Muskaan 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gayatri learns Ronak’s plan

Muskaan 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri crying and apologizing to Sir ji. She says I have ruined everything. He says I will not let your tears go in vain, come with me. She asks where. He takes her to some morgue and shows Ronak. Ronak smiles. Gayatri runs to hug him and apologizes for killing Muskaan. Ronak says you didn’t do anything. Muskaan says nothing happened to me. Gayatri gets glad. Sir ji says Muskaan and I have made this plan when we got to know Kajal’s truth. Muskaan says I wasn’t shot, you didn’t get any death sentence, we have to expose Kajal. Gayatri says no, she is dangerous, she killed her parents, and also Shantanu and doctor, she accepted this.

Ronak asks her to calm down. He tells their plan. He asks Sir ji to take her. She hugs Ronak. Sir ji takes her. Ronak and Muskaan sit to talk. He says people don’t let us live in peace. She says I wanted to help Gayatri, we didn’t know what she was going through. He says yes, I shouted on mum today, I felt bad, you and mum are very imp to me. She says you should go now, Kajal will doubt. He goes home. Kajal gives him some file. She says I named all my property to you, I m going to take Sanyas. Ronak stops her and says one has to take own decisions. She says I have no one here. He says we maybe for each other, tell me, what do you think, I want to marry you by my own wish, not because of mum’s wish, will you marry me. She asks are you sure.

He says I can’t love you as much as I loved Muskaan. He cries. She says you are ready to marry me, you worry for me, I m ready to marry you. He says I will marry you tomorrow. She smiles and gets happy. He thinks tomorrow you will be exposed. Ronak goes to Sir ji and asks what do you want to know, I want to be with Kajal. Kajal comes and asks Sir ji to leave Ronak alone for some time. Ronak says we will meet in mandap now Kajal, this is my final decision, go. Kajal goes. Ronak says I was going to tell you about my plan, I shouted on you on seeing Kajal, we have to be alert, Kajal tortured Gayatri at home and forced her to shoot Muskaan, its good Muskaan saw mum’s message, else everything would have been finished, Kajal can kill anyone for her happiness, to get me.

Sir ji says it means you will do what you told your mum. Ronak says yes, we will end Kajal’s crimes now, you have to put Muskaan’s death news in the papers. Its morning, Ronak says today, Kajal’s happiness will end. Sujoy reads the shocking news and cries for Muskaan’s death. Kajal says finally Ronak will be marrying me. Ronak says I have trapped Kajal in real sense. Ronak and Sujoy get glad.

Sujoy says Kajal has killed Muskaan, she is gone now. Kajal jumps in happiness. Wheelchair strikes the cupboard. Things fall out. Lovely and Dolly get the bridal dress. Lovely cries and says I will make you ready, since mum isn’t here, Ronak and everyone will come to the temple directly. They all get Kajal to the temple. Bua cries for Gayatri. Sir ji asks her to let things happen well. Hanumant comes with Ronak. Bua says everything should happen well. Sir ji sees Kajal.

Kajal says I killed my family for you, you don’t value me, you have to die. Muskaan takes a trishul to protect her family. She stabs Kajal to death. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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