My Heart Belongs To You – a Sidmin ff

My Heart Belongs To You ?? – A Sidmin FF? and Tejasswi Aashim FF

This is my new story and for introduction and chapter 1 please click on my name and read. I don’t know why it’s posted on it but I will try it again.

This is story of Trisha(Jasmin Bhasin) Armaan (Aashim Gulati) and Tamana (Tejasswi Parkash waynkar) those are best friends and do any thing for eachother happiness. other characters join us after sometime just keep patience. 

           Chapter -2 picnic

Armaan’s pov~

Trips with friends are always fascinating and exciting. I am going on a one day picnic with my friends to Ranakpurji . This trip seems to be most exciting.
It has almost been mid of this year but still I and Trisha are not friends. We didn’t even speak to each other even once, but I hope this picnic gives us a chance of being friends.
I reached the school bus early today, but I saw all my friends are already inside the bus. All  the seats have been occupied, and only one seat is vacant which is beside Trisha.
I was very happy so I hurriedly got to my seat. After some time we started our journey and all started playing games. I just glanced at Trisha who was so happy and jumping from the seat while playing.
After some time we all were bit tired, so we sat still in our seats, Trisha was looking out the window, so I thought of starting a conversation with her.
“Hey” I say hesitantly.?
“Hello” she smiles?.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Which Trisha is real this one who enjoy to?alk, or that Trisha who is very quiet???”
She just laughs?, and says; “This Trisha is real. The one who enjoy and talks alot”.
“Then why I can’t see this Trisha in class?”
“Because you are busy with your two friends to notice this This Trisha”. She replies.
Then even you shall join us, so that even you can enjoy our company. For that let’s be friends”. I said while forwarding my hand for handshake. “Friends”, she smiles ? warmly at me and shake? our hands.
We talked a lot after that, we were enjoying each other’s company. Soon we reached Amritsar and visited golden temple. Then we headed to Durgiana temple jalianwala bagh, Maharana Ranjit Singh Museum,Sarovar Biberskar Sahib and then proceed to have lunch.
Lunch had authentic Punjabi dishes like chole bhature, Sarson Da saag with makki di roti and lassi, aloo choliya and Kheer.
Even while having lunch we were sitting together.
After lunch we headed to sun city, Rainbow resort and National park. This is the first time I’ve seen wild animals.
I was very excited and happy. But on the other hand I saw few of my friends were scared and one among them was Trisha. I quickly went near her and tried to calm her down.
After visiting the whole park, we given snacks so we happily had that and  sat at our places in bus and we reached Wagha Border there we saw our Indian soldiers performance and parade this is really best moment everyone heart beats increased. After it we again went and sat in bus towards our home.
We all slept after getting settled on the bus. It was the time for us to get off us we have reached school. So I told Trisha to get up. She instantly got up.
We could see our parents were already waiting for us, so one by one we got down and went near our parents.
We bid goodbye to our teachers and friends, but I personally went near Trisha and bid her goodbye. She just smile and said good bye. My dad come to pick me up. So I got settled in passenger seat of my car and my dad started driving. I was very happy today. It is new beginning of my new friendship and I hope we remain friends forever.


Trips holds most important places in our life nothing can be better the going on a trips with friends . We make lots and lots of memories in trips.i had been to many schools trips and all of them are very special to me. While writing this chapter all my school trips and all of my friends who made them special so if you are reading this then thank you for making those special love u all. And thank you for last comments.


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