. No… ohk wait why I should get tensed they should be the one to get. My Best friend Riddhima, all the best to you dear. But I can help her wow Aryan you are a genius.

Aryan’s POV ends:-


Author’s POV:-

Vansh and Riddhima looked at each other as they heard Priest’s voice. Aryan looked at Angre whose face didn’t held any emotion. He moved to him.

Aryan: What happened to you?

Aryan whispered to Angre who looked at him.

Angre: I’m shocked by….

Angre said in same voice on which Aryan interrupted him.

Aryan: Ooh I thought these shocks is like your daily dal chawal.

Angre looked at him in shock and confusion.

Angre: Now what is this connection?

Angre asked him in slow voice.

Aryan: Oh you don’t know then you need to grow up. Grow-up first child, ok?

Aryan said patting his shoulder and giving him a mischievous smile while he frowned and ignored his talk.

Vansh got up while Riddhima was just sitting there with her moist eyes.

Vansh: Riddhima.

He said while looking straight and just to bring her back but she didn’t reacted as if she wasn’t able to hear it only. Vansh looked at her in irritation, he held her arm and made her got up. He gave his shawl to her and left from there with Angre while Riddhima fell on the floor.

Aryan rushed to her.

Aryan: Riddhima….Riddhima… Are you okay?

He asked her but she was just sitting their numb. He left from there and came with a glass of water.

Aryan: You haven’t eaten anything for hours, have water at least.

He said forwarding her, but she didn’t reacted at that. He saw around and on not finding anyone held her arm in a loose grip.

He brought her to a room.

Aryan: Riddhima drink it now.

He said forwarding the glass once again but she didn’t accepted

Riddhima: I don’t want, Aryan and please leave me alone.

Riddhima said looking away.

Aryan: Leave me alone…. Yaa exactly why not… all say to leave them alone as if they have to solve some equation of math’s that they need peace, right? Riddhima now it’s my order if you don’t drink this water within a second. Then I will…. I will… I will do whatever I will do first you drink it. Promise I will leave after that

Aryan said it forwarding it to her and when she looked at him he showed her his puppy eyes and kissing her teeth in irritation she gulped down the water.

Riddhima: Now leave.

She said handing him the glass and showing him the door whereas he kept the glass on the table and sat on the bed confusing her.

Aryan: Now tell Riddhima what’s the issue?

Aryan said looking at her while she looked at him in confusion.

Riddhima: Nothing is the issue I’m just confused now- you just leave please.

Riddhima said directing him the door.

Aryan: Ok then tell me what the confusion is?

Aryan asked looking at her.

Riddhima: Aryan will you…..

Before she could complete.

Aryan: I won’t leave and better you discuss the issue or whatever it is your confusion. Riddhima aren’t you behaving like a loser who has lost everything. Really Riddhima, ok now you tell me when that day your Chachi was ….. Forget it why to bring your past now… but you know it right then tell me was that ok?

Aryan said in anger while she was just looking at the floor.

Aryan: No, right then now when you got married to a person who at least care for you. What’s the issue? I saw the care bhai had for you. See I helped you twice in running away and you were successful but every time bhai got you back. Ok for a minute just keep your insecurity aside and tell me hadn’t you saw how much bhai cares for you or in short how much he love you?

Aryan said in anger but his voice held that calm and friendly behavior while Riddhima got drown in the thoughts when every time Vansh asked for her insecurity. Her thoughts were broken by Aryan’s voice.

Aryan: Ok if he didn’t showed or you didn’t felt that but even I have a doubt that he haven’t asked about your insecurity for once even when I told him that you are. Then why?

Aryan asked keeping his fingers on his chin.

Riddhima: He had asked but I hadn’t told.

Riddhima told while fidgeting with her fingers.

Aryan: Riddhima I’m sure my bhai’s look and even he is scary like a wizard but I can he isn’t one then how will he come to know what’s going on in your brain. And yeah if it’s some daily soap that hero will get to know what is going on in heroine’s mind, sorry to say but its real life you can’t expect this from bhai.

He said laughing while she threw the cushion at him.

Riddhima: I know that but he was really scary at that time.

Riddhima said while she looked at him.

Aryan: Really he is but don’t tell him or instead of parties you will see me in VR’s office.

Aryan said it as he threw the cushion at her.

Riddhima: No…no… Mr. Aryan I will tell him you need to be punished.

Riddhima said giving him a mischievous smile.

Aryan: Go… go Riddhima tell him ….

Aryan said playing with the cushion while Riddhima looked at him confused and moved to the door.

Aryan: Btw Riddhima today is your first night remember?

Aryan said while he threw the cushion in the air and caught it whereas Riddhima stopped at the door and came back.

Riddhima: Haan, so what?

Riddhima said and looked at him.

Aryan: So need my help.

Riddhima looked at him.

Riddhima: Why would I need your help?

Riddhima said and didn’t got anything in reply from him, a large growl was heard. Both looked at each 0ther and burst into laughter.

Aryan: You are hungry?

Aryan asked as he kept his hands on his stomach.

Riddhima: Even you are.

She said and sat on the sofa.

Aryan: Let’s go to the kitchen.

Aryan said and moved to her.

Riddhima: Aryan it’s 12 pm, who would be there?

Riddhima said looking at him.

Aryan: Why would we need anything, come. All must be sleeping except your husband and his PA.

Aryan said and held her hand.

Both came out and saw all lights were closed.

Riddhima: What they must be doing?

Riddhima said and followed him.

Aryan: Who, Bhai and Angre?

Aryan asked moving slowly through stairs and heard hmm.

Aryan: Don’t worry nothing wrong

Aryan said and his foot hit the sofa.

Riddhima: Are you okay? (He nodded) btw what do you mean by nothing wrong?

Riddhima asked in confusion.

Aryan: Why you all are so innocent?

Aryan said and Riddhima was again confused.

Riddhima: Or you are being too smart.

Riddhima said while both reached the kitchen.

Aryan: Forget it, what will you eat?

Aryan asked opening the fridge.

Riddhima: Anything

Riddhima said and sat on the slab.

Aryan: Air is there have it.

Aryan said joking.

Riddhima: Shut up

Riddhima said as she saw him.

Aryan: Chocolate ice-cream.

Aryan said and forwarded the cup to her.

Riddhima: My favorite.

Riddhima licked her lips and started having it.

Aryan: Btw you would be the first bride who is roaming around on her suhagraat.

Aryan said giving his mischievous smile.

Riddhima: So what, even Vansh would be the first groom who is roaming around with his PA on his first night.

Riddhima said and Aryan burst into laughter and remembering something composed himself.

Aryan: So you will give a chance to your relationship.

Aryan asked playing with the ice-cream.

Riddhima: On giving a thought to what you told, is right so yes.

Aryan jumped in excitement.

Aryan: Yes….yes…That means my first plan was successful.

Aryan said in excitement making her confused.

Riddhima: Plan? Which Plan?

Riddhima asked in confusion.

Aryan: Array, to make you accept this relationship or both will stay angry from each other.

Aryan said and saw Riddhima who gave him a questioning look.

Aryan: Ok fine sorry but you need to be cautious from Angre more than girls about Vansh bhai.

Aryan said and Riddhima raised her eyebrows.

Aryan: Because he is more with Bhai then usually girls.

Aryan said and Riddhima burst into laughter and just then they heard a voice.

Voice: Who is there?

Aryan looked at Riddhima who getting scared jump from the slab.

Riddhima: Vansh, if he saw me here then.

Riddhima asked keeping her hand on her face.

Aryan: Then he will eat me raw, Riddhima jump.

Aryan said sacred looking at the door.

Riddhima: What and from where?

Riddhima asked in confusion.

Aryan: I mean hide.

Riddhima nodded and looked around.

Riddhima: Where?

Riddhima asked looking around.

Aryan: Hide anywhere for 5 minutes you can hide even in a suitcase.

Riddhima looked at him raising his eyebrows and both heard the increasing voice of footsteps declaring the person is near. Riddhima ignored Aryan and got in a cabinet.

Just then Vansh entered and saw Aryan eating Ice-cream

Vansh: Why you didn’t answered when I was asking?

Vansh asked and moved to him.

Aryan: I was hungry and was eating so I didn’t.

Aryan said and took another scoop while Vansh moved towards the shelf where Riddhima was hiding.

Aryan: What you want bhai?

Aryan asked coming in the middle.

Vansh: Woah, even Riddhima must be hungry. So was going to take for her. Now get aside.

Aryan didn’t moved and handed him the plate.

Aryan: But there is nothing.

Aryan told and sat on the cabinet.

Vansh: I know and I was going to make.

Vansh said making both Riddhima and Aryan scared.

Aryan: Why don’t you order?

Aryan asked and looked at him.

Vansh: Do you have brain?

Vansh asked and Aryan nodded.

Vansh: I guess no, it’s 12:30 now so use your brain.

Vansh said and kept the pan on the burner and opened the knob.

Aryan: Where is Angre, bhai?

Aryan asked looking at the gate.

Vansh: How will I come to know? And why are you here

Vansh asked looking at the pan.

Aryan: To save my friend.

Aryan said and Vansh raised his eyebrows

Vansh: Where is your friend?

Vansh asked and looked at him.

Aryan: Woh….woh…. Ice-cream, if I won’t save it then anyone would eat it Na…so I’m saving my friend.

Aryan said and started looking at his ice-cream. He threw his spoon on the floor and bent down to take it while Vansh was busy in cooking.

Riddhima: Don’t you brain idiot, give him a prank call and send him out. I can’t breathe here.

Riddhima whispered and by God’s grace it was just audible to Aryan.

Aryan did as per told and called Vansh but instead of moving out he picked up the call there only.

Vansh: Hello

He said it three times and on not getting anything in response disconnected the call.

Aryan: Bhai there must be some network issue you can move out and then talk.

Aryan asked and Hopefully Vansh nodded but didn’t moved out.

Aryan: Why are you not leaving?

Aryan asked getting irritated.

Vansh: Why should I as far as I know it’s my resort.

Vansh said looking at him and kept his hands on the slab.

Aryan: I mean to pick up the call.

Aryan said and just then Vansh’s phone rang and he left.

Aryan: Come out.

Riddhima opened the cabinet and came out taking deep breathes.

Riddhima: Thank God.

Riddhima said and kept her hand on her face.

Aryan: Just do one thing Riddhima you drink water, eat the food and then leave till then Bhai can also come. Whom are you waiting leave?

Aryan said and Riddhima nodded and left but came again and took the cup from his hand.

Aryan: My Ice-cream.

He said and sat their alone waiting for Vansh who came there smiling and started making the food while both were talking after a while they departed to their room.


Whereas Riddhima came to her room and sat on her bed and started eating her ice-cream. After few minutes she laid on the bed hearing the foot-steps.

Riddhima: Is this Vansh, now why is he coming here? Don’t he have his own room or wait I’m in his room? Oh no….. Aryan promised me he will help me, I will kill him tomorrow Idiot….. If he did anything then I will… I will… What can I do? I will spray this perfume.

She said to herself and grabbing the perfume bottle laid there covering herself with the duvet.

Vansh entered and saw her sleeping there and moved to her and removed the duvet and saw the perfume bottle in her hand and grabbed it but as she was holding it tightly he snatched it and kept aside and then took her into his arms.

Vansh moved to his room and laid her on the bed and covering her with the duvet moved towards the closet, she got up.

Riddhima: Did he think that I’m sleeping. Good for me, but If he did anything then my perfume is there only. This grumpy bear, I will use his perfume now.

She said to herself and got down and moved to the vanity and grabbing the perfume came back under the duvet.

Vansh came out changing into a comfortable shirt and pant and moved towards the couch and opened the plate which was having pasta spreading its aroma in the whole room.

Riddhima’s nostrils got filled with it and she grabbed the duvet on her face and mumbled few words to her.

Riddhima: Wasn’t he the one who said that he is making this for me? Then now what happened? Liar.

She said to herself and covered her more into the duvet to stop the aroma. But it was too much that she opened the duvet a bit and saw him in front of her.

With a jolt she got up and saw his smiling face.

Riddhima: Are you mad? You scared me…

She said keeping her hand on her chest and taking deep breaths and closed her eyes.

Vansh moved towards her and came close to her face and slides his hand on her face and moving it to her ear removes her earing and then with other he removes other one. While she opened her eyes and saw his face close to her. She took a deep breath as she saw a smirk on his face. His hands moved to her neck and opened the knot of the necklace making it fall on the bed. While she was lost in his eyes and he grabbed her hands started removing her bangles one by one coming closer to her face while she was moving back.

When he was done with bangles, he grabbed them and kept at the side table and pulled her closer making her shocked she looked into his eyes while his hand was on her waist and with a click he opened her waist band and kept it there. His hands moved to her legs while he didn’t broke the eye contact and then he removed her anklets. He came close to her and she closed her eyes.

He got up and kept all her jewelry on the table.

Vansh: Have it and then change your dress.

He said forwarding the plate and she opened her eyes and saw him standing in front of her with a smirk on his face. She took it and adjusted herself on the bed while he moved towards the couch and laid there.

Riddhima: How you came to know that I was awake?

Riddhima asked taking her first morsel of food.

Vansh: I saw your dress which was coming out from the cabinet. That’s why I left with a false call to give you time to leave.

She choked on her food on hearing his words.

Vansh: Water is there on the table.

Riddhima looked on her side and saw a glass covered with a lid and drank water and after completing the food kept it aside and laid there.

Vansh: Want me to change your dress even, I would do it gladly.

He said looking at her from the couch and she got up and moved to the closet.

Riddhima: I don’t have clothes here.

She said and looked at him.

Vansh: Have you checked?

He said looking at her and she shook her head.

Vansh: Then you are surely in a habit of making your own theories, check it’s there.

He said and got up and moved to the bed.

Riddhima: Will you sleep on the bed?

She shouted more than asking making him shocked.

Vansh: Yes…. After all we are husband and wife.

She nodded and left to the closet with the dress making him confuse once again.

Vansh: Do she get seizures attack?

He said to himself and laid there after few minutes she came out and grabbed the pillow and moved towards the couch. Vansh got up.

Vansh: Where you are going?

He asked and she turned back.

Riddhima: Couch. I accepted this relationship just because Aryan gave a valid reason to me.

She said and saw him coming towards her, he grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall.

Vansh: Even If you did that’s good and don’t worry Neither I’m not going to force myself on you nor I’m going to ask for my rights, so at least you can sleep with me on the bed.

He said and looked into her eyes, she nodded and he gave her the space to leave. She moved towards the bed and laid there. He came to her and laid beside her and saw her back. He pulled her to him making her shock.

Riddhima: Just now I said you won’t…..

Riddhima said but he interrupted her.

Vansh: So I’m just cuddling with you. What’s wrong in it?

Vansh said keeping his head on her head and both slept in each other embrace


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