My Best Memories With You (Kaanchi) Chapter 3

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After eating the medicine Sanchi had gone somewhat mad . She told ” before dying, I wanna convey all my love for Isha and Pragya . ” She started moving closer to Kabir and kissed his cheek

” What are you doing ? ” Kabir said while rubbing his cheek to remove the lipstick mark .

Our Wild cat Sanchi made every possible attempt to convey her love to Isha and Pragya ( by kissing Kabir ) . All her attempts were futile but Kabir’s white shirt was full of lipstick marks .

Within 15 minutes Sanchi fell into a deep sleep and Kabir had a victorious smirk on his face .He drove away to Kapoor mansion
Kabir stopped the car in front of the Kapoor Mansion .He looked at her and a unknown smile crept to his face . He came out the car . He slowly carried her in his arms saving her head from getting hit . He carried her in bridal towards his room and made her lay down He looked at her in disbelief beacuse she was wide awake ????. She still had the effect of alcohol .

Kabir : You woke up ?

Sanchi was looking at Kabir and all of a sudden she pulled Kabir towards her . Now both of them were in the bed with Kabir on top of Sanchi . Sanchi was smiling mischievously . He tried to push her but our wild Sanchi drooled on him . Between all her attempts , Kabir’s lipstick marked shirt was ripped by her . His body had the marks of nail scrathes by Sanchi . He was in bare body, Sanchi pulled him back and somehow fell asleep keeping her head on his chest . Kabir had no other option , so slept like that .

In the morning Sanchi woke up with a headache which a effect of hangover . She slowly got up and looked at where she was sleeping and on whom she was sleeping . She saw dupatta lying on the floor with Kabir’s ripped lipstick marked shirt . She got out of the bed and looked at herself by stepping in front of the mirror . Her hair was open , her lipstick smudged, scratch marks on her neck and most importantly her ripped dress . She quickly covered herself with the dupatta.

* What happened last night ?? I just remember drinking the cocktail at the restaurant and after that …Did Dr.Kabir do … No he won’t do this to me … Oh God !!! * These thoughts bombarded Sanchi’s mind . She went to the bed and tried to wake Kabir up .

Sanchi : Dr. Kabir ! Dr. Kabir ! Dr. Kabir !!!

Still Kabir didn’t wake up . Sanchi screamed at the top of her lungs “DR KABIR !!!” Kabir woke up startled.

“Huh ? What happened Sanchi ?”he said sleepily

” Can I know what’s was going on here last night ?? And why are you shirtless??” said Sanchi pointing at the floor .

” You don’t remember ?” asked Kabir .

“Of course I don’t remember that’s why I’m asking you !!” snapped Sanchi

” Okay ! Okay ! Calm down . Seriously  you don’t remember what happened between us last night ??” asked Kabir still in doubt .

“Dr. Kabir !! I seriously don’t know what happened? Would you like to tell me ? ” She said while gritting her teeth .

” Okay ! You know yesterday, we became united .. our soul became one ..and …” Kabir said blushing while Sanchi interrupted .

” WHAT ??? You are joking, right ? ” asked Sanchi in shock

” You don’t believe me ,then see this.. I tried to stop but you drooled on me and I thought ….”reasoned a blushing Kabir while he showed all the lipstick marks and scratches .

Sanchi could not believe this and burst out crying . Kabir looked at Sanchi and tried to console her .

“It was a joke ,Sanchi !!” said Kabir seriously .

Sanchi looked at him with teary eyes and he nodded . Sanchi wiped her tears and hit him lightly on his shoulder .

” Do you think that I would that without your permission even though we’re engaged ? Don’t you trust me ?” asked Kabir .

Sanchi looked at him and was lost in his eyes . They both got lost in each others eyes when Kabir broke the eye lock

Kabir : I didn’t know that you are this fierce when drunk !!(laughs and shows her a video which he shooted last night )

Sanchi : Sorry Dr.Kabir ! But you should have done something ..

Kabir : You know you were uncontrollable last night !

Sanchi : I’m really sorry for the inconvenience , Dr.Kabir !

Kabir : By the way, you don’t need to call me Dr.Kabir ! Call me just Kabir like you were calling me last night . Are you fine with that ?

Sanchi : Umm..Dr.Kabir ! Today is a important surgery , you know..So, get ready.. I’m going for now and we’ll meet in the hospital  (she said changing the topic )

Kabir : You still didn’t answer my question Sanchi !

Sanchi : Get ready KABIR!! (She said emphasizing her last word)

Kabir : No need to go , You can get ready here !

Sanchi : There are no clothes here

Kabir :You can borrow something from Maa …whatever it is you get ready here …I don’t wanna get late

Sanchi : Ok fine !

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    I just came to TU like after 2 days and saw 3 parts of this ff. Read all 3 together and I was like ???. Awesome one Neha!! ???

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