My dream and mera dream (Episode 11)

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In Old episode we have seen Shivani-Sam cute serious talks and Sam’s fears for Tej-Mahi relationship.

Lets go to the episode

Tej: You have decided Sam ( in a angry tone)

Sam: Tej… ( Shocked)

Shivani: Don’t be angry Tej we just had a chit chats that’s all.

Tej: Shivani don’t try to support your friend. I have already heard your chit chats

Arivand comes to canteen and sees three of them looking at each other

Arivand: What happened guys why are you three are staring at each other like this.

Tej: Ask your loveable sister.

Arivand: Sam what happened?

Shivani: Arivand let’s go from here let them talk for some time.

Arivand: okay let them be but what happened? Can any body tell me?

Shivani: I will tell you come first.

Arivand-shivani goes from canteen.

There was a silent for some time.

Sam: Tej…

Tej: Shut up Sam ( in a angry tone)

Sam: Don’t get angry  I just had a casual talk with her.

Tej: This is your casual talk. By the way am not angry or upset with you. I am totally disappointed with you. What’s your problem?

Sam: Nothing I feel little possessiveness for you

Tej: This is not a possessiveness. This is your stupidity. OK let’s leave this matter now I am clearly telling this three things to you.

  • First thing I and Mahi are just childhood friends.
  • Second thing Mahi has only one side feeling and too because of our parents
  • Last thing I don’t love her I just like her as a friend like you and shivani .

I only love you and you will be my better half.

Sam: See see you like her . This is what my fear was.

Tej: For god sake don’t act like child you have heard only I like her. You didn’t hear what  I meant for you. Better half? Aleast you know the meaning for better half.

Sam: you consider me as your life partner. Then what about Mahi.

Tej: After explaining this much you again at starting point. Okay let me handle Mahi or else you tell me what proof you want for our love.

Sam: I don’t want any proof our love I believe you and trust you.

Tej: Then.

Sam: I want a only one thing from you. (Sam started to nervous while telling) After our official announcement like engagement or marriage. Mahi should not be around you.

Tej: what I didn’t get tell me again.

Sam mind voice : oh god how to tell you again okay its our life we have to  face any difficult times together. I know when a friend is far it is a bad and horrible feeling.

Tej: Sam tell me I am waiting what official.

Sam: I will tell you now we are in girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. After this we will move to next  relationship like wife- husband relationship..

Tej: of course we will move to next step of our life. What are trying to say Sam tell me  clearly.

Sam: I don’t want Mahi around you now or in future too.

Tej: Sam you are overthinking. Mahi is just my friend. Have you lost your mind

Sam: I am not overthinking or I have not  lost my mind . I am telling  what is partical.

Tej: Can I ask you something?

Sam: haan

Tej: can you stay away from your friends after marrying me

Sam: of course not. I love to shopping with them Have you lost  your mind or what

Tej: exactly this is what I am trying to say then how can  you expect the same from me.

Sam: You get me wrong. The thing is Mahi is one side lover for you. If you stay or around with her. She will think that you are more special for her. Now it is just a crush for her if you  leave  her at this point of time she will feel bad. But not heartbroken. It is better to cut this relationship before it came out our hands. Am telling this our benefit only and also mahi’s future too. Please understand me Tej.

Tej: I understand Sam but …

Sam: but what .

Tej: Now it is difficult to try this because she has come for studies here and her parents gave me responsibility to take care of her and her studies to me.

Sam: That’s all I will take care of her in collage and studies too. But what she is going to study.

Tej: MBA in business management.

Sam: what MBA in business management. But you are hotel management student how can you help her in studies. I will Arivand bhai to help he is business management student and he is also her friend right.

Tej: ya you are right. I will tell Arivand to help her.

Tej calls Arivand.

Sam lost in tej while he trying to speak to arivand.


Sam mind voice: thanks for understanding. I am really happy and lucky to have you in my life . I am sorry for misunderstanding of our love.

Tej waves at sam

Tej: what happened daydreams ah ?

Sam: no no nothing you tell me have  talk to arivand bhai about mahi.

Tej: no he is not taking the call. I will talk to him in room.

Sam: I think he is talking to shivani that’s why he didn’t take your call.

Tej: possible..

Suddenly tej turns in angry face.

Sam: tej  suddenly what happened to you why are you staring at me like this.

Tej: because I am still angry with you.

Sam:OK  I am really sorry ( makes puppy face)

Tell me why are you still angry with me because I have told my father past to shivani first that’s why.

Tej: no it’s not about that. I know it’s your personal you can share with anybody. Even you didn’t tell me your past to me I don’t care about your past life or father’s life. I am only  worried about your present and future life.

Sam: then why you are angry with me.

Tej: I was excited about our d..

Tej mind voice (no tej don’t tell her anything now. She has decided to give up her love for somebody na. Let her wait for some more time)

Sam: excited about..  What tell me .

Tej : No I will not tell you wait till tomorrow now I will bring snacks for us. Bye sweet heart and runs away.

Sam: tell me and go. This ladhka na ( boy na) Totally pagal(mad)

Tej  turns and see her .

Tej mind voice: I know Sam you was worried about me and our love and also your idea for mahi is nice without hurting her feelings that’s I love you so much. So I have planned a surprise date for us. But now I will not tell anything to you. You always care and love for me  beyond limit. Now its my

turn. Love you Sam.

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  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Sam is so possessive that she is asking to break Tej and Mahi’s friendship. Hope Mahi won’t cause any problems or Sam won’t create anything for Mahi. Sam apologizing Tej was sweet. Excited for the next chapter

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