Ishq Mein Marjawan FF – Ishq nahi aasan (Chapter 3)

Sorry guys .Due to some issues I couldn’t update it . So here is the next episode.Hope you enjoy 
Episode 3 :-

Samika reaches her college and discuss about the morning incident with her best friend Riya.But Riya ask her not to overthink about it because she felt like it’s just her misunderstanding. Samika thinks about this in the class and gets caught by the teacher. Teacher ask her to come out from her dream world and concentrate in the class .

Mr. Raichand is now at his home and checks the her pictures he took I his camera. He finds her really cute and unique. He talks to himself – “ Yeh luka chuppi ka khel mujhe acha lag raha hain”.

Samika comes back from her college and Riya also accompany her . They reach near woods. Samika look around. Riya ask her “where that ‘So called bhoot ‘ ? Maine bola tha na yeh sab tumari veham hain “ . They go to their respective home.

Samika reaches her home and someone make a loud sound. She  gets shocked and says-“ Bhaiya aapne mujhe daradiya”.He laughs . Samika -“ Toh aa gayi reporter Samrat  Kashyap. Kaisa tha aapka training?” Samrat – “ Badiya. Tum Dekhlo tum ne jo bola same hain ki nahi ?” He shows the bags on the sofa . She takes it excitedly and gets happy. She thanks him . She goes to her room. They all have happy family time. In night , Samrat and Samika is sitting in the balcony and talk about the incident. He ask her if he should come with her to college but she says she can handle it .

In morning, Samika is going to college. Mr.Raichand is waiting for her . He throws a paper & she takes it . She reads it “ iss bhoot ko pakadana aasan nahi hoga!” She talks loudly so that he hears it – “ Dekho aise kisi ladki ko follow karna Galatia’s hain aap jail bhi ho saktha hain.Sun rahe ho kya ? Mr. Bhoot himmat hain toh samne aavo “ . Mr.Raichand  (controls his laughter)- “ Aisa normal mulaqat bilkul bhi nahi . Thoda alag hi Honda chahiye “.  Samika is looking around . She see a man in hoodie and calls him out to stop . But he doesn’t and she walk behind him. (ishq Mein Marjawan song played)They reaches the market and she is following him. She gets a call from her friend Riya to ask her when willow she come . Samika speaks while looking for him -“ Thoda busy hu . Mr. Bhoot  ko pakadana hain .Bye “. Riya – “Yeh ladki bhi na “. She loses his track and she looks around & a small boy help her by showing him . She run after him . He crosses the road and she is going behind him. A car is approaching and is about to hit her . It is Mr. Raichand in hoodie who see the danger on her on the mirror near him . She gets scared and close her eyes while the car is about to hit her.But Mr.Raichand drags her and save her . She opens her eyes and they both look at each other (Ishq Mein Marjawan song played) . He scold her – “ How can you be so careless?  Tume kuch ho Jata  toh ? “. She gets relieved and says- “ Thank you.  Waise Mujhe nahi pata tha ki Bhoot din mein bhi nazar aata hain”. He fakes a smile since he is caught.

Precap :- Samika gets troubled by some goons and Mr. Raichand comes there.



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