Muskaan 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak finds Aarti

Muskaan 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan asking Ronak to sleep on the bed, since he isn’t habitual. She says I will sleep on the ground. He goes to sleep on the bed. She screams and runs to Ronak. He asks what happened. She shows the rat. He asks her to sleep on the bed, this is the borderline. They sleep. Its morning, Gayatri looks for Ronak. She doesn’t find Ronak and Muskaan anywhere in the house. Ronak wakes up and asks Muskaan to come out of washroom. She asks what happened. He runs. She smiles seeing him. Bua asks Gayatri why is she preparing for puja. Gayatri says I have kept Satyanarayana paath at home. She asks where is Muskaan. Bua says I didn’t see her, maybe her drama to please you got over. Gayatri checks for Muskaan in temple. She asks Dolly about her. Jaya says Shalu is in her room. Gayatri calls Muskaan. Muskaan asks Ronak what to do now. Ronak disconnects. Gayatri says how can they be so careless. Sir ji says its called romance, they have gone out on a trip, they are newly weds. Gayatri says you are right, I had to give the keys to her, this puja can’t happen without her. Pandit says fine, we will do this puja by getting some new mahurat. He goes. Sir ji thinks where did Ronak and Muskaan go like this.

Ronak asks Muskaan to take money and buy things for the house. Muskaan asks where are you going. He says I have to do some work to earn a living. She asks when will I come. He says how would I know, my friend called, his mum is unwell, I thought I will see her as well. She says I had to go to temple, will you drop me. He asks her to come. He drops her to temple and asks her to pray for him as well. She asks him to come along and pray. He refuses. She reminds his marriage vows. She challenges him and asks him to keep his vows. He says she always scolds me. He goes to temple with her. He prays that he gets much power that he stays away from his mum and makes Muskaan meet her mum. Muskaan prays that he goes back to his mum. He leaves. He meets some man and goes with him. He tries to find Aarti. He comes to hospital and meets Aarti. He recalls meeting Aarti at Jaya’s house. He says she is Muskaan’s mum. Jaya says don’t tell anyone about her, Sir ji will not leave us. He says I couldn’t think you are having Sir ji’s enemy here. He sees Aarti’s odd behavior, since she treats Shalu as Muskaan. Aarti scolds him and asks him to leave. He asks why is she calling Shalu as Muskaan. Jaya says she has lost her memory. He asks what.

Jaya says she just remembers Muskaan’s childhood, Suzaine got her here, knowing Sir ji won’t find her here, I can do anything for Aarti, we are Sir ji’s puppets, we can’t do anything, we are helping each other to save Muskaan. Ronak thinks I have to make Sir ji helpless to admit his entire truth. He says come with me. She asks where. He says you have to come with me. She says I can’t leave Aarti in this state, don’t force me, Sir ji will kill us. He says I will shoot you, Suzaine didn’t tell me about Aarti when I asked you, come with me and forget Aarti, nothing will happen, I promise. She says yes. FB ends. Ronak sees Aarti getting treated at the hospital.

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  1. Tripti Bargah

    Best serial…something diffrnt from all daily soaps …something different from saas-bahu drama…and has a lotsa mssg to give to the society….and highligting the part of the society which people generally ignore or unaware of…..As always Sharad is doing a fabulous as Raunak…..

  2. Tripti Bargah

    Best show i have ever watched…something different from all daily soaps..sumthing dffrnt from saas bahu drama …..the best part is they are highlighting the part of society which is generally ignored by the people …or smthing about which most of us are are unaware ….As always Sharad is doing fabulous as Raunak…Nd love watching him…..Best wishes for the show and Sharad as well….

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