My Love Where Are You- RiAnsh chapter 6 ‘Riddhima!’


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Riddhima: oooo kesi Bhabhi? Kon Bhabi?(oh which Bhabhi? Who bhabhi?)

Angre: aap…(you)

Riddhima: Chup! I am not any Bhabhi. Wese, where is Vansh Rai Singhania? I am here to meet him.

Vansh woke up with these words echoed in his mind. The time they threw her out, at the same time Riya came to Ishani. This means…

That Was Riddhima!

Vansh got up from his bed and immediately called Angre.

Vansh: Angre, the one who called Bhabhi, who came from the entrance. And at the same time Riya came to Ishani’s room. This means that was Riddhima. We need to find about her. Go and check the CCTVs. I need to listen further from Riya.

Angre nods and leaves while Vansh rushes to Sita’s room. Riya was sitting there and chuckled.

Riya: Want to know more?

Vansh came and sat next to Siya. And nodded.

So Riddhima told me her child died due to high stress given by your death. But little she didn’t know that you were alive. She was all broken. She was crying while I consoled her and took her to a nearby temple. Me and Riddhima were always different. I never believed in God. Riddhima told me how Kabir trapped her and about your death. I felt pity for her and said her to be in touch with me. She knew I hated us being together. Riya sighed. And looked at Vansh who wanted to listen ahead.

So we exchanged numbers and she left for this so-called home. Riya finished speaking.

Bas? Then you never met her? I want to know where she is. I want to find my Riddhima. Vansh said looking at her sister.

Toh ab kya jhooth bol dun? Riya backfired with full attitude. (So you want me to lie?)

Can’t believe tum Bhabhi ki behen ho..Angre said entering with a tablet in his hand. (Can’t believe you are Bhabhi’s sister)

Dekho humari kabhi bhi nahi bani, na ab banegi. Mujhe sirf Kabir ka pata chahiye. I want to kill Kabir that’s it. Mujhe koi shouk nhi hai is mahal mai rehne ka.
Riya said.

(Look me and Riddhima were never together. Nor will be. I just want to know where Kabir is. I want to kill Kabir that’s it. I have no interest in living in this palace)

Yes or no, Riya was not saying a lie. She was just a reverse replica of Riddhima. She became more comfortable on the sofa and Vansh took the tablet from Angre.

The video shows gaurds pulling Riddhima out. She kept standing in front of the gate and then an old lady came, Riddhima left with her.

Find about this lady, I have seen her somewhere. Vansh said. Angre kept paused the video looking at Riddhima and left.

Vansh’s POV

I want to know where my Riddhima is. She has already suffered very much because of me. Her twin has the same face, same voice…. But still she is different. Total opposite. From the first day she wanted to find Kabir. Only I know where he is. Angre is hiding something… I didn’t tell him to. I think I should ask her…

Why do you want Kabir?

That’s none of your business. She replied.

What type of woman she is? Her sister is missing and she is staying here for granted. Does she even care? That’s not my point. I have to find Riddhima. I was leaving to my room when Angre came running.
Pov ends

Kya hua Angre? Vansh asks putting his hand on Angre’s shoulder. (What happened Angre?)

Bhabhi ka pata chal gaya hai, Angre said panting.( I got to know where Bhabhi is)

Tum location bhejo mai nikal raha hun (You tell the location I am leaving)

Vansh said and went away.

Angre took out his phone and sent him the location. Riya who witnessed everything laughs.

Ismein hanse ki kya baat hai? Aapko khush hona chahiye. Angre said.

Riya became serious and holds Siya’s hand.

Pata hai Angre?(you know Angre?) Riya said in a serious tone. Riddhima always trusted Vansh. But what she got instead? Nothing. Not even a peaceful death. After that she trusted you as her brother. The only reason I respect you. Because of Riddhima Siya started walking. Siya always loved Riddhima. The only reason why I am staying in this zoo.
Riya didn’t finish but Angre enturrupted.

Zoo? Angre said.

Riya chuckled.

Can’t believe you live in this house. How did Riddhi survive yaar. Doesn’t matter. This Siya Piya gets up so I get Kabir and leave this hell. Riya said sarcastically.

Isn’t Bhabhi your sister? You have no concern for her? She is lost. No one knows where she is. Angre decided to say out his mind.

Riya stood up and left without answering him.

Vansh reached a small house, a really small one. The whole house fitted in the space of his cabin. He slowly entered knocking the door looking at all the surroundings. He entered inside a room which was covered with clothees. He took a cloth in his hand to uncover a picture but before he could, he felt.something in his head. It was familiar to him. A gun.

He slowly turned to see petite figure. Those eyes, which had love for him were full of rage. The lips which had his name were having bruises. The body which belonged to him was shaking. Her hands, her pale face. Vansh shedded crying tears looking at her. Only a hot tear escaped her eyes due to anger. She had a spark in her eyes, not for love. But for her revenge.

You killed my baby.. She said with a lump in her throat and a cracked voice.

I will take any punishment to have you back….  Vansh said looking at her eyes.

Your punishment is to leave me however I am  living. Get out of my house before I kill you. The great Vansh Rai Singhania will be killed by a ‘betrayer’ or you can say ‘gol…

Riddhima!!!! Vansh shouted before she can complete.

DONT SHOUT AT ME VANSH! You are a murderer! Not one but of two lives. Leave me on my behold. I can live as I am living.
She said in her croaky voice and clearly visible she was trying hard not to cry.

Raima beta… An Old broken but sweet voice came. She moved back… A tear escaped and she wiped it and left. She left him.

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