Muskaan 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan is threatened

Muskaan 27th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji welcoming Muskaan. He says I knew you will come back. She asks what do you want. He says the end of your and Ronak’s love, I want to ruin you, you have to make him sure that you don’t love him, else he will come here and get killed by me, then what about Roshni. He threatens her. She thinks if I don’t listen to Sir ji, Roshni will come back. She thinks I can’t do anything than to agree. He goes. Khushi shows the big room and toys to Roshni. Roshni recalls the past. Nisha takes Khushi. Roshni calls Sir ji and says I have come here on your saying, there is a big room and many toys. Sir ji asks her to do as he says. Roshni throws the toys. Gayatri says he will come again to ruin us, we have to do something. Ronak says I can’t lose Muskaan again. They hear Khushi crying. They go to see. Roshni throws the goys. Khushi says Roshni, don’t do this.

Ronak asks what happened. Khushi and Roshni complain. He says my princess never lies, I know even Roshni never lies, I have an idea to please you two, Khushi will stay here in my room. He asks Khushi to give the room to Roshni for some days. Khushi says yes. Ronak pacifies both of them. He sends Khushi with Nisha. Ronak says time will show how much I love you, don’t become Dadi Amma, your Badi Maa is already there, will you help me in decorating the room. Roshni nods. Muskaan misses Roshni. She says I wish you stay fine, Sir ji should reach you. Ronak gets ready. He says I m taking Khushi to school, will you come along. Roshni asks why shall I come, you will take me along and throw me somewhere. He gets sad. Nisha says I will come. Ronak takes Khushi and Nisha to school.

Ronak meets Muskaan. Khushi greets Muskaan. Ronak stops Muskaan. He says come home with me, I m incomplete without you. Muskaan asks him to think about Khushi. He says you didn’t think what I m going through. she says we have to think about our daughters’ future. She asks how is Roshni. Nisha says she is fine. Muskaan says everything will get fine with time. Nisha thinks what happened to Muskaan, I have to find out, good thing is Muskaan won’t come back.

Sir ji comes home. Ronak asks by what right did he come home. Sir ji says we are one blood. Ronak says my mum’s husband is dead, you are a stranger, get out from here. Gayatri cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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