Muskaan 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan meets Roshni

Muskaan 7th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji asking a lady did she ring the bell. She says yes, I had come to ask for money, you give me money. He asks her to run away. Muskaan prays to get saved from the police. Roshni plays with some kids and wins. She sees Muskaan hiding and thinks to find out the truth. She asks the kids to go and play, she will feed them food today. Inspector asks did you see some girl coming here. Roshn says yes, look there, a girl is coming. Inspector shows Muskaan’s sketch and asks did you see this girl. Roshni says yes, I have seen here, she went to that lane. Police goes. Muskaan gets saved. Ronak’s wife Nisha get worried when the Ronak and Muskaan’s photo frame breaks. Khushi comes there. Roshni comes to Muskaan and asks her to come out, she couldn’t hide from her.

Khushi asks what is it. Nisha says its my Didi’s photo, I can’t show it now, the frame is broken, its bad luck, go to Dolly and get ready. Khushi says I m going. She goes. Ronak says I m coming in two mins. He asks what’s the matter. Nisha says I was feeling hot, I m fine. He asks did you see my cheque book. She gives it to him. He says thanks, its Khushi’s birthday. She says its big day for all of us. He recalls losing Muskaan.

He asks Khushi to say bye to her mum. He takes Khushi to drop her to school. Roshni asks Muskaan why is police after her. Muskaan says I can’t tell you, thank you for saving me. Roshni says just wait, you have to tell your complete story. Muskaan says I can’t say it. Roshni says fine, then go. Muskaan caresses her. She says you are still a young girl, thanks for saving me. She goes. Dolly greets Hanumant. She asks him for his time. He takes her in arms and romances. He gets Nisha’s call. He drops Dolly. He asks Hanumant can he take her to market. Hanumant says I will come. Muskaan comes to office to meet Ronak. The man says I m the owner, I didn’t buy this from Ronak, but from Mr Malkani, you have come at the wrong place. Muskaan gets sad and thinks of Ronak. Roshni follows her. Muskaan sees the Devi idol and prays. She says I m standing alone with your memories, alone.

Roshni sees a man stealing a wallet. She runs and catches the thief. She scolds him for stealing. The thief asks him to give it back, else he won’t leave her. Ronak come there and beats the goon. He asks are you not ashamed to raise hand on a girl. He bashes the goons. Roshni says wow, you beat them as people wash clothes on ghat, you are really like me, I should also support you. She pulls goon’s hairs and beats them.

Hanumant and Nishi come to the market. Muskaan sees Hanumant from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. SerialLover

    Is it really necessary for makers to drag this serial so much? Full of blunders… Kids can solve problems even adults can’t solve… really??? And this Muskaan’s worries/ sorrows are never ending…. Stopped watching this serial and coming here just for discussions…

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