Muskaan 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan performs in the bar

Muskaan 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni getting Sir ji’s call. She goes. Rani says I had a dream that Ronak and Muskaan met. Her mum asks her not to be negative. Nisha thinks this is best moment of my life. Gayatri asks what happened to Nisha. Ronak says call a doctor. Nisha says no, I m fine. Rani’s mum says I don’t think Ronak met Muskaan. Gayatri asks Nisha to take care of her health. Nisha signs no to Rani. Roshni comes to Sir ji and hears him shouting on a man. The man says I hate her, so I threw her away, you also don’t love her. Sir ji sees Roshni and scolds the man. Roshni hears them and cries. Sir ji acts shocked seeing her. Ronak asks Nisha to relax and not take tension.

Nisha says I will not take tension. Ronak says I will handle it. Muskaan calls him. Nisha answers. Muskaan says I m Khushi’s teacher. Nisha gets shocked and ends the call. Ronak asks whose call was it. Nisha says loan giving companies. Ronak says you did good. Nisha blocks the number and thinks maybe Muskaan has landline number, if she calls home then…. Sir ji asks when did you come. Roshni asks was that man my dad. Sir ji says yes, I had called him, I have no words.

Roshni says he hates me. Sir ji hugs her and says let him go, don’t get sad, I m always with you. She hugs him and says yes, don’t get separated from me. He says Mishti doi means sweets, I forgot about the dance program. He asks her to give the Gajra to Muskaan. They come home. Roshni shows Gajra to Muskaan and says look at this, Babu ji got this for you, dance well and collect tip. Muskaan asks who told this. Roshni says Babu ji said. She makes Muskaan ready. Muskaan cries and thinks my daughter is making me ready for dance, why am I so helpless. Roshni says you look good now. Sir ji says you ran from this place, Roshni will bring you back there.

Ronak asks Dev how did he call him. Dev says my marriage is fixed. Ronak says congrats. Dev says I kept a small bachelors party at a bar, get ready and come. Ronak says I don’t visit bars. Dev says I knew it, join me for dinner. Ronak says fine, I will come there and get Hanumant along. Muskaan dances in the bar. Assalaame Ishqkum….plays…. Dev and his friends dance. Sir ji also dances. Sudha says Muskaan is really a good dancer. Sir ji does shayari.

Ronak says I m going to meet my friend, I will have dinner outside, I will go and get Hanumant. Rani’s mum says call Muskaan and ask her to meet tomorrow. Nisha asks how. Rani’s mum says don’t worry. She takes the water jug and spoils Ronak’s clothes. She says sorry. Ronak says what did you do, I will go and change, keep my phone. He goes upstairs. Rani’s mum says Ronak’s time got waste, Hanumant get the car out. Hanumant goes. Nisha gets Muskaan’s number from Ronak’s phone. Ronak leaves.

Nisha calls Muskaan. Roshni answers and goes to Muskaan. She gives the phone and goes. Muskaan talks. Rani’s mum asks Nisha to talk to Muskaan. Nisha says Mira ji, I m Khushi’s mother, I want to meet you. Muskaan says sorry I couldn’t meet you today. Dev clicks Muskaan’s pic. His phone gets off. Dev says don’t know I got the pic clicked or not. Nisha says meet me outside the school, Khushi’s dad is possessive, I want Khushi to study in same school. Muskaan says I understand. Nisha says meet me tomorrow at the park. Rani’s mum tells the plan.

Dev says the dancer was so good, she won my heart, I clicked her pic also. Hanumant says look at the pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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