Muskaan 6th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan writes her exam

Muskaan 6th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying this is m fight and I will have it my way. Ronak consoles her. She cries and asks don’t you find the difference between right and wrong, there is no use talking to you, I m going for exams. She leaves. He says how shall I explain her. She goes for the exam. A man misleads her and locks her in the classroom. He goes. She knocks the door. Sir ji says I have sent wrong card for Muskaan, it will be fun now, she was taunting me, now she will see. Muskaan manages to come out of the classroom. Goons see her running and run to catch her. Muskaan runs and takes lift from someone. She says its my exam today, I have to reach the centre. The guy is Ronak. He drops her to her college. She goes. Ronak removes the helmet and sees her. He says I m supporting you, not helping you. Goon calls Sir ji that Muskaan tricked them and reached the right place, police is here, she went in, her exam will start in 10 mins. Sir ji says 10 mins are enough to stop her.

Hanumant comes to Ronak and asks why did you ask me to spy on Muskaan. Ronak says I can’t snatch Muskaan’s dreams, I can bear any pain and stay hurt to support her. He thinks to always help her. Tara comes to mislead Muskaan. She wishes her all the best and asks her to give her a glass of water. Muskaan gives her a glass of water. Tara drops it and says this may hurt anyone, just help me clean this. She makes Muskaan fall. Muskaan’s hand gets hurt. She cries. Tara smiles and wishes her all the best.

Muskaan thinks how to write the test. Her hand bleeds. She gets a substitute to write the exam. She narrates the answers. Ronak looks on. FB shows Hanumant says your love for Muskaan is a big example. Ronak asks him to go and keep an eye on Muskaan. Hanumant sees Muskaan hurt and informs Ronak. FB ends. Ronak says I m Muskaan’s husband. The man asks him to go. Ronak says I have to come to do the aid, if your wife was hurt, what would you do. The man says fine, there shouldn’t be any disturbance. Ronak says I m your husband and supporting you. The man asks him not to talk and disturb anyone. Ronak asks Muskaan to focus on the paper. She says how can I focus on paper if you are here. He does the aid and goes.

Hanumant says you are helping Muskaan and she doesn’t know, now none can stop Muskaan from becoming a topper, that substitute is a topper too. Ronak says she has to help herself, he will write what Muskaan tells him. Hanumant hugs him and says I respect you a lot, there is none in the world like you. Muskaan comes home and tells Gayatri that her exam went well. Gayatri asks what happened to your hand. Muskaan says I m little bit hurt, I will be fine. Sir ji gets shocked. Muskaan sees him and taunts him. She says Lord’s angels always come to help me, like an angel helped me today. She goes. Muskaan cries and says why such problems come always, why does this always happen with me. Ronak asks her to be strong. He says you have to be very strong to do something good, think its for your good.

Sir ji meets some people. They say we are volunteers for forest preservation, our NGO will be completing five years, we take care of wild life. Sir ji and Bua praise their work. The man invites him in the function. Sir ji says sure, I will come with my family. They leave. Sir ji says Muskaan’s physical test will be conducted tomorrow, she will be tested and then passed, make Muskaan work a lot in this program that she fails in the physical test. Bua laughs. He says I won’t let Muskaan pass the test.

Muskaan tells about her dreams and recalls Ronak. Ronak smiles seeing her. She is seen taking training in the police academy.

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