Muskaan 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak fights Dilawar

Muskaan 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Muskaan taking care of Gayatri. Ronak goes to arrange money. Muskaan sees a job ad and asks nurse to take care of Gayatri, she will come back soon. Ronak meets Hanumant and says Muskaan is Devi, she is great, Sir ji is troubling us a lot. Hanumant says sorry, Sir ji is your dad, but he is a cheap man.

Ronak says I don’t regard him dad, I will throw money on his face. Hanumant asks how will you arrange 12 lakhs. Ronak says I m thinking the same. The tea vendor tell them about the goons head Dilawar taking over the land and not giving it back to the college owner. He says even police isn’t able to help the college owner, who is ready to pay money to anyone who vacates that land. Ronak gets an idea. Muskaan comes to get the job and sees the women packing tiffins. She says I can make food, especially rotis, I need this job, you should know about me, I used to stay at a brothel. The lady says I don’t care for your past, just do the work on time, go for this urgent delivery.

Ronak meets the college owner and says I can solve the property dispute, I m here to help you. The man says you don’t know Dilawar, he is dangerous. Ronak says I guarantee to get the land vacated for you, tell me how much will you pay me. The man says I will give 50 lakhs. Ronak says I just want 12 lakhs cash. The man says think again, risk is yours. Ronak asks where will I get him. Dilawar is seen. Muskaan delivers the tiffin to Meghna. Dilawar sees her. He stops Muskaan and teases her. Muskaan leaves. Ronak and Hanumant see her upset. Ronak stops her and says you… She says I came here to deliver the tiffin, I m doing this work, you guys… Ronak says we came here to talk about business. She asks what. He says property business, we came for a meeting, go home and take care of mum. She recalls his words and gives him the food from the tiffin. He eats it. She wishes him all the best and goes. Ronak and Hanumant see Dilawar. He worries. Ronak says I will get money, and throw money on Sir ji’s face. He goes to Dilawar.

Dilawar asks who are you. Ronak gives him ambulance number and says your goons will get beaten up and need this money. Dilawar says do one thing, call one ambulance for yourself, my goons are enough for you. Goons attack Ronak. Ronak fights them. Dilawar says you will die by my hands. Ronak kicks him and punches. Dilawar doesn’t move. Ronak looks at him. Dilawar pushes him far. People look on. Ronak fights Dilawar. Goon hits on Ronak’s head. All the goons beat him. Ronak falls down and recalls Sir ji’s words. He gets up and beats the goons again.

Ronak knocks all of them down. He runs to Dilawar. They fight again. Ronak jumps and hits on Dilawar’s head. Dilawar faints. Ronak asks the people to leave. The man says we won’t leave this society on your saying. Ronak makes them leave. The college owner happily gives 12 lakhs cash to Ronak. Ronak sees the money and cries happily. He says you asked me if I m Tirat, I m his dad.

Ronak asks Muskaan and Gayatri to pack bags, they are free now. He gives money to Sir ji. Sir ji stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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